We need to trade Dak

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Aulac, Nov 29, 2021.

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    And this is why drugs are bad for you, lol. Seriously why would you trade a top 10 qb who most teams would want. The bigger question is who are you replacing him with. Have you ever heard the grass is not always greener on the other side phrase. I value everyone opinions on this board but sometimes I just shake my head and just say Wow.
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    We need to ban you. Take your trolling *** out of here.
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    Good.. Now hopefully the Cowboys stop asking Dak to carry us and get back to what every freakin pee-wee to pop Warner to high school to college coach knows.
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    This is the NFL and he is kicking but Wanna see a real QB quit watching pop warner games and watch Dak
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    If cowboys didn’t have Dak they would be a 4-13 team. This roster is terrible 12 good players and the rest garbage.
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    Just dropped in to say trash post!
    Didn't read a darn thing of this poop
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    This opening post is the epitome of all unworthy misconceptions!
    Its misled author should rightfully be ignored, forevermore! :grin:
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    If only I had more palms with which to facepalm.

    GORICO Well-Known Member

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    if it were not for Dak we would not have comeback last game.....if coaches would have chose to kick extra point instead of designing a slow developing play for 2 point conversion that did not fool anyone....we would

    have won 34-33 and no overtime?????....please let that sink in....Dak may have made some couple bad throws but i saw a couple easy drops too...and 14 penalties equally-ing 166 yard to the opponent and we still

    could have won that game if we chose to kick extra point instead of dumb slow developing play that gave defense so much time to re-adjust.....its small stuff like that ....makes a big deal in the end....if we had won

    34-33.....everyone singing different tune
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    PAPPYDOG There are no Dak haters just Cowboy lovers!!!

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    First, he has a no-trade clause.
    No team will even give a 4th rounder with that contract of doom that Dak has.
    Patience it's just another 3 years of mediocrity......the only Dark/ Bright spot will be seeing Dak trying to make a go of it without all that non/talent around him due to his paycheck......
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    mr bullflop--- i tried to say it better than you but did not have words....so i second that motion
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  12. GORICO

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    lets back Dak up not tear him down ...that is if you want to see a winning cowboy team
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    Troll = posts some sh/t and never comes back to his thread.

    He threw you a stick and all y'all jumped. :D

    Too bad trolls have a no trade clause too.
  14. Bullflop

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    Unfortunately, it's just the mindless mantra of the pitifully uninformed CowboysZone Website Malcontent . . .:thumbdown:
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    Firstly, no trade clauses are meaningless. The various parties, including the players agent, always discuss potential trades in advance and the clause will be removed if a deal is agreed.

    It will cost Dallas to move Dak on. Trade value is less than real value as there is always a risk a player wont gel with the new team. This risk comes with a price.

    Also, cap hit is important. Will mean additional cost/credit depending on whether the players cap hit is more/less than perceived value.

    So, if you think Dak is a genuine 40m per year QB, you will have to either give away a draft pick or retain some of the cap hit in dead money in order to trade him to a team that believes he's 40m per year.

    If you think he's worth only 35m per year (which is still elite money) then you're giving away another draft pick e.g. a 2nd rounder or absorbing an additional $5m per year in dead money in addition to the risk cost in order to trade him.

    If other teams value him much less than elite, then you're either absorbing most of his salary in dead money and/or parting with several high draft picks to trade him.

    The only potential trade partner I can see is Houston. Need a QB, potentially has the cap space (if Watson moved on). They have a mediocre front office which is under pressure. It could potentially cost us e.g. a first and second rounder to trade him with the full cap hit to the Texans assuming the Texans like him.
  16. noshame

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    2 ways this goes.
    number one Dak finishes the season strong and we're all happy.

    number 2 Dak struggles and he won't have any trade value at all.
    Clearly hes got a physical issue. Hopefully it's correctable.
  17. Xeven

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    If you want to set the team back at least 4 more years then sure.
  18. starfan1

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    Well to be fair I don’t want to hear about that bullshat on here either. But I agree content such as OP should be moderated at higher frequency but oh well
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    Is this a cry for Cooper Rush?
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    We didn't come back in the last game. We lost again.

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