What can the boys find for the AAF?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Iron_Man, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. OmerV

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    The same trading camp bodies they would have looked at anyway, but with a little added tape.
  2. mattjames2010

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    Minors aren't meaningless.

    The point of this league is for guys who either didn't make it in the NFL due to the numbers game or those trying to get back on a roster. This is no different than college prospects fighting for draft position.

    And for a league that is making it difficult to catch games weekly, it's actually doing relatively well.

    Either way, take your ranting elsewhere. We're talking about players in the AAF that have a shot at a roster spot next season and those that could help the Cowboys. If you don't have input and just want to rant - go start a thread on it.
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    That league is not a Minor League. A true minor league would be made up of players who skipped college and went straight to playing in a league made up of 18-23 year olds trying to get to the NFL without going to college. I’d watch the hell out of that if and when it started to get some of the top high school players. The AAF is worlds apart from college football. College football is played by the best 18-23 year olds in the world and there is a national championship, conference championships, and bowl games on the line. Not to mention millions and millions of students, alumni, and residents of college towns that love their team and pack stadiums. There is tons on the line every Saturday besides a few players trying to get to the NFL. The AAF is being played by players who have already proven they aren’t good enough to play at the highest level. That simply doesn’t interest me but by all means have at it while it lasts if you want.
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  4. OmerV

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    Minor league baseball includes players who went to college.
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    And players that weren't ready for the major leagues and sent down to develop.
  6. OmerV

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    I started to mention that lack of affiliation with the top level is a difference between the AAF and minor league baseball, but even independent leagues are still considered “minor league”.
  7. Whyjerry

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    Really? This is where the Cowboys will look to sign players? With Jerry you never know.
  8. gp_cowpolk

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    Refs that don't call imaginary penalties
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  9. mattjames2010

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    I don't know what definition you are using of a "minor league" - but "minor league" is simply meaning a league below major. Stop babbling.

    But if you have a problem with it being referred to as "minor league" - refer to it as a complimentary league, which still makes it meaningful.
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    Right now some teams are drawing more fans than the others.

    The first couple weeks of the AAF were pretty bad but there have been some good, competitive games lately that I found myself watching. If this league can somehow get some players with "name recognition" it has a chance to be fairly good.

    Right now, I enjoy watching the AAF. With no rooting interest I just watch the games for the sake of watching them. And the abbreviated commercial breaks and lack of kickoffs means the games are over in about 2 and a half hours.
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  11. Alexander

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    It has come to this? Really?
  12. 8FOR!3

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    Terrence Garvin might be some decent depth at LB he seems to have been really good so far under Spurrier. Garrett Gilbert looks like he'd be a solid NFL backup. San Antonio had some pretty good WR's earlier in the season.

    Btw I think every team in the NFL should be having some AAF guys in their radar, it's a great way to look at potential depth guys in action.
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  13. lostar2009

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    Camp bodies.
  14. EST_1986

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    Wonder if they would even offer enough to get them to leave the AAF
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  15. fansince68

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    Not 2.4 yard average Richardson.
  16. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    That is a very legitimate question.
  17. Hailmary

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    Ah, the Pacific Pro Football League is for you my friend. It's a league I've been looking forward to for a couple of years now. Kids will be able to bypass college and go directly into a developmental league that emphasizes fundamentals and coach kids in a pro style offense. Will it be an attractive alternative to playing ball in college in front of a large crowd and a national audience? No. But, to those kids who are not academically not eligible and not interested in school, this league may be an attractive alternative. If you are a 4 star recruit, but academically struggling, the PPFL may be a more attractive alternative than a divII school. They also emphasize true development rather than having just physical talent alone determine the outcome of games. And to everyone claiming that it's unfair that college players are not being compensated, the PPFL kids will be receiving a stipend (as modest it may be, but still a difference maker for a lot of these kids coming from a less than an ideal background).

    I also like the fact that Don Yee was one of the original founders of the league. As a super agent, he can definitely seduce some young talent into the league.

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  18. Bobhaze

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    My perspective on the AAF after watching 3 games....
    • It’s better quality than the XFL which was more like watching an exotic wrestling league with pads.
    • The AAF talent level is about what you would see in an “East-West Shrine” game of college all stars. Second tier college talent. Guys drafted in 7th round or signed as UFAs.
    • There may be 3-5 guys from each team that might make an NFL final 53 man roster. Maybe. Mostly as a backup/ST player.
    • There will be a small handful of AAF players who could make it in the NFL, so it is worth scouting. But I wouldn’t expect many if any impact players.
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  19. punit328

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    How is Kameron Kelly doing in the AAF?
  20. KingintheNorth

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    One of the better players.

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