Will McClay breaks down Carson Wentz

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lk8701, Nov 10, 2018.

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    McClay had Wentz graded as a top 10 pick and his # 1 overall QB. McClay had Dak ranked as a 4th rounder. Looks like he was right. It must hurt him to see Wentz in an Eagles uniform.
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    Wentz should have been a Cowboy. It would have taken a small trade up and the QB position would have been solved for the next 10+ years.
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  3. Bob-Lillys-War

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    - The Garrett Era .
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    This is what happens when you have an inept “GM” and a head coach that are unable to execute a long term plan.

    Those idiots thought Romo had 4-5 years left in the league despite being old and suffering several recent major injuries.

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  5. Roadtrip635

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    A small trade up? People forget how much Philly had to trade to get that #2 pick, it took 2 1sts a 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks. In hindsight, it's always easier to say it would have been worth it or not.
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  6. BigStar

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    They weren't moving up from #4 overall though. It would have taken our next years 1st the way the draft points worked out (steep price for 2 spots but thought it was worth it to have Romo's heir in place and to avoid the possibility of drafting a RB top 5). Some fans were screaming for them to do it bf the PHI trade was made.

    After that it was Bosa, Ramsey, Zeke, but bf that point the FO should've moved up those 2 spots. Our coaching staff had an up close look during the senior bowl week but passed on that option still looking for Romo to be here long term or get 2 for 1 by moving up for Lynch (glad that didn't work out).
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  7. jwitten82

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    And a franchise qb is worth those picks given up. If we could trade those picks now to get someone like Goff, Mahomes, or Wentz then Id do it and wouldnt hesitate
  8. Jipper

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    It should read " Carson wentz makes will mclay break down"....after what he's going to do tomorrow to us
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  9. Bob-Lillys-War

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    McClay , what he's shown so far , has a great football mind to identify talent .

    I hope he is still here for the next couple of years .
  10. Texasfootball21

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    Heck, I would settle for Nick Foles at this point brother.
  11. Roadtrip635

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    Again it's easy after the fact to judge if it was worth it or not, but many on this board act like we could have swapped picks for a ham sandwich. At the time we had a great starting QB, true Romo was older and injury prone, but he was healthy, we had a great OL, we still had Dez and Witt. Our biggest need at draft time was RB and DE. We weren't gonna pick a QB at #2 overall to have him sit behind Romo. Romo had too much time and money still tied up in his contract to make sense to take a QB that high and sit him for the next 2-3 years.
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  12. Melonfeud

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    Thats about as premium trade capital a franchise can lay down in the middle of the Kittie, in wanting a specific player on draft day!,,, And while it's well known of our Interest in him was,,,could one imagine what it would've been like if we would've went " all in" for him& he pulled an Eli to San Diego Tizzy-Fit?,,, after having previously been courted by us & having been deemed that cringe worthy?
    * truly have their never been more frivolous points of ponderation of that to have been perceivedo_O

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  13. marchetta

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    No. The Romo era. Jerry wanted Zeke in order to extend Romo's career. So, he short-sightedly threw away a top 5 pick on a RB in order to get Romo that ring. :mad:
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  14. Roadtrip635

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    Not just Romo, but Dez and Witten too He had already failed Ware.
    There were more people on draft day upset that we didn't draft Ramsey than Wentz.
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  15. daboyzruleperiod

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    LOL. You honestly believe Wentz or any other QB you wish to have Dak replaced by, would do any better with Moore as his QB coach, Garrett as his HC and Linehan as the play caller/Offensive Coordinator? :facepalm:
  16. Bob-Lillys-War

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    you make a strong point , sir .
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  17. nightrain

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    Wait, I read on these boards all the time that Wentz is overrated. Must be true.
  18. Maverick84

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    I read that as "Nick Folk" initially and was very confused lol
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  19. Roadtrip635

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    Cmon, he would have had Swaim and Hurns to throw to this year instead of those jags, Alshon and Ertz.
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  20. CATCH17

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    When it comes to Wentz..... All I can say is I told you so Dallas.

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