Wentz Soph Slump

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Dak has been bashed pretty badly here for his dropoff since his rookie season. It seems to me that Wentz is having some of the same issues that Dak is. Teams have figured out what he does well and what he doesn't do well and are exploiting that.

    There is hope for Dak and there is hope for Wentz. I'm just saying that Dak isn't unique in this phenomenon.
  2. Bleu Star

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  3. Verdict

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    My bad.
  4. rynochop

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    Prepare to be bashed dude..
  5. J12B

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  6. Bleu Star

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  7. WillieBeamen

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    Wentz isnt a Sophomore tho

    Wentz numbers this year are on par with those of his MVP-Caliber season last year.

    Thread Fail
  8. Crown Royal

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    I'm very critical of Dak's lack of reading his progressions, anticipation, accuracy and mechanics. He needs to improve for this team to be successful.

    Being critical of Dak's capabilities right now doesn't mean they won't improve or that he can't be a successful, winning QB in this league.
  9. JD_KaPow

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    Last year was his sophomore year, and it was anything but a slump.
  10. Nav22

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    Wentz had 5 truly terrible passes Monday vs Redskins.

    Weird, because he’s such an “elite passer” who’s miles ahead of Dak in that regard!

  11. Seven

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  12. Future

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    He's completing 69.6% of passes at 7.7 y/a. Both numbers are better than last year, and he had no offseason.
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  14. ClintDagger

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    Guy’s a year off tearing his ACL and LCL. We saw what he was capable of last year. He will be a top QB for years to come.
  15. Willfreedom909

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    Stats don’t tell his story. Horrible ints at key times, afraid to throw downfield, etc.

    He’s not even the best qb on his team
  16. Nav22

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    Unfortunately for Wentz, they don’t hand out MVP awards to .500 QBs.

    Play better when the game’s on the line, Carson. Like Dak does.
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  17. Aviano90

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    Thread isn't going to go over well with Wentz lovers. :popcorn:
  18. Tsug

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    That title :lmao2:

  19. kskboys

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    Holy Larry, you're still falling for the Foles thing? You are yanking our chains, right?
  20. LandryFan

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    That's why I have hope for Dak. He's young. The hope (and expectation) is that he will improve with playing experience...he was a 4th round selection and is only in his 3rd year. Most players look back at their early playing careers and laugh at what they were in those early days. Since Dak is highly likely to be this team's starting QB for the foreseeable future, these are my choices, IMO:

    1. Root for him to be at least good enough to drive the bus to a championship
    2. Bash him and be miserable until someone better comes along, or...
    3. Go root for another team

    I've been a fan for a lot of years, and ain't quitting anytime soon. I'm rooting for Dak to improve with experience. The only logical choice, really.

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