Wasting Ezekiel Elliot's prime

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. CATCH17

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    Isn't that the sense most of you are getting?

    They are going to keep kicking the can down the road year after year with their "Smart Free Agent Strategy" and look back and have nothing to show for it and another career wasted.

    We're 3 years into having Ezekiel Elliot. The same Ezekiel Elliot who single handedly defeated Alabama to win a National Title and came into the NFL and has lead the league in rushing 2 of his first 3 years and the only thing we have to show for it is a QB who is about to get far more money then he is worth because of how good Ezekiel Elliot is.

    Jerry keeps telling us how much more of a priority it is for him to win a Superbowl now because of where he is in life but there is absolutely no sense of urgency coming out of this organization.

    Status quo with some rookies sprinkled in year after year after year.

    If you have no interest in going for a Superbowl then just trade the guy while he still has value and get some picks because Elliot is a luxury that we can not afford if we're only interested in shooting for a playoff spot every other season.

    They thought they had forever with Romo... He was going to play until he was a 100 they thought. Well that ended quickly and all they can say is how it was their biggest regret but they somehow don't notice themselves making the same mistake with their current superstar RB.
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  2. Flamma

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    Elliott is more than a luxury for this team just as Emmitt was more than a luxury. I'd keep him over our current QB. Look at the bright side. Imagine this team with the offense of 2016 and our current D. Of course that's all up in question right now. But it is still possible.
  3. Teague31

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    We wasted Romo’s prime as well. Business as usual
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  4. ItzKelz

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    No one told Romo to shatter....
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  5. rocyaice

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    I don’t. I love Zeke but once he leaves his prime I don’t have much fear of them replacing him.
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  6. ItzKelz

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    Zeke was for Romo
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  7. JohnsKey19

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    Not only that but we've wasted the opportunity to sign FAs with Zeke and Dak on rookie deals. When those guys get paid along with others, the front office will have a convenient excuse for not pursuing other FAs.
  8. ItzKelz

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    No we still had Romo going against the cap....
  9. JoeKing

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    Not the sense I'm getting at all. He's won the rushing title 2 of the 3 years he's been in the league. Look, SBs don't grow on trees so if that's the only thing you care about then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Zeke is not being wasted just because he's been in the league 3 years and doesn't have a ring yet.
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  10. GenoT

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    I get what you’re saying, CATCH, in the sense that the average NFL RB, never mind a workhorse like Zeke, tends to have a shorter prime than many other positions. However, we could make the same argument about wasting the prime of Z-Mart, Fredbeard, T-Smith, Dak (unless you’re not a believer), D-Law, Jaylon, LVE, B-Jones and others.

    Before Zeke got here, we had one playoff appearance since 2009, in 2014, when we got a — surprise! — franchise-record-setting season out of an elite RB (D-Murray).

    Since Zeke’s been here, we’ve gone 2-for-3 In playoff appearances, making at least the div-round both times, and we probably woulda made the postseason in 2017, if not for Zeke’s unfortunate 6-game suspension.

    Although the results so far have been less than desired, the Cowboys ARE trying for a SB, and a top-shelf RB is part of the equation. Because, without one, we’re not gonna get it done.
  11. Gameover

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    How good Zeke is?

    I have to....

    ... to make sure I don’t hurt nobody
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  12. aria

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    Well we’re giving him the ball more than any other RB in the league and a very good O line to run behind, hence the 2 of 3 rushing titles. We’ve also added Cooper which helps him. He’s had a lot more help than several other top RB’s, so no, I don’t think we’re wasting his career.
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  13. ItzKelz

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    Zeke vs the best defense in the nation. Bosa vs .....who was there QB again?
  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    How about we just start one thread and title it...Wasting every players prime.
    We already have went through the wasting Romo Prime, Dez Prime, Dak Prime, now Zeke prime...we should not forgot to add Cooper prime, Frederick Prime, Zack Prime and so on.
  15. Denim Chicken

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    Forget Zeke. They're wasting the cheap QB period.
  16. Kaiser

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    I'm wasting my prime reading threads like this.
  17. mattjames2010

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    He's our "engine" our "offense" our "MVP" - we are supposed to go as far as he takes us. That's what this board says.

    Nobody is wasting him - we have an offense built around the run. Instead, this dude can't have a run longer than 41 yards (his longest was 30 in 2017)

    Zeke is just an RB.
  18. The Quest for Six

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    Is Zeke still the most dynamic player in this offense...yes, but I can see the Cowboy picking up his fifth year option, then franchise him for a year and then saying good bye when he's 28 and not give him a long term deal..

    P.S. Jerry still thinks he's in his prime but unfortunately we can't trade Jerry!!!
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  19. mattjames2010

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    This right here - most teams go "all-in" when they have their supposed franchise QB on a rookie deal. But bad mistakes in the past hurt our cap and we never had the cap room to go "all-in". Now we are ultra conservative because of those mistakes leading to new mistakes.
  20. bayeslife

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    LMAO hes not even 24 yet
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