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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Typhus, Jul 14, 2019 at 8:05 AM.

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    (Rotoworld) Cowboys DE Demarcus Lawrence (shoulder) said his priority is to be ready for Week 1.

    Analysis: "My main thing is to be ready by Week One," Lawrence said. "The mobility and my strength is coming back naturally. Im working every day. Im able to do things. Im just still limited." Currently 12 weeks into a 4-6 month timetable, it makes sense for Lawrence to aim for the first regular season game rather than rush back for preseason reps. He's fully expected to start training camp on the physically unable to perform list with hopes of avoiding any reserve/PUP time.

    Man gets paid top shelf, time to miss the early work and the heat of camp,, cant say I blame him specifically, its a NFL trend for the elite.
  2. JJHLH1

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    Looking for a big season from DLaw.
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    Thanks to him using his shoulder surgery as leverage in contract negotiations.

    He better be ready by game 1
  4. Ranching

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    Yeah!!! He better, or else!!!!
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  5. DakPresgoat

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    I didn’t say or else.

    But the team needs him. They need to come out firing from game 1.
  6. Bullflop

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    I'd say you're probably right about it being "an NFL trend for the elite."

    It's just that some of us here aren't willing to welcome such honesty! ;)

    I had my shoulder cleaned out about 30 years ago. The rehab is awful.
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  7. Screw The Hall

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    The silver lining here is that there are a ton of young guys on the DL the team needs to find out about in a hurry. Tank’s rehab affords them more quality reps to try and standout.
  8. Pants

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    I was literally just typing the same sentiment and you beat me to it - Tank being out gives these other guys a few shots to show what they have...I just hope that they don't force-feed the Crawford's of the world in there to look competitive in pre-season - we know what Ty C can do at this point
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  9. RodeoJake

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    If he ain't firing outta the gate, he's gonna catch heck from the fans.
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  10. Jipper

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    3 sacks on Eli sounds about right
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    Never had the shoulder opened up yet thankfully, but I did the knee a couple years ago... ha
    Its not about the surgeries, routine maintenance... that's part of the game.
    Its about the timing of the procedures,, that's what I always notice most.
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  12. big dog cowboy

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    Tough situation with him needing surgery but putting it off until he got his new deal. Normally he would have his procedure done earlier in the off season and been ready for camp. At least this gives the Cowboys extra time to focus on all the depth and figure that log jam out.
  13. Bullflop

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    The timing of my rehab was such that it took me almost three months to return to work but the pain lasted for about six and that's without the taxing strain that pro football DEs have to endure in wrestling vs. 300-lb. tackles. I know what Lawrence is going through and it's a very slow process. Very painful. In truth, he shouldn't have waited as long as he did to fix it. He should have undertaken that surgery sooner, no doubt.
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    Tank looked pretty good in that video a while back, not the same as being in the trenches but it was good to see none the less. Hoping the next few weeks gets all of our players up to speed, it's been a long wait and I'm excited for some Cowboys football:flagwave:
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  15. CATCH17

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    This is all about trying to get out of training camp really.
  16. Bullflop

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    Agreed. I'll be real anxious to see how he makes out upon his return.

    In the video, he was slapping a bag. An NFL tackle is far heavier. :eek:

    I'll be praying he'll be able to recover close to what he originally was!
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  17. SeanLee50

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    I can’t wait to see him with Quinn opposite of him!
  18. Jake

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    I just hope he plays with the same intensity he did before he got paid. Not that I think he'll pull a Haynesworth and just "tank" after getting his money, but when getting paid has been your motivation you need to find another one. It's just human nature. A ring motivates some guys, and I hope he's one of them.
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  19. Bullflop

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    I think we'll learn a lot by the time TC finishes and the regular season begins. I know we'll all be pulling for him to get back 100%.
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  20. Melonfeud

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    *ya,know? from my own experience,,, that "presurgical" PAIN has always proven to be the impetus in biting the Bulliet& having it done,the sooner the better , and if the pain isn't at least halved (post-op) or range of non pain motion soon after doubled? A less strenuous career path avenue is in order.
    (#90 supposedly suited up& hit the gridiron for TWO seasons,all the while suffering this ailment that was in need of corrective surgery,,,there's something definitely screwy in st.Louie's belfry, just based from a casual glance with that pictureo_O
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