We have a lot of chicken littles

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by BHendri5, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. BHendri5

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    what’s wrong with our D?
    Jaylon looks bad
    Hyder is no where to be found
    I don’t like our RB usage
    Where do we rank now
    When is Gallup coming back
    The hot Boys need to change their name
    Dlaw has no sacks
    Chico sucks
    Geez whiz people, we won the game! We are not going to play flawlessly this early if ever
  2. Rockport

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    These are all just miserable people. It’s the only explanation.
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  3. Melonfeud

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    Another brilliantly deduced & underlyingly psychologically telling ascertainment there ,Inspector Clouseau:rolleyes:
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  4. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    The Cowboy fans that complain about the Cowboys just want things to be perfect. But perfection is a devilish illusion. He who desires perfection will never be satisfied.
  5. Rayman70

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    sky isn't falling..but there are some cracks in it. Connor Williams is one glaring crack. He has cost the team dearly so far. That's a fact. When will he be benched?
  6. zrinkill

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    Sorry ........ not gonna change my mind on this one.
  7. LACowboysFan1

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    Too early in the season to make any determination as to how good, or not, the Cowboys are.

    Obviously they are a good team, the talent gap in the NFL isn't that wide, despite teams like Miami getting out scored 150 to 16 or whatever, so to go 3-0 means something.

    But I can understand the concern, with going on 24 years with no SB wins, you want your team to have the best possible shot at winning, and we've seen supposedly good to very good teams fall short, so the better you are, the better your chances, again obviously.

    And old farts like me remember the 70's and 90's teams that had dozens of sacks, many interceptions, and numerous wins against other contenders, we can't take too much comfort in beating teams that nobody thinks are going to win the SB. We'll feel much better if we beat the Packers, e.g.

    Don't be too hard on us old guys, we're just used to titles every few years....
  8. Rayman70

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    the hot boyz been a joke so far. We been on vacation. The hot boys were sleep walkin in the first half against Miami. My guess is IF we come out like this against the Saints, we will get whacked. Maybe that's what we need...an arse whooping.
  9. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Gotta love the Homers too. Everything is okay. Nothing to improve on. 16-0 baby. SB here we come.
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  10. big dog cowboy

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    He isn't getting benched over a couple of bad plays here or there. It's easy to see he is better than last year and that he is making progress. Can't ask more from a player than that.
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  11. Rayman70

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    Poor in pass protection and good in run blocking. Progress is a term that gets coaches fired and teams beaten. Sua Filo IS better than him. He should be starting.
  12. TheDude

    TheDude McLovin

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    Who's Chico?

    And Hot Boyz is repugnant.
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  13. CF74

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    This thread is about 2-3 games early this year...
  14. nightrain

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    little chickens > chicken %^$#
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  15. jsb357

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  16. The Fonz

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    Maybe Chico and the man:)
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  17. LACowboysFan1

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    Yeah, some got spoiled with the Zack Martin make-the-Pro-Bowl-his-first-year pick, every player that becomes great doesn't start out great (not saying Williams will be), some take a year or two or three to get used to the NFL. Also have to remember Williams was a tackle in college, he's learning the nuances of guard as well. Probably played some guard in college, but not full time.

    I'd not make a final judgment on him until after next year, as they say it takes on average 3 years to judge draft picks...
  18. daboyzruleperiod

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    Those are the EXACT "people" um "chicken littles" on my IGNORE list. :lmao:

    A lot of them are undercover trolls too. Some even have a Cowboys STAR as an avatar. And they think we're stupid, pffft. [​IMG]
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  19. Trendnet

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    I wouldn't necessary say they were chicken littles.

    It's a rush to be the first to say something, like "Jaylon looks terrible!". Then if by chance it does come to pass, they can say "I called this months ago, and the board roasted me for it!". Simultaneously bragging about being right, and claiming victim status..

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