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News: TE Bennett Ranked Romo As Worst QB He's Played With

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by daboyzruleperiod, Jun 28, 2017.

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  2. Idgit

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    Depends on my mood. And on who's behaving like an actual rectum.
  3. YosemiteSam

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  4. Idgit

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    See, here's an example. I'm in a good mood, but Sam is definitely behaving like a rectum. Since I don't like Sam very much, I would want to ban him for this.
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  5. TellerMorrow34

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    This isn't really surprising. He didn't do much here and I'm sure in his mind that is Romo's fault a lot more than it's his own and his lack of work ethic.
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  6. RoboQB

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    Maybe you could care less but I couldn't possibly care less about that goof.
    That is to say "I couldn't care less about Marty Bennett"... lol
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  7. Melonfeud

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    LoL,that's pretty funny although not as funny as the term "PIE-HOLE",,,
    but still,, it's pretty humorous.
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  8. visionary

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    Marty B is just a hair above TO on my totem pole of respect so he can go suck on a lemon or something
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  9. Direwolf63

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    And I should give a crap what this idiot has to say because.....................?
  10. haleyrules

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    :). Turds come from rectums!!
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  11. Chuck 54

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    Let's be fair. He may not be rating them by career but by where they were when he played with them.

    Brady and Rodgers are no brainers, both far superior to Romo unless you're a blind homer.
    Eli is questionable, but likely all about SB's, playoffs, and targets he received.

    Cutler is a miss, but Bennett saw his career take off there as a top TE, and there was a time in Romo's career when he didn't spread the ball around a lot; like most QBs, that trust in decision making over the quality of the receiver came later, and it cut down on Romo's big moment turnovers.

    The rest of the NFL undervalues Romo's career, focusing on playoffs and failure in big games early in career.
    Cowboys fans overvalue Romo based on his stats and his supposed lack of OL/run game.
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  12. TheCount

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    I actually find Marty's dislike for Romo to be kind of amusing, mostly because the dude doesn't take any of this stuff nearly as seriously as the people that get upset by his comments.

    He knows damn well that ranking Cutler ahead of both NFCE QB's is going to piss a lot of people off.
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  13. diefree666

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    to start with Brady and Rogers are not FAR SUPERIOR to Romo. They are far superior to Cutler. Anyone that rates Cutler above Romo is either stupid or a jerk.
    Bennett has shown that he is a piece of work since his career started. Here is someone that could have been an all time NFL TE. It I on HIM that he failed. He will end up having a decent career- nowhere near what he COULD have been if he had the discipline and determination of say Tony Romo.
  14. hornitosmonster

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    He is still bitter he was never our starter
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  15. Diehardblues

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    Cowboy fans certainly don't want to hear that. But that's a pretty talented list he's played with.
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