Tony Romo Plays ‘Madden’ Like Only a Former Pro Quarterback Can

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    On the latest episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast, Simmons and Cousin Sal talked about Romo’s excellent debut, and Sal relayed a story about how he watched Romo play Madden this summer. And yes, all of the expertise that comes through on his broadcasts helps him beat teenagers in the video game.

    We were over at Tony Romo's house, Jimmy Kimmel and I, and he's talking about broadcasting. It was this summer, and he showed us [a tape of him calling] the Chiefs-Falcons game. That was the one where [Eric] Berry ran [a two-point conversion] back. So he called that again and showed us. And I said, "You know what you should do, you should watch Madden and see what the play-by-play is and the color commentary. Then you can see what's marketable, you can see what you want to stay away from or go with." And he's like, "That's a great idea." So he puts Madden on, and he plays. And we end up watching him play all afternoon, beating up on these 12-year-olds. He's not listening for a second to the color commentary, and Jimmy's like, "Did you realize you didn't listen at all to what they're saying?" He's like, "I know, I've got to beat this guy." And he was changing every play at the line, because he would see what the defense is, and he'd go for 13 yards on an offensive play. It was spectacular.

    Simmons: And he's playing like the top-50 Madden guys in the world.

    Sal: And the kids are taunting him because you could hear it over the audio. He never says anything back; they have no idea they're playing Tony Romo. But it was a great thing, and finally he lost to some kid who was playing the Vikings who had the hit stick, fumble button down.

    Simmons: So Romo is just going to the line in Madden, seeing what the defense was, and every time audibling for 13 yards.

    Sal: Yeah, he's like, "He's not smart enough to cheat the safety here so I'm going to come back with this." It was spectacular.
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    Hahaha that's just kind of perfect.

    I feel like broadcasting might be the thing that makes Romo's public image what it deserves to be.
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    Madden ought to film a commercial of him doing that. They could have fun with him destroying kids and then claim, "ya never know who you might be playing against".
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