T.O. was a beast

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by America's Cowboy, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. America's Cowboy

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    Too bad some people complained to Jerry and had T.O. ran out of Dallas. Could have used him much more. He did well the 3 years he played in Dallas. Who knows how much better the 2009 playoff season could have resulted if T.O. was still with the team?

    What say you?
  2. xwalker

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    Nobody questioned his ability.

    He was in Dallas because he got "run off" from other teams.

    In Dallas Parcells didn't want to deal with him and might have retired partially because of him.

    Garrett couldn't handle him.

    The only way TO would have worked longer term was to get Belichick or Jimmy to coach the Cowboys and give them complete control over everything.
  3. DasSchnitzel

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    Hell yeah TO was a beast. He's in the HOF lol

    Any team would love to have 5 TOs on the field... no team wants a TO off the field.


    My first and only Cowboys jersey is a TO jersey. It was a gift, I've never been able to talk myself into paying for one. It's not like he's my favorite Cowboy of all time of anything but I do proudly rock the 81 for big games.
  4. blueblood70

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    no doubt, big strong fast, super well conditioned athlete now in the HOF..anyone who questioned his production can have his Gold Jacket dry cleaned..
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  5. dmq

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    He dropped the ball too much and always seemed to be at a critical time.
  6. Ranching

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    I have a TO Jersey somewhere. I had George Teague sign it. He put defender of the star on it.
  7. JoeKing

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    T.O. was a fool!.. and still is. :popcorn:
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  8. DasSchnitzel

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    That stutter step wiggle thing he did lol. Just so damn good at whatever you call that ankle breaker.
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  9. gmb1

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    My favorite TO moments


  10. Praxit

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    .......TO could have been better, had he played with the team.
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  11. nickjamesw43

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    He was probably the best run after the catch receiver I've ever seen. He was just bigger, faster and stronger than everyone else.
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  12. WillieBeamen

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    3rd best receiver of all time

  13. ShortRound131

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    You have Dez over Jerry Rice??
  14. Romo_To_Dez

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    Joe Buck been doing "touchdown no flags." forever.
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  15. CowboysWillRise

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    Seriously? Stop it you're better than this. I mean no one is this delusional right?
  16. rags747

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    Does anyone have more TD's over a 3 year period in Dallas than T.O. and Romo? Deadly combination, maybe we are looking at that output with Dak and Cooper?

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    T.O. was an epic fail in Dallas. A few nice highlights but left a bad taste for me.
  18. jwitten82

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    Lol I really hope he is joking
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  19. conner01

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    Great player
    His brain not so much
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  20. bandfan

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    He was an ***. I don't care if he was catching 300 passes a year, doesn't make him a one man team..
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