The “refs are out to get us” evidence is actually thin

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jun 9, 2020.

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    Every year, during every Cowboys game, the cries of “These refs are out to get us”, or “Goodell has this crew paid off to get us” go out. But it does beg the question, Is this really true? What evidence do we have that we are getting hosed by the guys in stripes?

    Looking at the number of total penalties called during the season is one way to look at the big picture of how often the Cowboys are being flagged during games compared to the rest of the league. Here’s a link to a pretty good free site to examine penalties called:

    Here’s how the Cowboys stacked up last year when it came to penalties called against us:
    • The Cowboys were 21st in the NFL last year in total number of penalties called against us. In other words, 20 of the 32 teams in the NFL had more penalties called than we did.
    • We were ranked 10th in the league in offensive holding calls against us, which is in the top third. But here’s some perspective: We were called 25 times for offensive holding. Our opponents were called 25 times last year for offensive holding. Can’t say we were unequally called.
    • In a year when defensive holding was seemingly called constantly, the Cowboys were ranked 24th in number of defensive holding calls.
    So looking at 2019 in the penalties called department, it looks like we weren’t penalized as much as most teams.
    one thing I will say is the quality of refereeing in the NFL has dropped in my opinion. But I don’t think any one team has been the beneficiary of the refs bad calls. This is a problem the NFL needs to address. It’s not a fairness issue as much as a quality issue.
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    While I don’t believe in a league wide conspiracy I don’t care what the penalty totals are. I care about when they are called. And it always seems we get hosed by a brutal penalty at a horrible time in the game.
  3. America's Cowboy

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    There should be no evidence. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    Since there is some evidence? Well... :eek:o_O;):D
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    There was never a legitimate complaint.

    The Saints have a bigger case than we do. At least in terms of game changing calls going against them
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    All of these things can be true:

    1 - there is absolutely no conspiracy against any individual team and the calls always even out

    2 - every team has fans that are convinced the refs are out to get them

    3 - when Jerry challenged Goodell over Zeke's suspension and took money out of Goodell's paycheck, holding calls against opposing OL stopped for the eight or so weeks Goodell was fighting with Jerry.
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    don't know about last year but i went through the exercise 2 or 3 years back specifically on holding. it was the yardage differential that we were highest in the league.

    it isn't the number of calls necessarily, it's the when it happens to kill drives or negate big plays say on a 3rd down.
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    I don't think anyone ever thought it was a "refs are out to get us" situation. But you can't deny the refs swallow their whistle when we play. Have no issue with the calls against us. You can probably call something every play by a team. But it feels like they swallow their whistle when it comes to us.
  8. Jipper

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    for me its not as much the volume as much as it is the timing of the flag (or no call) at critical moments in a game...which is a hard stat to quantify. Additionally, we always seem to have obscure penalties called on us which is also eyebrow raising.
  9. dargonking999

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    All I know is that a phantom tripping call on a critical 3rd down late in the 4th quarter on the road, that essentially ended a chance to win the game will always look like bias.

    The number of penalties is not the issue, its when they are called, and the quality of the call.
  10. CalPolyTechnique

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    Just wait until the season starts.

    Kaiser and the “they outta get uzz” crowd will be in season form.
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  11. Bobhaze

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    Yes, I can deny “the refs swallow their whistles when we play”. We had 109 penalties called against us in 2019. Our opponents had 102. Take a sample game- week 16 against Philly- the most critical of the year. We lost, but Philly had more penalties called against them and for more yards than we did.

    I think the key phrase you used earlier was “it feels like” because there’s no hard evidence of that.
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    THIS. OP’s post is just another of millions of examples where statistics don’t tell the real story. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.
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  13. Bobhaze

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    Ok, what’s the “real story” then? I’m open to learn something else when it comes to evidence. Please share.
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  14. Kaiser

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    And Cal Poly won't understand percentages, now or later.
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  15. Kaiser

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    Those calls were complete jokes but that could be an example of the refs giving a ton of deference to Belichick rather than trying to screw Dallas.

    The star pitchers in MLB get a wider strike zone than the average guys, its the same thing and Belichick knows that - and uses it to his advantage.
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  16. CouchCoach

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    Or is it that at a crucial part of the game, the Cowboys have players that make mistakes?
  17. Bobhaze

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    Coaching plays a role in penalties too. And sometimes penalties are just 100% on the player for making a stupid mistake at a crucial time. I wouldn’t call the Cowboys one of the coached teams of the last decade.
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    How about video reviews of penalties against the Cowboys, but only during very important situations, and playoff games.
  19. ShortRound131

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    Yeah it just takes that one awful call to ruin a year

  20. Bobhaze

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