You Think Dak Stinks Question

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Aug 2, 2020.

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    I have read the posts. I believe them to be unreasonable. But that's me. I am still in a show me state. But I am patient and believe good things are ahead for Dak. But this is not about me.

    This is about..........


    So tell me how you would handle this. How will you jettison Dak? How will you replace him? How about the fact this team has been built and waiting on the perfect drafted guy will take several seasons? How will you reconcile that?

    Truthfully not interested in your assessment of Dak. We can assume here if you actually respond to this you want him gone and you have your reasons

    Tell me your plan. Vegas might not take action on anyone really having a plan. I think this is merely grousing.

    But you are the GM with the team in its current situation.

    How and where do you find the QB you think is a winner and how will you fit that guy into the cap.

    Step up to the microphone. Let's hear it.
  2. plasticman

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    "Chirp, chirp"
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  4. Flamma

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    I didn't want him gone at first, but now I believe the time to pay him has past. I am not paying Corvette prices for a Chevy Camaro. Maybe that would make me a bad GM, I don't know. And I like Camaros, one of my favorite sports cars. The year to pay him was after 2018, not wait until he's worth the most possible money, and then pay him because you can't imagine a replacement.

    We have on the roster right now a bridge quarterback. I'd probably try to trade up in the first round next season for a QB. Who's available will depend on how far. There's a big difference between a rookie contract and what Dak wants. If you're going to pay Dak, you have to be sure he's worth the difference. I don't think so right now. And who knows? Sometimes quarterbacks like Nick Foles can win a Super Bowl.
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  5. CowboyFrog

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    I think that is the OP's question, people saying "don't pay Dak" are saying go get someone in the draft, he is asking what your specific plan and who you would go get is. If it's Lawrence how do you get to the spot to draft him, Would you keep Dalton and trust them to build a championship Defense in 1 to 2 years or are we talking you are ok with maybe restarting a 5 year plan as long as it means Dak is gone....sorry twodeep i'm kind of speaking for you so if i'm off base please redirect.
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  6. GenoT

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  7. fivetwos

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    I've been making this point all along.

    Our best bet by far is with Prescott. It could take many, many years to find an upgrade, and this roster is nowhere near that bad where it needs to be fully rebuilt.

    No, he isnt perfect, but yeah I'd love to hear the alternate plans for those who want him gone.

    People say Dalton, which is laughable. He is a nice backup at this point. His best football is behind him and is wasnt exactly legendary.
  8. Flamma

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    There simply isn't a way to answer that question this early before the 2021 draft. We don't know what teams will be picking in the top 10. We had 3 QB needy teams in the top 6 in 2020. We might have none in the 2021 draft. I highly doubt the Cowboys will do poorly enough to be able to trade up for Lawrence. But that's another unknown. A lot of unknowns right now. I don't know how good this guy is going to be, but wasn't Drew Lock picked up in the 2nd round? It's too hard to be specific other than to say I'd rather go with Dalton and draft a rookie over throwing all of my eggs in one basket with Dak at that price.

    The chances of bad results are possible in both cases. Think of the players we drafted this year. How many of them are we going to keep if they turn out really good with Dak taking up close to 20% of the cap?
  9. JJHLH1

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    Replacing Dak will be difficult.

    We should enjoy this year since it’s likely that we’ll be back in QB purgatory soon.
  10. 12+88=7

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    The Dallas window is this year.

    If the team again doesn't make it past the divisional round a change at QB will be made.

    That would be five years total and one year under McCarthy for Prescott. Forget the words spoken by the front office. The team has shown, in its actions, that they don't believe in Prescott. If the team were 100% in on Prescott they would have said, ok here is your four year deal. But they didn't.

    Next year you put the nonexclusive tag and wait for a team to sign Prescott. There are so many teams that will be addressing the QB position next year. And before someone says no, look at what happened in the Jamal Adams case. Two#1's and the player is looking to become one of the highest paid defensive players, not just safety. Seattle said, ok. Just because any sane person wouldn't make that deal doesn't mean that there isn't a team out there that wouldn't.

    With this draft capital you invest in a QB that McCarthy and the scouts would consider the future. And you go from there.
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  11. DFWJC

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    Not addressing the OP, but just a side note....
    Lawrence isnt the only elite QB prospect for 2021
    Justin Fields is considered pretty rare too
    They might both be better prospects than anyone in awhile
  12. CowboyFrog

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    I think you would get good Value on Dak for sure...odds say starting over.....yes your starting over with an unproven NFL QB is going to push your championship farther away not bring it could get really lucky like getting a wining QB in the 4th round lucky again, odds say you have already won the lottery twice third time may not happen. Now if your saying use your draft capitol to bring Defensive studs (free agents not rookies) and make a good choice on who can QB the team and pray that line and the RB can hold, you have some WR's that you can trade for some good Defensive players in this case also....again now we are getting into "madden" type stuff though.
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  13. Flamma

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    I don't see another option right now. If Dallas wants to keep him following this season the starting point per year is going to probably be what the price to tag him will be, 37-38 million per. Why would he take less? That's not getting us closer to a SB either.
  14. Super_Kazuya

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    LOL... Dak is one of the most easily replaceable QBs in the league. Draft another fourth rounder, show him a video of future the future HOFers, All-Pros and Pro Bowlers on the offense. “These are the important pieces... not you. Do your job.”
    If he flops, oh well... I guess we don’t get to go 8-8. Whatever will we do? People act like we’re breaking up the ‘96 Bulls.
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  15. The Quest for Six

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    I don't think anyone thinks Dak stinks, it's just that he needs a full compliment around him to be successful.....if for this year you could have Dak or Aaron Rodgers behind center, who would you take and it shouldn't require a second of thought, you'd take Aaron Rodgers.....if you wouldn't, then clearly you're watching Dak through rose colored glasses
  16. CowboyFrog

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    It depends on what you want to do i guess, since you have already paid the RB, WR and the O-line you may only be left with gambling at the QB position for sure....but know this of the 5 QB's who have won Superbowls on their rookie contracts Mahomes is the only one who didn't have a ridiculous defense carrying the team, I see no sign's of the Cowboys defense carrying the team anytime soon.
  17. CowboyFrog

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    I don't think anyone would argue but again, this isn't Madden you cant just trade for Rodgers which is why the OP said tell me what you would do
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  18. CowboyFrog

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    LOL of course "Dak is easily replaceable" the OP is asking you to call your shot.....should be easy as you said
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  19. 12+88=7

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    The question was asked "what would you do". My answer is what I believe will happen.

    Dallas doesn't advance far enough in 2020 to invest another 4 to 5 years in Prescott.

    They tag him trying to get some value back. A team steps up and does exactly that.

    With that value McCarthy gets to make the choice who will be the future QB and hitch's his future to them. And you go from there.
  20. CouchCoach

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    The problem isn't with Prescott, it's all of those other contracts that's too much to too few.

    If I am the GM of this team, I do what I can to get into position to trade up for either Lawrence or Fields because I've got the HC and OC already on board, between picks and either Cooper or Lamb and maybe Elliott if Pollard shows some stuff, I've got some good trade bait if those top 2 teams aren't looking for a QB. If it's another CIN type team, Lawrence will be gone. And I do not underestimate Fields jumping him. No one, NO ONE, picked Burrow to be the top QB taken before the season, he wasn't even a round 1 preseason pick.

    This gives me an affordable QB contract for at least 3 years while some contracts run down and that would allow me to play in D FA better.

    The beauty of this is I've got the same situation I had with Prescott when he got the start in 2016, surrounded by talent and that was the main reason Prescott made a splash playing NFL QB 101.

    I think he's a 2nd tier QB and destined to be that and the amount of money he wants is disproportionate to his value to the team. If I am going to play this game, I am going for a tier 1 QB until I get one or get fired. A tier 2 might get me there once but in the game today, it takes a tier 1 to sustain anything.

    And I do not think Prescott stinks; he just doesn't smell like 110M guaranteed to me. And I let the fans know that the reason I hired this HC was for the next franchise QB. And if I can tag and trade Prescott, I do that but if not, I let him walk with my well wishes and thank him for his service.

    If I am GM and paying top tier money to a 2nd tier QB, I should be fired. Any idiot can do that.

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