The Worst Weather Tragedy (1862) in U.S. History Will Happen Again

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I bet if you were to ask 100 people what was the worst weather tragedy in U.S. history...few would get the correct answer. It was the Great Flood in 1862 in California/Oregon.

How bad was it?
-1/4 to 1/3 of all California real estate destroyed
-Much of the Central Valley of California became an inland sea, covering an area about 300 miles long, by about 20 miles wide, with depths up to 30 feet. This flooding went on for months.
-Wiped out 1 million livestock.
-Countless people drown, swept away. People starved to death during this extended event
-San Bernardino and Orange County -- 4 feet of standing water across much of it.
-Whole rivers moved. Entire towns swept away. Buildings, bridges, roads collapsed
-Oregan, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, even Mexico also experienced impact and hardship
-This occurred after 20 years of drought (sound familiar?)

Geological Surveys suggest that such "ARk floods" have hit the region once every 200 years or so. ARk = Atmospheric River storm. Experts say it is certain to happen again...just a matter of when.

When it repeats:
What will happen to Silicon Valley tech?
What will be the impact to a vastly greater population of the West Coast and its infrastructure?
What will happen to food and dairy supply from the country's finest farm land?



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