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This is a very underrated series. Yes it's completely bonkers in that he just kills everything but it's just so entertaining to watch it happen. The whole pencil storyline was perfect. You heard about it for a couple of movies and then he pulled it off.

One of my favorites.

I am a big fan of martial arts and hero action flicks where one guy takes on everyone. For some reason John Wick 2 and 3 bothers me.. It is too bonkers, and it does not follow the film logic from the first movie.

The first movie is a great movie, but even in that one he was able to be killed. His friend could have killed him easily multiple times, if I remember right, he helps save him when he gets captured (maybe not), and he also helped him not get killed by the woman in his hotel room.

Then in 2nd and 3rd movie he walks around in the open, and none of the top notch assassins can kill him.


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There has been something I don't like about the black panther story line. I have been trying to figure it out, and I finally thought of what it was the other day. The story line is cool, and I like the power and technology. What I don't like is that it is like black widow and the arrow guy x1000. Aside from the black panther, it is a whole bunch of regular people fighting stuff that should kill them right off. Wakandas population should be wiped out after the wakanda battle in end game. There is no way the normal people fight those creatures.

Hopefully it is only the one guy with super powers in this new one, and the normal fish guys are human level strength

@dsturgeon: now that I think about it more, our sub-discussion would continue derailing this thread also. I will continue in the Comics and Movies thread.


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One last hoorah for the hat and whip! Looks instantly better than Crystal Skull.

Also is that the millennium falcon?!? What the...haha

Read an article about it, and the movie borrows from the Indiana Jones 3 model and starts with a small action sequence of the younger Indiana Jones. They CGI-enhance Harrison Ford to look like the Part I-III version. They insist he looks much better than the Elf Joe Pesci in Irishman.