What will you be looking for early in the game?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by pasando, Jan 11, 2022.

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    yeah the penalties and negative plays on 2nd down have killed us. Early in the year we were routinely in 3&4 3&5 etc and even when we had a 3&9 the offense was so potent we could capitalize. We aren’t that same offense tho right now and while we definitely will pick up some penalties- hopefully they are few and far between.

    just usually you can tell by how dak looks back there, like you mentioned the more trash back there the worse it is for us. This team could wreck a game with their d line so we have to be ready.
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    The most overlooked thing that matters most
    1)What the coaching staff has prepared for / schemes

    2) Establishing the run game.
    3) Stopping their run game
    4) OL/DL play

    Dak Is the least of my concerns honestly....well this game. It's all about the OL
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    If the refs are throwing flags on ticky tack fouls. Yes, I believe the league fixes games.
  4. CCBoy

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    ...by 14 points!
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    No misses in the first half, period!!
  6. KJJ

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    Definitely winning the battle in the trenches. The games the Cowboys have lost this season things started going wrong early. We have to avoid a bad start. We can’t allow San Francisco to jump on us from the get go. If we come out sputtering on offense it’s probably going to lead to a long day. We need to come out looking sharp.
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    Our Oline play. I think it’s the biggest key to the game. Can we open running lanes? Can we keep Dak relatively clean and give him time for some deep passes?
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    We have to be able to stop their run game cannot be getting gashed for 8 or 10 yd at a shot.
    We need our line to be strong enough to establish a running game where we can get at least four or five yards a carrying.
    Just can't be rushing Zeke into the line for 2 yd or no gain got to have something better than that for the playoffs.
    No drive killing penalties.

    I would love to say the kicker has to make all his reasonable distance field goals and extra points but I believe that's a bridge too far
  9. Hadenough

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    This is it in a nutshell. If Dallas can't run and SF can run this game is over. Because Dak is going to be put in too many 3rd and 7+ and he has a conversion rate of 17%.
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    Dak and the receivers on the same page.
    Dak making quick reads and decisions.
    Sticking to the run even if it gets stopped.
    No mistakes/turnovers on offense
    A bunch of penalties that kill or sustain a drive.
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    The ghosts of John Madden and Don Meredith in the booths...:)

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