The Young Wonder Boy Offensive Genius

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IceBowler, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. IceBowler

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    ... manages a whole 3 points?

    Against that vaunted NE defense?

    So much for the latest fad.

    Didn't watch it but, the score and stats sing quite a different song to all the worship given McVay.
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  2. links18

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    He was coaching against the all time great with two weeks of preparation. Not the Garrett led Cowboys eating the cheese, expecting extensions for a wildcard win.
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  3. Techsass

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    It was tied into the 4th qtr.
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  4. Whyjerry

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    Didn’t watch it? I love you are providing opinions on a football game when you didn’t watch it. That’s a good one. Brady was shut down for most of the game also. I guess he sucks too.
  5. Nova

    Nova Ntegrase96

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    Belichick put the game in Goff’s hands and took McVay out of his ear for presnap adjustments.

    And Goff stunk it up.

    Also Belichick didn’t chase the sideline to sideline crap like we did.

    McVay’s scheme is still really nice, but Belichick just kept tossing wrenches into the machinery.
  6. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

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    He got to a super bowl at 33 in his second season as a head coach

    He was just out coached by perhaps a coach that is better than Vince Lombardi
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  7. kskboys

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    Goff has pretty much stunk the entire playoffs. He wasn't all that against us, the running game was.
  8. mahoneybill

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    Pats looked like they knew where the ball was going and their D line had penetration the whole game.

    Nice to see their kicker miss it at the end to pit certainty to no miracle comeback

    Romo called a great game. Very succinct and analyzed wha t the Pats would do on the TD drive to perfection. He also called it right about declining a penalty at the end to preserve a timeout for the rams.
  9. mahoneybill

    mahoneybill Well-Known Member

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    Pats shut that down also
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  10. kskboys

    kskboys Well-Known Member

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    Two NT's playing DT makes that a ton easier
  11. jwitten82

    jwitten82 Well-Known Member

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    Lol at being a fad. We found a rare garrett supporter guys
  12. ClintDagger

    ClintDagger Well-Known Member

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    Everything with the Rams is predicated on the run. Clearly TG wasn’t right and that hurt them.
  13. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

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    JG would have scored -3 had we played them. ;)
  14. Dre11

    Dre11 Well-Known Member

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    Terrible offense on both side.
  15. rnr_honeybadger

    rnr_honeybadger Well-Known Member

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    Oh give it a rest, other teams have played the Pats in the SB and managed more than 3 points. Heck teams without talent like Gurley and Brandin Cooks have put up more than 3 points.
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  16. Big D

    Big D Well-Known Member

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    He out-outcoached himself like garret. Trying to make goff the star of the show when it should've been the gurley / anderson review.
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  17. Blake

    Blake Well-Known Member

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    How many 33 year olds can say they've coached a team to the Superbowl.

    Playing against the greatest coach was trial by fire and McVay will just get better, I bet.
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  18. KingintheNorth

    KingintheNorth Chris in Arizona

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    Belichick had 2 weeks to prepare. They disguised a lot of coverages and put Goff in uncomfortable situations. McVay will learn from it and get better. He (and Goff) got taken to school today.
  19. Sevenup3000

    Sevenup3000 Well-Known Member

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    The hell McVay isn't a fad. Colin Kaepernick went to a SB too and performed far better in the playoffs than McVay or Goff ever has...and all we heard for weeks and weeks after was that Kaepernick was a fad.

    That nonsense better hit the Rams and their "genius HC" and "great young QB."
    But this is America so we know that won't happen. Instead, we will get "but he was going up against the greatest coach of all time!!! Not fair!!!!!"
  20. Nova

    Nova Ntegrase96

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    He’s just not very good yet.

    He’s a talented kid, but McVay is doing a large part of his job for him with his presnap reads out of the sugar huddle.
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