TV Shows that are Recognized by a Famous Quote Instantly

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" Not there is anything wrong with it".
Ha ha ha ha, that's exactly the one that I was going to quote. There's a story behind it. That line wasn't in the original script, and they did a read-through of that version, and they just weren't loving it. They were worried that Jerry and George sounded like gay bashers, and it was killing the humor. They were talking over the problem with the writer, and he said something like, "They're afraid of being mistaken for being gay, not that there's anything wrong with that ..." and Seinfeld immediately said, "That's the line! We'll say that every time they mention gay, and it will make us not sound like haters." So not only did it fix the problem of sounding super anti-gay, it turned into a running gag that people found hilarious. That line rescued that episode. They were about ready to drop that episode. But that line saved it, and it became one of their funniest episodes.