Stop the Dak vs Watson stuff

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Mar 2, 2021.

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    It’s this simple. If you like Dak, you like Watson. They are virtually the same QB with Dak slightly edging him out because of his brain and arm. Dak is a bit more football savvy, and his arm is stronger. Watson has had to run for his life every year, and play from behind most the time. those two things will cause stats to go places they normally don’t have to. Dak got some help from good QB coaching including a year of Romo. Watson is good but it’s crazy how all of a sudden he’s on the level of a Mahomes, Wilson, and Rogers. Why is it that in the year 2021 all fans only look to yards passed to see how good a QB is. Dak is going to cost 40Mil, and Watson is going to cost 40mil and some major picks. I swear this is a group of 14 year old Madden kids in here trying to act like they know something!!!
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    Dak and Watson are on the same level - solid 6-10 range behind:

    1. Brady
    2. Rogers
    3. Mahomes
    4. Allen
    5. Wilson
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    Dak has more brains the Watson huh? Watson is trying to get out under a lunatic owner and his weird friend while Dak is still negotiating with a lunatic owner and his weird son. Watson is a Heisman trophy winning national champion. I know that’s not any qualification to validate smarts but what exactly has Dak done for you to say he has more smarts than Watson? As far as I know Watson doesn’t have questionable photos leaking across the internet. I’m not an advocate for Dak not being signed, but I’m not going to sit here and imagine a world where Watson is the same player as Dak. Watson is maybe a notch above Dak. If the Cowboys wanted to trade Dak for Watson, you better believe the Cowboys would have to throw some picks in that trade to.
  4. JoeKing

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    To be fair, Dak got better coaching from Mark Sanchez not Dak in 2016. Dak is more football Savvy than Watson so I would not call them the same player at all. I agree with you when you say stop comparing them.
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    Good coaching from Buttfumble? Dak learned more from Romo on the vs Eagles game than from Buttfumble all season. There was a video of Dak watching Romo's feet on practice field and trying to mimic him it made Dak look lost and in pee-wee league level.
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    Dude really threw Allen in there like we wouldn’t notice lmao

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    43 year old Brady is #1. Sad.
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    Dak has questionable photos on the internet?
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    It's hard to argue Josh Allen as a top 5 QB.

    Based on youth and recent performance, aside from Mahomes, I'm not sure there's anyone I'd take over Josh Allen.
  10. JoeKing

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    Yes, Dak has said it himself how Sanchez was more helpful to him than Romo.

    Sanchez mentors Prescott - OneNacion Blog- ESPN
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    Come and kneel before Zod!
    Without pointing fingers at the OP....somebody has a Zod complex.
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    I like both Dak and Watson a lot. I’d take Dak over Watson but it’s close.
    I don’t like Dak at 40m. I like Watson at late 20m over Dak at 40m.
    I like Russell Wilson much better than both even at 35m
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    You left out the most important advantage Dak has over Watson. Leadership.
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  14. Section446

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    Dak is an average talent, Watson has the talent to be elite. Stop this nonsense of trying to make yourself feel better by lying and acting like they're similar.
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    I really feel like some of y’all know nothing about Deshaun Watson. The guy never gave up last year on a craptastic team that went 4-12. So save me he’s not a leader etc. The guy is a stud. I don’t know where he and Dak are ranking wise but Watson is great. So stop comparing. They may be close but trying to downgrade Watson is fools gold. Concentrate on where Dak needs to be


    Only four quarterbacks in NFL history have finished a season with more than 4,500 passing yards, more than 30 touchdowns, fewer than 10 interceptions and an average of more than 8.5 yards per pass. Those quarterbacks were:

    Peyton Manning in 2004, when the Colts went 12-4.

    Aaron Rodgers in 2011, when the Packers went 15-1.

    Matt Ryan in 2016, when the Falcons went 11-5.

    And Deshaun Watson in 2020, when the Texans went 4-12.

    The Texans lost eight games this season in which Deshaun Watson threw 25 or more passes and had a passer rating over 100. Never before in NFL history had a quarterback lost more than five such games in a season.

    That’s why I’m ready to make the argument that Deshaun Watson was not only the best quarterback of 2020, but also that he had the best season of the past 15 years — and maybe ever.

    Absolutely nothing went the Texans' way last year, and Watson still routinely played at an elite level. Former Houston head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien traded his team's best receiver, yet Watson played better than ever before. O’Brien was fired midseason, but it didn’t phase the quarterback. He played with a terrible defense, a terrible running game and no star receivers and put up the 19th-best regular-season passing grade of the PFF era (91.2). He’s one of 29 quarterbacks to finish a regular season with a 90.0-plus passing grade.
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    Where does that number come from lol

    Watson's CURRENT contract is a $40m cap hit in 2022 and $42m in 2023. It was a 4 year/$154m deal with a $39m average.
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    There might be some young qbs that move up to clearly take that 6-8 slot ahead of them. Not counting any potential rookies from this year. And dont forget Stafford, very underrated.
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    There is not a GM in the NFL, including Jerry, that would take Dak over Watson if both we available.
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    Jethro is very strange and also you might want to think on that if he is on the Johnny Walker....

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