What Was Garrett's Involvement in a Critical Time (3rd and Long)

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by WestCoastQB, Oct 5, 2014.

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    Thanks man... LB has always been my favorite position and I love what the big guy brings to the defense.
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    How are you just now noticing this? It's Romo and Linehan's offense now...

    Because, as Jerry said in the offseason, they don't want his input in the offense. He has constantly emphasized that he wants a dynamic of Romo more involved in the offense and game-planning and seeks a specific relationship with the guy calling the plays, which is Linehan. Jerry has even gone down the path of saying he foresees Romo as a coach when his career is done.

    This relationship is what Jerry likes to emphasize the most and it was happening before the season even began.


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    BTW, this was the resident Garrett homer, Jean-Jacques Taylor saying last year about what Jerry Jones wanted...

    Now he's flip-flopping 180 degrees and talking about how it's all part of the Garrett process.
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    @khiladi.......you are tenacious in your belief, I'll give you that. And agree or disagree, I can appreciate that you try to prove your thoughts with a link.
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    That much is always true with khiladi.
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    Wait, aren't the headsets on the sideline on all game? We also do not see what Garret says to Linehan prior to the camera coming to the sideline during the TO. He could have said anything or nothing but unless they have an All 22 just watching the coaches its all innuendo.
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    What loss of confidence? By whom?
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    He has no involvement he sits in his office all week playing Candy Crush while Linehan and Marinelli do it all, and he only comes out to clap, spit, butt slap and thata boy on gameday.
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    Except when they lose. Jason seemed to catch heat after the 9ers game along with the usual suspects, Jerry and Romo. You start winning then all of a sudden Jerry and Jason have no part in this. lol

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