The case for going for Lawrence

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Nov 10, 2020.

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    First off, let me say that I like Dak Prescott, I think he is a very good, not great, QB, and even the Dakaters have to notice the team with and without him which is exactly my point. The team needs someone better at that position unless you believe this team's management is capable of doing something they haven't done in decades, build a team around a QB.

    They haven't done it with Prescott as well as his predecessor and even admitted that, failed to build around Romo. The fact that they lucked into both of these QB's should also be considered.

    There are two questions regarding Trevor Lawrence, three if you consider why he doesn't become an English actor with that name. But the main two are is he better than what the Cowboys have now and what will it take to get him away from the two teams, JAX and NYJ, that have him in their sights?

    Now, we must also consider the considerable team that Swinney has built around Lawrence, just as he did Watson. That must be taken into account when considering Fields as well.

    But for the sake of argument and this thread, Lawrence is a better QB now than Prescott has developed into and he has nothing but upside. He is the first QB since P. Manning to deliver on being the most highly recruited QB in his class. If you don't agree with this, then this thread doesn't make sense to you but I have watched a lot of Lawrence play the position and consider him the real deal.

    The second question is a tough one because if the Cowboys do not end up with the 1st pick, trading up for it will be very expensive in draft capital. If that can even be done. JAX ends up with that and they'd have a hard time passing on Lawrence since he's played in the neighborhood and if they're in that position, we'll see the same response as we saw from the CIN fans when the season became all about Burrow.

    OK, you can let me have it now but I just don't think Prescott is good enough to lift this team beyond a mid level team. They ranked #1 in offense and we're 8-8 and what did they look like this season with Prescott at the helm? Is it a risk? Absolutely, but isn't giving Prescott a 4 or 5 X 35-40M a year even a bigger risk when you consider who the team builders are?

    This is not about Dak Prescott, I think there are teams he could take to the Big Dance. This is about trying to overcome what's been holding this team back for two and half decades, management.

    And if you want to consider something else, this HC had one of the best QB's in the history of the NFL and the most accurate one I have ever seen and he could only get one ring and ended up canned and that team doing better without him.

    McC has this rep as a QB guru but who wouldn't with those QB's? The better the QB, the better the guru.

    All comes down to one simple question. Do you want more of the same or do you want to take a chance? This is about change but what needs to be changed, management, will not so what's the next best thing?
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    I think you're saying that management is so bad we need a legendary type of QB to overcome that.

    Probably correct, but they dont see themselves that way. They think this unique advantage the team has by its structure is genius.
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    You are right of course. With an inept front office, you aren't going to build a winner unless you get lucky one year. That's been Jerry's strategy for decades, HOPE.
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    That is exactly what I am saying. That idiot said this morning that Jaylon Smith is the cornerstone of this D. That should have us wanting them to trade the entire team and the boat to KC for Mahomes.

    Ya know, a great chef can make a decent meal out of ordinary ingredients but they will all tell you that you start with the best ingredients. The management of this team are more like fry cooks than chefs.
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    Here is the case..

    He’s cheap and he’s a transcendent talent.
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    McCarthy is the same country club type of clown as Garrett but he did have aaron Brooks looking good
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    Everyone should give up posting about getting Lawrence, Fields or Trask.
    It will not happen. The backwoods boys in the FO already said so.
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    If you believe the biggest issue with the cowboys is the inept management, and you can make a strong argument with that line of thought, what makes you believe this management team will make the right decision during the draft, or at any other crucial time of the season?
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    Far better odds are to be had that if the Cowboys ended up with the first pick they will trade down a few spots and rake in the draft picks.
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    I will give you 45 million reasons to draft a new franchise QB.
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    So what is Trevor Lawrence going to do more thank Dak this year? Come in and average 40 points? Dak literally was having a record breaking nfl season.

    I'm not against drafting Lawrence or even Fields but we need to be realistic. Are we putting them out on field day 1? Will you be satisfied if this team isn't much better than this year given our O-line could still be beat up and if that defense doesn't get better?

    I would say if Dak accepts around 35 milli we stick with him, but if he wants 40, draft a qb
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    The cost to move up two spots is just too much
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    Blind Squirrel Theory
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    there will be a QB available if we pick in the top 10 most likely. It wont be Lawrence though. I love all this chatter about once in a generation talent etc. He is much like Andrew Luck and you don't know what your going to get. The Colts drafted Luck and did nothing to help elsewhere and Lucks career was shot because he was sacked so much and beat up. If we draft a QB ill be ticked but Ill still cheer for them.

    what this team needs is a infusion of talent up the middle on defense and another tackle. If we draft top 5 there is an opportunity to get just that.
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    THAT, is a very good question.
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    The probability of success is far higher with Dak.

    They get Dak plus a boat load of picks for trading down vs 1 college player.

    The Cowboys were on an unprecedented pace of offensive production with Dak at QB despite have 2 udfa OTs. They had over 300 more passing yards than the #2 team for that stat. They were also #1 in total yards and #2 in points scored.

    With a top 12 defense they would likely have been undefeated.
  19. foofighters

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    Even #9 couldn't take this team to the dance with poor management around him.

    /runs for the door...
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    If they could even do that, I agree. Any team passing on the hottest draft prospect, maybe ever, would have some explaining to do to their fans.

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