Who remembers 5-0 playoff win vs. Lions in 1970?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by BiggestCfanEofMiss, Jan 14, 2019.

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    Sorry for the late reply Londonboy. Yes, I like that it was a low-scoring slugfest but not thrilled that the Patriots won their 6th, putting them with the Steelers ahead
    of us and the 49ers at 5. To make matters worse, Greg the Leg misses that late FG allowing the Patriots to tie us for fewest points allowed in a SB. We beat the Dolphins
    24-3 in SB6 and that record had stood for 47 years!
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    No need to apologise Biggie, life often intrudes on chat-time, feel free to call Me Londy if You like.
    I heartily agree about the result, although I don't care for the Rams much either (skipping Town and then slinking back 2 decades later and expecting the Locals to give a rats bum about You seems like the barest of bare faced cheek to Me), that's now 2 consecutive SB's with a sucky match-up, but at least this was a proper Football game, with a battle for field position and ratcheting up of pressure, a gradual wearing down of the opponent till They crack, I can't believe how many folks on here were whining about how boring the game was, I was gripped.
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    I do - watched it end to end.
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    :laugh::lmao::lmao2:The thrilla in Cottonilla
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    Not a disqualifier to be able post on this site. :D
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