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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Carter, May 1, 2021.

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    Have to remember there's not 12 rounds of drafting like years ago, there are good to very good players who just didn't get the exposure, didn't play for the Power 5 teams, had issues with grades, etc.

    The trick is finding them, something Dallas hasn't done well since Brandt left....
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    Does he have long arms? Haha
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    Wow that’s pretty good, how in the heck did Nick Eubanks go undrafted
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    Because he cant catch, is slow and doesnt offer much besides some Blocking.

    He wont make the Team
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    Practice squad for sure. He will battle it out with mckeon

    Jarwin, Schultz, Sprinkle.
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    People said the same about the other guy last year too.
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    Nick Eubanks ran a 4.59 forty. Don't think it was his fault .Michigan didn't have a good QB.
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    I know absolutely nothing about this player, and I highly doubt you do either. Can he not catch the ball or did they just not throw the ball in his direction? There’s a big difference between not being a good receiver and not getting the opportunity, but we constantly have input like this blanket statement. I’m willing to bet you know absolutely nothing other than an internet bio you might’ve looked over.
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    No surprise coming from you. You poop on everything not matter.
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    Updating........Carters Best Available (hope you don't mind)

    Shakur Brown 5'10"185 lbs Michigan State...PITTSBURGH
    Bryan Mills 6'1"174 lbs North Carolina Central...SEATTLE
    Mark Gilbert 6'0"186 lbs Duke.....PITTSBURGH
    Bryce Thompson 5'11"182 lbs Tennessee...NEW ORLEANS

    Trill Williams 6'0"208 lbs Syracuse...NEW ORLEANS
    Paris Ford 6'1"197 lbs Pittsburgh...LA RAMS
    Ar'Darius Washington 5'8"176 lbs TCU...BALTIMORE (of course)
    Christian Uphoff 6'2"209 lbs Illinois State...GREEN BAY
    Aashari Crosswell 6'0"205 lbs Arizona State...UNSIGNED

    Feleipe Franks 6'7"234 lbs Arkansas...ATLANTA
    Shane Buechele 6'0"210 lbs SMU....KANSAS CITY
    Jamie Newman 6'3"234 lbs Georgia....PHILLY (boooo)

    Cade Johnson 5'11"184 lbs South Dakota State....NEW ORLEANS
    Sage Surratt 6'3"209 lbs Wake Forest.....DETROIT
    Tyler Vaughns 6'2"184 lbs USC...INDY
    T.J. Vasher 6'6"203 lbs Texas Tech...DALLAS
    Tamorrion Terry 6'3"207 lbs Florida State....SEATTLE
    Trevon Grimes 6'4"220 lbs Florida....PHILLY
    Brandon Smith 6'1"218 lbs Iowa...DALLAS

    Jaret Patterson 5'7"195 lbs Buffalo..WASHINGTON
    Stevie Scott III 6'2"231 lbs Indiana....NEW ORLEANS
    Brenden Knox 5'11"215 lbs Marshall...DALLAS

    Kenny Yeboah 6'4"250 lbs Ole Miss...NY JETS
    Matt Bushman 6'5"245 lbs BYU...LAS VEGAS
    Quintin Morris 6'2"243 lbs Bowling Green...BUFFALO

    Adrian Ealy 6'6"321 lbs Oklahoma...BALTIMORE
    Carson Green 6'6"320 lbs Texas A&M...HOUSTON

    Kayode Awosika 6'3"307 lbs Buffalo......PHILLY.
    Alaric Jackson 6'6"321 lbs Iowa....LA RAMS
    David Moore 6'2"330 lbs Grambling...CAROLINA
    Tommy Kraemer 6'6"309 lbs Notre Dame....DETROIT

    Malik Herring 6'3"275 lbs Georgia....KANSAS CITY

    Marvin Wilson 6'4"303 lbs Florida State...CLEVELAND
    Forrest Merrill 6'0"322 lbs Arkansas State..LAC

    Dylan Moses 6'1"225 lbs Alabama...JACKSONVILLE
    Justin Hilliard 6'1"229 lbs Ohio State...SAN FRANCISCO
    Paddy Fisher 6'3"240 lbs Northwestern...CAROLINA
    Charles Snowden 6'6"243 lbs Virginia...CHICAGO
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    Actually it was a 4.69 forty which is still faster than these TE's...

    Hunter Long - 4.71 (3rd rd)
    John Bates - 4.84 (4th Rd)
    Luke Farrell - 4.82 (5th rd)
    Pro Wells - 4.84 (UDFA)


    Blake Jarwin - 4.73
    Dalton Shultz - 4.75

    However, I'm going with this site as my reference so...
    Last edited: May 5, 2021
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    PFF says it was a 4.59
  15. John813

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    Michigan themselves has it has 4.59
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    Eubanks can play - his 2019 tape is pretty good. Last year - that entire team was in a funk. I'll be interested in seeing he has - probably more of an H back right now, but with added strength and improved blocking, could easily move into TE2 on this team by next year.
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    He got a 30k signing bonus, his guaranteed salary is what you’re talking about.
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    We get 4 because of HOF game, and the early week of OTAs.
  19. Typhus

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    I concur.

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