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Why not just make Kellen the new head coach?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Floatyworm, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Floatyworm

    Floatyworm The Labeled One

    12,598 Messages
    10,664 Likes Received
    Eventually...it's gonna happen. Somewhere...if not here. A young up and coming protege.. Is he ready?......I'll concede... he's probably not....but here is something to think about....He's already got more experience than Lincoln Riley.

    Jerry wants that Sean Peyton type coach that calls his own plays......What we are really missing is a really good defensive coordinator.

    Flame suite on. Fire away....Thoughts? :popcorn:
  2. Bob-Lillys-War

    Bob-Lillys-War Well-Known Member

    12,930 Messages
    13,056 Likes Received
  3. cowboy_ron

    cowboy_ron You Can't Fix Stupid

    15,096 Messages
    23,983 Likes Received
    He's not ready to even consider that.....
  4. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    33,115 Messages
    26,540 Likes Received
    He wasn’t even ready to be a OC.....
  5. Whyjerry

    Whyjerry Well-Known Member

    7,299 Messages
    11,814 Likes Received
    Why oh why are there so many willing to chance it again?

    They MUST hire an established task master to whip these comfortable idiots into shape.

    Moore looks like he is 16. No way!!!!
    jwooten15, Ozone22 and Bob-Lillys-War like this.
  6. MonsterD

    MonsterD Quota outta absentia

    6,020 Messages
    2,544 Likes Received
  7. J817

    J817 Well-Known Member

    3,230 Messages
    2,616 Likes Received
    I think Floaty just likes to watch the world burn.
  8. cheftjpeck

    cheftjpeck Well-Known Member

    1,090 Messages
    1,066 Likes Received
    Cussing isn’t allowed .. nor is attacking a member
    So I will just give a resounding NO!!!

  9. LACowboysFan1

    LACowboysFan1 Well-Known Member

    4,636 Messages
    2,872 Likes Received
    Tried making a greenhorn OC the head coach. Didn't work.

    Whatever Jerry is, he's not stupid...
  10. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

    19,509 Messages
    23,061 Likes Received
    I guess anyone can start their own threads again...
    TNCowboy, Rainy, DallasEast and 3 others like this.
  11. GimmeTheBall!

    GimmeTheBall! Junior College Transfer

    26,711 Messages
    9,780 Likes Received
    Yes, make him HC ahead of 200 more qualified and skilled minds.
  12. LocimusPrime

    LocimusPrime Well-Known Member

    34,138 Messages
    93,098 Likes Received
    I wanna punch you. But I know you mean well.
    PAPPYDOG, DandyTom64, Rainy and 4 others like this.
  13. Reverend Conehead

    Reverend Conehead Well-Known Member

    6,007 Messages
    6,592 Likes Received
    We could just promote the hot dog stand guy to HC.
    EST_1986 likes this.
  14. MikeB80

    MikeB80 Well-Known Member

    3,099 Messages
    3,411 Likes Received
    He is awful and I think the root problem with this season. Let him go learn in college somewhere, he had no business having that job this year.
    tyke1doe and darthseinfeld like this.
  15. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

    14,073 Messages
    18,474 Likes Received
    With former Boise State players lol

    John Abraham can be his DC!
  16. mardwin

    mardwin Well-Known Member

    3,049 Messages
    4,512 Likes Received
    Moore is still in the developmental stages I believe down the line he will be a HC. If McCarthy comes to Dallas he will be retained, he is very young and showed promise. If a defensive minded HC or a coach from the college ranks is hired Moore won't remain in Dallas.
    Techsass likes this.
  17. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

    16,069 Messages
    14,790 Likes Received
    I'm absolutely OK with him remaining OC, but no. He caught a lot of flack this season, but he coordinated the #1 offense in the NFL as a rookie coordinator hamstrung by Garrett. I think he's definitely got "it" and just needs the situational awareness. Only one way to get that. He just needs a coach strong enough to override him in certain situations and say, "No, run the damn ball."
    CF74 likes this.
  18. Vintage

    Vintage The Cult of Jib

    16,196 Messages
    4,345 Likes Received
    This is the reason we are going to lose the ability to create new threads.

    Which seems odd to begin with.... on a message board, but I digress...
    ghst187, KingRah, CF74 and 1 other person like this.
  19. NumOneQB

    NumOneQB Well-Known Member

    2,298 Messages
    1,898 Likes Received
    Why not make Jerruh’s toupee the Head Coach?
    ghst187 and Reverend Conehead like this.
  20. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

    18,997 Messages
    18,010 Likes Received
    You’ve said said some crazy stuff in the past but this takes the cake

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