The idea of being run centered was actually Garrett's

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by jchap2k, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. jchap2k

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    Seems Linehan said that the move to run oriented offense was not his idea, but was actually Garrett's.’s-top-priority-when-i-signed

    First time a coach has said whose idea this change was all year. Maybe we should give Garrett more of the credit? I know the credit for not abandoning the run should stay with the play caller, but the credit to the game plan focus, it looks like that goes to our HC.
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  2. BAT

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    How could Garrett not want to run. He saw first hand how dominant a team could be if based on a prolific ground attack. The problem is having the beans to keep running even under adverse conditions. So far, Linehan has brass beans. And the players know it.

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  3. Clove

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    It's pretty simple. A team with a strong running attack is hard to stop. You never know what's coming.
  4. WPBCowboysFan

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    Uh, yea . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Why would anyone think otherwise?
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  5. cowboys1981

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    Garrett was here during our 90's run and he saw first hand what a running attack does for the offense and defense.
  6. LatinMind

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    Except this team. Its clear when Dallas is going to run. But they just cant stop it. Thats what makes it so great being a Cowboy fan for me right now. These teams know Dallas is running the ball and saying come stop it. But they cant.
  7. Fletch

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    Reminiscent of those 90's teams with Emmitt Smith.
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  8. Picksix

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    Garrett has always said he wanted a strong, physical running attack. I just don't think he had enough trust in the OL, the RB's, or the running game as a whole to stay committed before this year.
  9. LatinMind

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    Look at Murrays 4th quarter TD run. I swear a thought i was seeing Emmitt running the ball. That cutback and the running as he got to the endzone was Emmitt like.
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  10. Aven8

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    Not being negative here, but does anybody believe had JG been calling the plays this year that the run would have been thrown out the window down by 21 at the rams, and down by 10 this past weekend? ? I'm sorry but I'm not buying it!
  11. FuzzyLumpkins

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    :laugh: spin that Garrett haters.:lmao2:
  12. ConstantReboot

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    I think its time some of us give credit to where its due. WE may not like Garrett's playcalling. In fact I absolutely hate it. But I believe he had a plan to fix the Cowboys when he took over. I didn't believe it was running the ball. But now I'm wrong and this article does prove it. Garrett DOES deserve some of the credit along with the rest of the assist coaches such as Linehan and Callahan.

    Callahan is the architect. Linehan is the egineer. Garrett is the visionary. All the 3 important parts to make something happen in business also applies to making something happen in football.

    I do like Garrett's role as the official buttslapper and walk around coach of our team. Nothing wrong with that so long he keeps winning and making our players happy.
  13. CATCH17

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    Linehan is just being a good employee.

    Garrett was about as non committed to the run as you can possibly be throughout his time as offensive coordinator.
  14. CATCH17

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    Are you serious?

    Actions speak louder then words and we saw Garrett's actions.

    Maybe he wanted to run the ball more but he just sucked so bad at playcalling that he felt like he always had to abandon it when 1 or 2 plays didn't work.
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  15. Dave_in-NC

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    Oh cmon fuzzy. JG had a lot of time to show he was a run first OC. He never gave it a real chance. Now I will say that this line makes it easy but
    Garrett wasn't a run first guy.
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  16. NeonNinja

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    I'm not getting into the give credit or don't but he didn't have an OL that run blocked well until recently.

    It's the smart thing to do with this OL, keep balance and smash defenses.
  17. Galian Beast

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    Actually it was Jones idea and you can follow that from earlier in the offseason.
  18. Hoov

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    Apparently some do. Now it will be that linehan is lying to make Garrett look good.

    Never mind the fact that Jason has made decisions since day 1 without worrying about the publics perception of him.
  19. 65fastback2plus2

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    Garrett had a decent line 07-09...and he never ran this much with it at all.
  20. waving monkey

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    this si exactly correct even though there are still the Red haters. If you dont have the line you cant depend on the gain

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