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The year is 2042 and Randy Gregory is still waiting on a response

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. J12B

    J12B Well-Known Member

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    And Randy Gregory is still waiting on a response.

    What's taking so long on a yes or a no.

    Goodell sucks
  2. Direwolf63

    Direwolf63 RXP

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    Has he actually applied for reinstatement?

    Not that it matters. He's a waste of time. I moved on from him 2 years ago.
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  3. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    The year is 2042 and we have won 22 straight SB’s.
    Jerry from his own cruise line ship states, I told you Dak was our QB. As he still is playing. Naysayers still claiming he sucks though.
  4. Flamma

    Flamma Well-Known Member

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    The year is 2042 and Jerry won't be saying anything.
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  5. OmerV

    OmerV Well-Known Member

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    I’m guessing the Cowboys won’t be interested when Gregory is 50 years old.
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  6. The Quest for Six

    The Quest for Six Well-Known Member

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    I would have parted ways with Gregory two years ago, he's nothing special and an addict, he just doesn't care enough about Football!
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  7. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

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    thanx alot goodell...you empty-headed,ill-equipped swamp-puke.
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  8. Brax

    Brax Well-Known Member

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    2042 Jerry is 6 feet under and the Cowboys are still looking to get in the play offs but Stephen says the team is SB ready and Stephen Jr. is doing well as the CFO ...............
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  9. fivetwos

    fivetwos Well-Known Member

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    I fail to see the problem in that one sir!
  10. Aviano90

    Aviano90 Go Seahawks!!!

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    The year is 2020 and I am past ready move on from the dude.
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  11. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

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    Jerry and his war daddies! To him they almost mean as much as WRs who wear #88.
  12. Qcard

    Qcard Well-Known Member

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    Greatest OP Thread Title ever!!!

    Last I heard from Patrik Walker CBS sports news. The league was too busy dealing with Covid-19 fallout.
    Apparently Aldon Smith got his reinstatementb package into NFL office prior to Covid-19 fallout.
    It's tied up in offices with limited Personel
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  13. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze Well-Known Member

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    The year is 2042 and we still haven't had a QB better than Staubach, a RB better than Emmitt, or an OL better than Larry Allen.
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  14. MarcusRock

    MarcusRock Well-Known Member

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    If we've won 22 straight SBs, the only thing Jerry and Stephen are saying from some remote location is, "Hey, why'd you guys kidnap us and install others to run our team? We built those rosters that won 22 SBs in a row. And our Johnnie Walker is empty again."
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  15. InTheZone

    InTheZone Well-Known Member

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    what's taking so long? the NFL has been decommissioned for the last few years.
  16. Pass2Run

    Pass2Run Well-Known Member

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    It's not Randy with the problem. It was the league.

    The league fixed the problem this year in the new agreement.

    No more suspensions for herb.
  17. Williamsboys

    Williamsboys Well-Known Member

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    If the year is 2042, please fax me over the lotto numbers from Aug 1st 2020-Dec 31st 2042.
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  18. GMO415

    GMO415 Well-Known Member

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    I'll be 72 and hopefully dead by then.
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  19. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    Problem isn’t with Goodell it’s with Gregory. He was given a second chance and it didn’t take him long to screw it up. I could care less how long he’s left hanging waiting for a response. He likely won’t be reinstated.
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  20. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Moderator

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    Except for when he is on the field.

    The 2018 version of Gregory is why everyone (like me) is excited to see him play again.

    If he didn't care about football, he wouldn't have kept himself in the best football shape as he could and he wouldn't have filed for reinstatement.

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