Wasting Ezekiel Elliot's prime

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Doomsday101

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    Not sure what the point of this is. Evidently Cowboys should just not pick up any players and do way with draft picks because as long as Jerry is in charge what does it matter it is all a waste? Sorry don't agree with all this garbage.
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  2. mrmojo

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    I was in my prime last time we won SB.
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  3. Doomsday101

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    There is enough blame that has gone around why you think everyone is pointing to Richard I don't know. Bottom line the team did not do enough to win vs the Rams from coaches to players trying to single one person as some soul reason is stupid
  4. Rockport

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    Nice try to throw it back at me but no sane person buys it.
  5. Redball Express

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    Like the Irvin and Gregory thing?

    Both guys were reaches and brought to the team at a time when we had nothing on the shelf.

    Tank had been injured and then suspended and was tapping out also.

    But at the time they drafted him..there was no other DL to speak of.

    So you do what you can.

    You want the team to have a Fortune Teller for a GM?

    Here..try this..

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  6. Hadenough

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    Zeke is getting an awful lot of touches. If they want to keep him around and have him play at a high level longer they need to get a big Thumper back to take some of the carries especially the short yardage.
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  7. aria

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    Add my prime, or our prime, none of us are getting any younger. Just think, none of us have ever texted anyone to let them know the Cowboys won the Super Bowl. I didn’t even have a drivers license to go watch the Super Bowl at a friends house.
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  8. mattjames2010

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    He won the rushing title twice due to volume. Do you think if Barkley had 300+ carries, he wouldn't have taken Zeke's rushing title? Rushing title means nothing, 1,400+ yards is no longer an impressive feat. it wasn't even impressive 20 years ago.
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  9. QuincyCarterEra

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  10. DenCWBY

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    Until we have an consistently effective defense and QB, we'll be wasting a lot of athletes in their prime. Our OLine is starting to age along with Zeke and LB's are primed. Won't last though.
  11. JayFord

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    Need I go down the list of people’s prime we wasted?
  12. Jason 82 Witten

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    Right or wrong, I keep saying as long as 80,000+ fans continue to fill the palace every game, every year, nothings going to change
  13. InTheZone

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    Let's see. When we opted not to finish Romo in the playoffs in 2016 I got the sense we threw away our chance at contending that year and get a ring for every one on the team. When we had a chance to keep Romo under contract for the last remaining year in 2017 I felt, we once again, threw away another chance. As we watched our RotY's flaws get exposed 2017, as the indicators were there in 2016 towards the 2nd half of the season, I was losing hope then that if they believe this is our guy then were are literally throwing away the careers of every player on the team. Yes, sounds extreme, I know. Every QB has weaknesses, but when you literally see competent defenses playing ONE TYPE OF COVERAGE, we're not even talking pass rush issues but just reading coverages, to shut down the pass game that is a very bad problem to have. And not one single person can ever convince me that our professional coaches are too stupid to work with different passes. I 100% believe they were only calling plays the QB is capable of making and their persistence to make him work is going to cost us and I will stick by that until we see otherwise.

    But my issues don't all lie with the QB or getting new players through FA. We have lost a valuable receiver like Beasley when he should be here, retained an injury prone Austin who is rarely worth anything in the pass game. We hold onto bum receivers like Brown and Hurns. Because the organization sticks with idiots like Irving and Gregory those players have literally played our hand in the draft most likely. I still say we need to make moves in the draft and reach for a top safety or interior DL. Stop with the patchwork defensive lineman and get serious about it. The FO did a great job rebuilding the CB group we have and that, not too long ago, was our weakest link. So why do we keep playing musical chairs with the defensive line instead of bolstering it? Why can't we take care of our own? All of this is going to contribute to wasting careers yet again. IF our QB is paid big bucks that's not helping the situation. If we don't retain Lawrence that's another setback.

    All we're going to do is play catch-up to neutralize the drop-off. I can only root for the best. JG will find a way to lose or have the team unprepared, JJ will find an excuse to retain him. Dak will continue to struggle with passes that aren't outside the hash marks, and our patchwork dline/safeties will allow every competent team to just roll on by. Sure they're capable of the performance of the Saints game, but I toss that right out when I see the same unit get man handled by other powerhouse teams.

    And now we're going to have valid excuses on top of "whatever little excuse we can make for the RotY ProBowl QB who's young and learning" that our dline is nowhere near mid or top tier, we have 3 strong safeties rotating, and we have absolute trash at wide receivers outside our top 2. The teams in the NFL right now that seemingly are contenders every year have made it count under the 1st contract of their QB, able to build their team and then find a QB who can manage. We have one year left to prove to me there's something in Dak and the coaches that I am unaware of otherwise, imo, we are digging our graves of mediocrity until we replace both, not one or the other, but both.
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  14. CanadianCowboysFan

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    So what is impressive to you?
  15. mattjames2010

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    There's very little that impresses me at the RB position because it's a dime a dozen position. The elites are not much great than the good backs in this league, it's a short shelf life position, and superstar RBs almost never win you Super Bowls in this passing league.
  16. America's Cowboy

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    Where was the Almighty Zeke during those failed 3rd and 4th & 1 runs against the Rams that killed several key drives during the playoffs?
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  17. waldoputty

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    been saying this since before 2017 season
  18. FTWayne

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    it's romo's fault even though he's been gone for what?2-3 years. lmao..

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Rbs are easier to find in drafts than qb's.
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  20. Noclaf

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    Just like they did Romo, Witten, Ware
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