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There was a time you all wanted Romo out too

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by D4KADON, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. LocimusPrime

    LocimusPrime Well-Known Member

    34,138 Messages
    93,098 Likes Received
    Romo is my homie never wanted him gone
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  2. Nexx

    Nexx Well-Known Member

    2,344 Messages
    1,589 Likes Received
    Only ignorant cowboy fans blamed Romo solely for playoff failures
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  3. baltcowboy

    baltcowboy Well-Known Member

    2,647 Messages
    2,553 Likes Received
    I think Brian Broadus had him top 10 on his big board.:huh:
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  4. irishline

    irishline Well-Known Member

    1,640 Messages
    2,271 Likes Received
    I was on this board and I didn't. Care to narrow that down?

    Thanks for assuming I did though.
  5. Ozone22

    Ozone22 Well-Known Member

    1,319 Messages
    882 Likes Received
    I can only imagine how bad things would have been if we had access to websites back in 1989. People would have destroyed Aikman on the internet after going 1-15 his first year.

    Romo was the best QB for the Cowboys since Aikman retired Without question. Some people think QBs grow on trees.
  6. shabazz

    shabazz Well-Known Member

    4,709 Messages
    8,030 Likes Received
    After Allen Rodgers won a Super Bowl, nobody remembered Farve. Maybe just getting to an NFC Championship game will have the same effect here and do away with the Ghost of Antonio Ramiro.
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  7. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

    12,854 Messages
    3,710 Likes Received
    I lost faith in Romo after he threw that pick against Washington that cost us the playoff spot. Then Jerry gave him a $50 mil bonus.

    Sorry. Romo's legacy is "nothing much". Lots of stats. Not much more.
    NumOneQB likes this.
  8. BrassCowboy

    BrassCowboy RW Hitman

    4,566 Messages
    2,291 Likes Received
    Lol yeah, here comes all the Garrett apologists.... I didn't know there were any but yeah there are a few
    CF74 likes this.
  9. NumOneQB

    NumOneQB Well-Known Member

    2,297 Messages
    1,897 Likes Received
    Romo won the Bag a Hollywood Starlet Bowl.
  10. basilhayden

    basilhayden Well-Known Member

    1,216 Messages
    574 Likes Received
    Im not attacking "Son" until he has total control and the organization remains the same after a couple years.
    His old man is a straight up aggressive cancer.
  11. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    33,012 Messages
    26,464 Likes Received
    Romo had fans divided. Some thought he was the best thing since sliced bread and others realized he wasn't good enough to overcome Jerry's incompetence as a owner/gm.
    lwehlers likes this.
  12. lwehlers

    lwehlers Well-Known Member

    2,707 Messages
    1,682 Likes Received
    emmitt smith as much as he is my favorite cowboy cut himself. he did not want to play for parcells. that is the way it looked to me.
  13. lwehlers

    lwehlers Well-Known Member

    2,707 Messages
    1,682 Likes Received
    I was on both sides of that opinion of tony romo.
  14. Nav22

    Nav22 Benched

    9,395 Messages
    8,865 Likes Received
    It’s pretty funny seeing all the “I NEVER wanted Romo gone!” sentiment around here.

    The fanbase was so divided.

    Many of us were smart enough to know that Romo was a damn good QB, and you don’t get rid of damn good QBs.

    But there were MANY others who wanted him gone in the worst way possible. The negative media narratives that come with being the Cowboys QB had gotten inside their feeble little minds.

    And now that Romo’s retired and is universally respected as an ex-Pro Bowl QB and brilliant TV analyst, EVERY Cowboys fan loved him all along!

    Some of you are lying.
  15. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    33,012 Messages
    26,464 Likes Received
    I probably was. I was a Romo homer though. I've come to despise Romosexuals though those guys take things too far lol.
    lwehlers likes this.
  16. cowboyed

    cowboyed Well-Known Member

    2,715 Messages
    440 Likes Received
    Fans and some in the media called him Tony Turnover. Yes fans are schizophrenic and in forums have convenient memory lapses.
    bratch59 likes this.
  17. bratch59

    bratch59 Active Member

    104 Messages
    47 Likes Received
    I also laugh at all those that say “anybody but Garrett “and then any name that comes up they say oh hell no
    nake likes this.
  18. FTWayne

    FTWayne Well-Known Member

    907 Messages
    1,055 Likes Received
    Romo just need better coaches and a different scheme. Oops wrong guy. He needed an elite offensive line, oops wrong guy.
  19. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

    26,108 Messages
    18,894 Likes Received
    It’s pretty comical people mention 2012 as when they were done with Romo when the Redskis game, Garrett had free blitzers running at Romo all game long.

    2012 was actually the inflection point of the Garrett era.

    Romo was given control of the offense in 2014. Garrett didn’t even have him in game planning until 2012 and after that, Jerry started to have enough of Garrett as play caller. That’s when Jerry made Callahan play caller and then forced Garrett to have Romo in game planning meetings. Jason tried to spin this as making sense and him being a part of the decision making, when it was purely Jerry Jones and probably a Romo saying it was a condition for him to sign the new contract. Even Wade Wilson was basically saying that Romo would now influence the offense more after 2012.

    Jerry even picked Frederick because of Romo, not Garrett per Jerry himself.
  20. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

    17,470 Messages
    7,713 Likes Received
    This is a message board......thank GOD Jed has trumped us at every turn.....

    I DO agree this board has turned into meunstral support group.

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