We Dodged A Bullet Passing On Urban Meyer

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 817Gill, May 12, 2021.

  1. 817Gill

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    I was part of the crowd who wanted Meyer badly. I thought he was just what we needed as a HC. But my opinion started to change when his leading candidate for OC was said to be Scott Linehan. Why saddle your rookie QB with a guy who couldn’t even last a season as a college assistant post Cowboys?

    I did a bit of digging and saw that some media members felt that Meyer’s challenges would be his lack of a robust NFL network. His college network spread vastly but he never had the time/place to build an NFL one. This started to become apparent with his coaching hires. Many bland and average guys who’ve been tied to him.

    After the Linehan flirtation, Meyer followed it up with trying to hire a controversial strength coach and having to reverse decision post-locker room/media reaction. Both not as confusing as the Tebow signing, who now media report the coaches in the building are spilt on. Good luck with that one Urban. If the coaches are iffy then the locker room is probably the same.

    Imagine if we hired him and he’d done all this, we’d be extremely skeptical at best. We’ll see how the team does on the field but I’m not encouraged. Lawrence may be his saving grace. I think we really dodged a bullet, though I’m not super into Mike McCarthy.
  2. ClappingCarrot

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    People are looking way too into the Tebow signing. You don't add a sixth TE to change the culture of the franchise.

    I'm of the belief that Meyer is doing Tebow a favor because this signing likely means Tebow finally qualifies for an NFL pension.
  3. Jake

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    Yeah, good thing we've got geniuses hiring never-weres like Campo and Garrett or has-beens like Wade and McCarthy.
  4. Aerolithe_Lion

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    The best thing Meyer could have done was take over a team that just drafted Trevor Lawrence
  5. stasheroo

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    A few questionable decisions, but I did like what Jacksonville did in the draft.
  6. RS12

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    The culture needs changing. Meyer might have done that. McCarthy wont.
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  7. Avery

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    Good thing we're not even going to give him a game to prove it otherwise, right?
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  8. ColoradoCowboy

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    Can you imagine the media circus if it had been the DALLAS COWBOYS that signed Tebow? All press everywhere would stop for a second to gasp.
  9. JohnsKey19

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    There's no way Jerry was letting Urban Meyer into his home and allow him to rearrange the furniture. Not a chance.
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  10. 817Gill

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    The one thing that undoes good personnel decisions is a locker room that doesn’t believe in or trust the coaches.

    What they do have is a young team so maybe it will sit fine. But if Urban keeps stacking questionable decisions you could get to a point where reports are coming out about the team questioning him. I feel like they have to be better faster the more weird decisions he makes.
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  11. Doomsday101

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    Only thing that concerned me with Myers is his health issues that lead to him leaving Florida Gators and then with OSU but in terms of the job he did I think he is a very good HC. Just not sure of the staying power to remain.
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  12. Motorola

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    And the anthesis is just as sound - there's no way Meyer was going to be the chef but let Jones & Son buy the groceries.
  13. JohnsKey19

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  14. CouchCoach

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    They didn't pass on Meyer, never considered him. Booger said they were going for an experienced NFL coach. Probably because of all of his success with them instead of a fresh from college HC.
  15. CouchCoach

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    The culture will not be established by any HC, that is the GM's area of expertise.
  16. MountaineerCowboy

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    I mean sure, but it's not like we didn't still get hit with shrapnel by signing McCarthy.
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  17. John813

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    It's a 90 man roster, Tebow ain't kicking off some stud player at them moment.

    Isn't Meyers more of the OC anyways, so Scott may of just been an OC in name only if they had signed him up?

    Outside of the strength coach, I mean I don't see much wrong atm.
  18. tyke1doe

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  19. CouchCoach

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    Meyer openly pitched for the job on that pregame show and that was a head scratcher. He's known as a control coach. Did he think the Joneses were going to change their MO just for him?

    I think McC wanted this job because he figured it wouldn't be held against him if he failed because everyone assumes the HC is just the Assistant to the GM with the Cowboys.

    The biggest mistake any coaching candidate can make is to assume the Joneses have learned their lesson and will change. We only try to stop making mistakes when we pay for them and that has yet to happen to them.

    I wanted Rivera but I don't think he would have taken the job. That interview with Snyder took weeks, not 12 hours, and it looks like Rivera was interviewing him as to if he was ready to give up some control and stop making mistakes.

    There's a practice in hiring people in management unless you know them very well. Never hire on the first interview. Granted, 12 hours isn't your standard interview but we know what Booger was looking for, his comfort level with this candidate. Do you think Meyer could make him comfortable?
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  20. Bobhaze

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    Agree 100%. Especially in Big D. The culture here won’t change until the 78 year old face of the franchise recognizes he’s the poison in the culture well.

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