The Great Dakbate

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Wha??????? Another Dak thread? Yep but this one is neither fer him nor agin him. Ya see, I am stuck in the middle with Dak Prescott.

    I do not get this pick a side with a young QB playing what is accepted as the toughest position in all sports. When his predecessor had two seasons under his belt, he had not started a regular season game. Rodgers carried a clipboard his first two seasons. How about Brees first two seasons?

    What do rookie QB's usually do? Throw a lot of picks and he only has 17 to Wentz's 21 in the same number of seasons but Dak has 4 more games played. Yeah, he had 3x as many in his soph season but about the right amount for a rookie QB, which is what he was more of his second season than his first. He was a play executer his rookie season and asked to be a real QB his second with 6 games without his best weapon. He struggled, no doubt, but that doesn't mean he will this season.

    No one here really knows the effect having a player like Bryant in his huddle for a young QB and they've admitted they were trying to force the ball to him early on in games. Romo discussed catch radius, where was Bryant's? Up. Think that is easy with a WR that is a jump ball player? Didn't Bryan's previous QB have struggles with him in the beginning?

    And concerning how #1WR's can affect the QB, did the Cowboys not release a WR going into the HOF to make the team more "Romo friendly"? Hell, isn't having a HOF WR not QB friendly? Sure was for Aikman, Montana and Bradshaw.

    I have seen enough good to give me optimism and enough not so good for concern but not enough of either to take a side yet. Certainly not to the point of we need to get him under a new contract or we need to get another QB. Considering the growth curve on NFL QB's and the first couple of seasons, what do we know? "Fire and rain" but not enough of either to make a call yet. Certainly not enough to argue over.

    For all of the arguing and defending going on, I think there are a lot more posters in my "undecided" category than I've been seeing.
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    I agree. I'm excited about Dak but he has to show he can learn from mistakes and correct those mistakes. I think year 3 is a critical year for Dak as I think it will define him as a QB in the NFL.
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    I'm keeping an open mind about Dak.

    Was his regression in the back half of last year because he has reached his peak and is only downhill from here? Or did he have PTSD after that debacle in Atlanta?

    There are tens of millions of dollars at stake in the answer to this question.

    People here have regarded him as the next great Cowboys franchise QB. I'm not one of them.

    People here have written him off as a bust and useless. I'm not one of them either.

    I will make a final judgement after 2018 with another year of evidence. Let's see what happens.
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    its true that there are fans that take extreme sides on a lot of debates. that exists with Dak, some call it a waste and wanted to even go after Cousins (who sucks btw and is a stat collector). some already are measuring Dak for a yellow jacket in Canton. the truth is that the book on Dak is unknown. Does he have the leadership and drive to succeed? Absolutely. does he have the skills to succeed? Probably. but the results in the first two years have been mixed. It doesn't matter that Brees didn't do well, or Rodgers didn't play, etc. the fact is that Dak did play and he played on a team that was loaded. talented. he had the right mix around him. What we have seen so far, is that when he has the right talent around him, he can lead the team to victory, he will make plays and at times can will his way to victory. but we also saw that when some of that talent is missing, he is not able to elevate his game, nor the team and his flaws become magnified. What we know, and have seen and there is evidence, when Zeke plays, Dak is successful. when Zeke and strong running game wasn't there, he was average to below average.

    so will Dak be successful this season? can he elevate his game? can he carry a team? Evidence says, if Zeke plays, this team is successful. when Zeke doesn't the team's offense struggles. what we don't have as evidence is if there was another QB, playing with Zeke would they have the same success? next year we have to hand him a large contract. is he the right QB. and that's the $120 million dollar question (about the size of the contract to expect)
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    I never really understood how a lot of the fanbase jumped on dak after having a great 1st season.

    I've never seen Romo get that much crap even on his biggest choke job and worse season. Dak might have struggled his 2nd season but he still gave us 9 wins and a chance at the end with down olinemen, bad coaching, and a #1 providing #2-3 wr results.

    Cassel and weeden never got that kind of treatment and they were terribad.

    That's why I believe it is kind of personal feelings for some fans regardless if they wanna hide behind that 2nd season excuse or not.
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    Have to be able to push the ball downfield. If I'm a defensive coordinator, I'm loading up against Elliott and the short passing stuff and daring Dak to beat me with this no name receiving corps. The only one we have to scare anybody is Austin and he was freely traded by a team with a rising young QB. This is an important year for Dak to begin to develop that touch deep.
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    That's where I am and evidently so is the team. While they have referenced the next contract, we've yet to see anything out front on that.

    I just have the feeling not everyone in management is in the Dak camp at this time.
  8. CouchCoach

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    Agree and we saw more of the game planning against the run last season and will see even more of that as that is SOP in the NFL. And our DC is going to have to do the same thing this season as we'll face some good RB's.
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    After his rookie season you would have to say he is the next franchise QB. Unreal to see some kid come in and do what he did. He had help. The same help that Romo would have had if he stayed healthy.

    His second season you saw what happened when teams have a game plan and film to study and he lost some of that help he had in his rookie season. With a staff that put pressure on him to throw to Dez and to start calling the audibles. Someone in a earlier post mentioned PTSD after the falcons game and I agree. How could you not. Romo would have never survived that beating and the staff seemingly let it happen with giving Chaz little help. He loses his star RB for 6 and his LT for a bit. He showed some ability to come back and lead but had happy feet after that.

    This is a new year and a new WR crew and no one can be sure if it’s a good or bad thing yet. There will be growing pains when it may not be the best time for it. But we will have a full compliment of healthy O-Line and RB.

    Dak has to settle in and deliver strikes and be able to back teams out of the stacked box formations. That is his mission this year, he needs to use his feet and most running QBs at some point want to prove and show they can be a pocket QB also. He needs not worry about that. Move the chains. Lead the team and develope a chemistry with these WR. The good thing he showed is in his rookie year he didn’t have one and made it work without turning the ball over much at all. The stats were off the chain and so was the play. Last year was average at best.

    I see him barring major injuries to him or key players around him bouncing back and showing what we will get with him long term. If he developed his down field game he will be very dangerous and so will our Offense.

    JJ said a long time ago that our Offense went the way Romo goes. It will hold true with Dak also. To be franchise he has to be more than a bus driver for this team. He has had games that looked like he can take the team down the field on his own if need be.

    This year will mostly complete the sample size we need to make a opinion. I hope he gets a fair chance to prove it. In years past we have seen seasons where Romo didn’t have chance to do what he could do because of injuries and missing parts.
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    If you look at all INTs in 2017 and take out the ones where the ball bounced off the WR and take out the desperation throws when they were down on the scoreboard late, then the number of INTs was much smaller. About half or more were in the categories above.

    After that some of the remaining INTs were caused by WR mistakes or Dak getting hit as he threw the ball. I can specifically remember one where he got hit and the ball went up like a punt and one where Dez fell down.
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    But I think we can apply that to other QB's as well. I always thought it was unfair to charge a pick top a QB when the receiver should have caught the ball but that is subjective.
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    i remember in 2016, he had several games with no interceptions (though a couple were dropped tbf
    i kept waiting for the other shoe to drop
    it makes it tough to know who he is or where his production will settle
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    omfg tired of thread after thread..just post your opinion on him on another already started thread jeez
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    theres not much else this week
    2 more weeks till camp
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    Thanks for joining us to waste your time typing.
  16. blueblood70

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    you said it yourself im not joining im participating in wasting are welcome as thee other 72 Dak threads weren't good enough for you to post under, you need your very own.. so id say I am right inline with the intent of wasted space..thank you good day :)
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    why we are at it lets start a bring back Dez thread.. :) and Romo out of retirement, why Romo to dez and witten will show how bad dak is..hmm great threads..lets bring them all back..
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    Who cares how many other Dak threads there are. I always enjoy reading your posts Coach and having convo about it. So is so many threads because there is so much unknown right now. If he had been starting for 5 years already then there would only be 50 threads on him. And I would still reply to yours.
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    It's not that Dak can't throw the drop ball. We have seen in with Dez in preseason and Butler often this past season. The issue is play calling was like when Weeden and Cassell were the QBs. Romo was a vet and could make those adjustments, Dak is still under a different play call.

    I expect some of that too change this season. Jerry talked about it
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    I hope and pray thats the general defensive schemes against Dak
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