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The Cowboys play that hurt you the worst!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tyke1doe, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

    41,541 Messages
    19,285 Likes Received
    Only pick one.
    The play that hurt you the worst, and what did you do.

    Me: The Leon Lett debacle on Thanksgiving Day against the Dolphins. You remember: we have the game won after Miami misses a field goal, and here comes Leon Lett. When everyone was motioning to stay away from the ball, Lett decides he needs to recover the ball. Slides on the snow. The ball is recovered by the Dolphins. They kick the field goal. They win the game.

    I was so upset, I went to my room (I was visiting my parents for Thanksgiving) and slept the rest of the night. No second helpings for me. I was done. Didn't want to eat. Didn't want to talk to anyone.
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  2. Altestic

    Altestic Benched

    1,081 Messages
    780 Likes Received
    Rodgers to Cook on 3rd and 20 for me.
  3. dogberry

    dogberry Well-Known Member

    3,324 Messages
    442 Likes Received
    Fumble in the super bowl against Baltimore.
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  4. exciter

    exciter Well-Known Member

    1,437 Messages
    1,052 Likes Received
    Crayton quitting his route!
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  5. Direwolf63

    Direwolf63 RXP

    13,150 Messages
    19,557 Likes Received
    "The Catch"

    Drops mic
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  6. Tabascocat

    Tabascocat Dexternjack Zone Supporter

    19,897 Messages
    22,388 Likes Received
    Dwight Clark catch...../end thread :banghead:
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  7. Pantone282C

    Pantone282C Zone Supporter

    4,852 Messages
    6,742 Likes Received
    The Catch. :facepalm:
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  8. Blake

    Blake Well-Known Member

    4,018 Messages
    6,139 Likes Received
    Really? Here's mine.

    2007, Divisional Playoff Game – Upon losing a three-point fourth quarter lead to the New York Giants, Romo proceeds to finish the game by misfiring on 11 of his final 18 pass attempts. On the game’s final drive, he takes a critical sack, has an intentional grounding penalty, and throws an interception in the end zone with 16 seconds remaining. FINAL SCORE: New York Giants 21, Dallas 17.

  9. SloMo_Joe

    SloMo_Joe Well-Known Member

    317 Messages
    419 Likes Received
    Three steps and a lunge for the goal line ruled no catch in GB.
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  10. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

    18,919 Messages
    16,371 Likes Received
    You’re such a tool. Why not make a thread “The play the made you jump so high with enjoyment”. But noooooo, haters gonna wallow in their misery and try to bring everyone else down to their level. You suck.
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  11. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

    Oz-of-Cowboy-Country Well-Known Member

    4,209 Messages
    4,966 Likes Received
    Micheal Irvin going down against Philly. And the Philly fans cheering.
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  12. Beaker42

    Beaker42 Well-Known Member

    4,151 Messages
    3,578 Likes Received
    Two for me and they’re equal pain inducing-wise: Jackie Smith’s drop in the end zone against the Steelers in ‘79 and The Catch. We were so close to getting to Joe because he held the ball forever on that play. The Niners could throw that pass 99 more times and they’d all be incomplete.
  13. links18

    links18 Well-Known Member

    19,951 Messages
    14,087 Likes Received
    "DANNY, NO!"
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  14. Hardline

    Hardline Well-Known Member

    11,370 Messages
    18,244 Likes Received
    The Catch
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  15. Blake

    Blake Well-Known Member

    4,018 Messages
    6,139 Likes Received
    He didn't quit on the route. Crayton gave a hesitation move and the timing was off. Convenient how ya'll want to ignore the very next play which is Romo throwing an interception to seal the game for the Giants.
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  16. Hardline

    Hardline Well-Known Member

    11,370 Messages
    18,244 Likes Received
    What also hurts about The Catch is Montana was trying to throw the ball away in the back of the end zone. He never intended for Clark to make that catch.
  17. Hardline

    Hardline Well-Known Member

    11,370 Messages
    18,244 Likes Received
    Revisionist history.
    You do know we all seem the game right?
  18. Sledgerc

    Sledgerc New Member

    22 Messages
    21 Likes Received
    Jay Saldi dropping touchdown pass in superbowl vs Steelers,
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  19. Blake

    Blake Well-Known Member

    4,018 Messages
    6,139 Likes Received
    Romo threw the game ending interception. FACT
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  20. Afigueroa22

    Afigueroa22 Well-Known Member

    1,302 Messages
    465 Likes Received
    Did Romo beat you out for the starting job in high school or something? You talk about Romo more than Candice and you regurgitate other's opinions like an ESPN "analyst".
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