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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Texas_Pete, Jun 30, 2020.

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    New defensive coaches and style. Trysten has 1 year experience on Neville. Neville was drafted by the new regime though.

    This will be an interesting battle to see who backs up McCoy and Poe.

    I'm not writing Trysten off just yet.
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  2. xwalker

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    • It is comical that the majority of fans like or love the Gallimore pick but hated the Hill pick.
    • Based strictly on game footage, they are very similar players in many ways.
      • Both are very quick and projected as 3tech pass rushing type DTs but both played more snaps in college at the 1tech or 0tech spots.
    • Both played somewhat opposite of the general style of players aligned at their positions (specific to their final college seasons).
      • Gallimore played a 3tech pass rushing style while most often aligning as a 1tech.
      • Hill was moved to 3tech in his final college season but played more of a 1 or 0 tech style.
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  3. cowboyec

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    I think Gallimore will earn some significant snaps this year.
    Im not writing off Trysten Hill....but Im not ignoring Gallimore either.
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  4. jazzcat22

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    Want to see how Hill does with the new regime. Not writing him off yet either. Both he and Gallimore could be the new set of DT's in a few years, as McCoy and Poe move on.
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  5. stasheroo

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    The most important attribute will be between the ears.
  6. jazzcat22

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    Typical dysfunctional / flip floppy fans.
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  7. fivetwos

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    If Hill decides he wants it he has the talent to get it done.

    I think his time runs out here before the light goes on, but I hope I'm very wrong.

    Nice that we picked up Poe and McCoy but it would be nice if the future at DT is already here in those two.

    What doesnt help Hill is Thornhill was passed over for him.
  8. jazzcat22

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    Yes, Hill needs to buy into the new regime, pay attention, learn, not be lazy. As well as all players actually.
  9. fivetwos

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    Well, as far as projected draft status, one was a steal and the other a reach.

    Could be part of things.
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  10. jazzcat22

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    How so, this has nothing to do with Hill and him learning, and having a better attitude to learning.

    It doesn't help him only in the eyes of many fans that already has his labeled a bust. And he and the team care less what the fans think about his abilities.
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  11. jazzcat22

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    We will see in a few years. I go by the 3 year theory the majority of the time.
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  12. dargonking999

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    I think it was more about when each were drafted, and who was available to be drafted, rather than the type of players.

    58 vs 82

    1st pick vs 3rd pick

    makes a very big difference.
  13. Iago33

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    Well, now I’m depressed. I had hopes for Gallimore. Maybe he can be a better player than Trystan due to mentality.
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  14. Playmaker247

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    One actually started for one of the best teams in the country, the other didn't start in the AAC conference......
  15. SportsGuru80

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    I'm just hoping for quality backup play from BOTH!!!! We need depth in the middle!!!
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  16. CowboysFaninHouston

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    Tristen's issue is not his physical ability or skill. we all know he has that. that's what enamoured the previous regime on him....but the problem is between the ears. is he good with film study, work ethic, motivation, hustle.....if he has those, he can be a dominant DT.....
  17. gimmesix

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    Hill was taken with our first pick of that draft. Gallimore was taken after we had drafted Lamb in the first and Diggs in the second. Naturally, more attention is going to be focused on Hill because we had no great picks before him to ease us into his pick. All our hopes for that draft were essentially centered on him, fair or not.

    The fact that we didn't take a safety in a "strong" safety class instead of Hill also brought him extra attention as well as the fact that some felt he was a reach in the second round and there were questions about his attitude/drop in playing time in college.

    What our scouts saw were first-round DT traits (size, quickness off the snap, strength) with a second-round grade because of the perceived attitude problems and need for technique work. I don't think any of us should be ready to dismiss Hill, but we like to be quick to judgment around here.
  18. fivetwos

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    I meant from certain fans point of view, which was the original comment.

    Not what Hill himself thinks.
  19. xwalker

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    • Trysten Hill
      • The problem with Hill has never been lack of effort.
        • The problem has been difficultly adapting to change and implemented the exact techniques the coaches are trying to get him to implement.
        • His 1st college coaching staff loved him as player and described him as a "high motor" player.
        • His 2nd college D-Coordinator also loved his abilities and "high motor". (The 2nd Head Coach didn't like him).
        • Marinelli said repeatedly that Hill was a "high motor" player in practice but just wasn't implementing the style/techniques that they were coaching him to use.
      • The basic issue is that both the 2nd college DC and Marinelli wanted him to be a pass rushing 3tech but Hill had been coached to be a run defending 3-4 NT by his original college coaches.
      • Fans jumped on the narrative that he is lazy because of 1 incident where he and another player were sent home for something that happened in a meeting (Either not paying attention or falling asleep).
        • What fans fail to realize is that some of the most intense on-the-field players in NFL history were not very good in the classroom (Charles Haley...).
      • Hill showed great effort in the preseason games and played as many or more snaps than any of the DLinemen.
        • His biggest issue was that he had no clue how to play vs Zone Run Blocking (Unfortunately neither did Marinelli...).
      • They had him practice at 3tech all off-season and that's where he played in the preseason games.
        • In the games he did play during the season, they primarily played him at 1tech.
        • Overall he looked decent when he did play during the season.
        • He had some quality snaps on run plays where he got a good push on the OL and made the tackle.
        • He had one play where he almost hit the QB before the handoff to the RB.
          • He had actually penetrated to that depth before the handoff but was about a foot too far to the side.
          • That play showed a physical ability that very few 300+ pound players possess.
      • The question with Hill is whether he can "Take Coaching".
        • Marinelli was "old school" but he often seemed to speak in riddles and seemed a bit cryptic at times.
        • New DL coach Jim Tomsula is more of a Caveman. The season he was Head Coach for the 49ers (2015) I nicknamed him Caveman in discussions here at CZ.
          • His message to players will be very literal based on his press conferences as 49ers HC. He won't be cryptic or nuanced.
          • Despite being a Caveman, Tomsula has been regarded as a "players coach" and in tune with modern players need to check social media and those types of issues.
          • Much like Wade Phillips, Tomsula is a quality defensive coach but should never have been a Head Coach.
  20. fivetwos

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    You dont need three years to know that the team had a second round grade on Gallimore and that the general consensus on Hill was not the same.
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