Twitter: The Joneses could have had the curtains closed but choose not to

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Romo_To_Dez, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Romo_To_Dez

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    It's said that they have the curtains closed for concerts and yet they don't do it for a evening playoff game, which they know the sun's angle is going to be shining through the stadium. I guess they think it either looks cool or that it will hamper the opposing team. When it just hurt a Cowboys scoring chance.

  2. Darkhound

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    The jones are all about stupidity, show, and glamour they are HORRIBLE NFL GM.
  3. John813

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    Which play is he talking about?

    On 4th and 11 on that failed attempt it was roughly 8pm EST or 7pm Central.
    The one before the half where Ced lost track of the ball may of not even gotten the first down
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  4. SDCowboy

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    What he should have done is gone with an infinitely better stadium design.
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  5. Zordon

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    They've asked Jerry about this in the past. He said he doesn't want to mess with the decor and views the curtains as "tacky".

    The idiot could install smart glass, but I guess he's too cheap.

  6. Vtwin

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    I remember a few years ago when much was made of the phenomenal photographic opportunities this condition created in JW.

    In other words, it may cost us opportunities during the game but we're going to look damn good regardless.
  7. MRV52

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    He needs to save some money for his new yacht, helicopter, bus and airplane. Most important those Strippers.
  8. LittleD

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    Jerry and the Jones like the SHOW! Other Teams like the Dough! Too many Cowboy fans love the Jerry carnival.
  9. gmb1

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    Can't afford to mess up that tourist attraction called a stadium. Not on Jerrah's watch!
  10. jwitten82

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    Walks in for a td? Wasn't that a 3rd down play, he had a few players around him, I doubt he walks in
  11. lkelly

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    Maybe the working theory is that the ref crew was going to make a walking barricade around him if he managed to catch the ball. They would then escort him to the end zone.
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  12. Tio

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    What I want to know is since we deferred, didn’t we get to choose what direction we would start at?

    the glare always affects WRs looking for the ball, we knew it would be at its worst in the 2nd qtr just based on things like THE TIME OF DAY.

    This is our home field, how come we typically are on the short end of this stick?
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  13. Aerolithe_Lion

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    Its lose-lose. Go the other way and the sun is in Dak’s eyes the whole 2nd quarter. And the punter’s, and the FG kicker’s.
  14. atlantacowboy

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    He doesn't score. He was basically on his knees b/c the ball was thrown at them. But, he does makes the catch and get the first down which would have been huge. The bigger question is if you can see the sun in that spot, why are you running to that spot?? The home team should know how to play in their own stadium.
  15. Ranching

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    Yeah.....we lost because Jerry didn't turn of the sun....
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  16. CyberB0b

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    Yeah, the view of one of the worst parts of town is amazing.
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  17. Tio

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    Yes, but QBs and Punters and kickers are in a much better position to compensate for it. Finding a ball in the air behind a glare is a lot harder than seeing human beings when you know the routes. Show me how many times a FG kicker or punter we’re adversely affected by the glare, it happens to receivers all the time when we play the late day game.
  18. jwooten15

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    But he had a pretty stadium that was packed with 90k people and millions of people watching from him. Those are Jerry’s priorities
  19. DeaconMoss

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    Exactly you have to know in the 2nd qtr the sun will be a factor. Choose your direction wisely.
  20. MyFairLady

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    Ink pink we stink.

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