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Zeke Playing with torn PCL says it all

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by pasando, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. TequilaCowboy

    TequilaCowboy Well-Known Member

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    I get you guys want to prop Zeke up and say he's tough as nails and giving it up for the team or he is our best pass protector for Dak. But if a RB limits your offense to be better in the running game and is more a FB, which are extinct now, than a real RB....and he is injured....you sit him down and put Pollard in to maximize the offense. Dallas got what they deserve for playing Zeke over Pollard for much of the season. You can all go home now, thanks for playing.
  2. 32BellyOption

    32BellyOption Well-Known Member

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    And knowing he has an injury why not give Pollard more touches? Ridiculous.
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  3. MarionBarberThe4th

    MarionBarberThe4th Well-Known Member

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    Idk man he ran so hard and got so many extra yards like weeks 1-4.

    the guy we saw after that was just like a fullback ya know. Hurt the team. Could’ve played pollard and clement and sped up the offense. Probably could’ve gotten many 2nd and manageable
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  4. Aviano90

    Aviano90 Go Seahawks!!!

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    Cowboys clearly prefer to give the ball to the least efficient player. They value 4 yards from Zeke instead of 5 yards from Pollard. Moneyball!!!
  5. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

    CowboysZone DIEHARD Fan
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    It speaks more to the coaching staff than Zeke. Unless this was an ownership decision.

    Credit to him playing through that injury. But it was clear as a runner he wasn't effective post PCL injury.
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  6. Strykerscm

    Strykerscm Active Member

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    I respect him for playin through it and you cannot blame the guy for getting a contract he was given.
    Zeke deserves issue because he hasn’t played very well, but 99.9% of blame should be on the Jones’.
  7. Cmac

    Cmac Well-Known Member

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    Preach!!!.....but lets stay simple and just blame Zeke. Until TPollard grabs KMoore around the collar, nothing will change.
  8. bark

    bark Well-Known Member

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    I think it boils down to this. Kellen Moore wants to pass the football. We have a leaky ol’ all year long but especially the last half of the season. I think they played Zeke mainly for his pass protection
  9. jay94

    jay94 Well-Known Member

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    Zeke may be the best blocking back in the league, but actually doing what the title says not even in the top 50% anymore. He needs to be cut, his play was putrid for his contract, why can't Jerry demand a restructure seeing how he was able to get his contract so much earlier.
  10. Dre11

    Dre11 Well-Known Member

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    This is a problem. Pollard should've gotten. More touches
  11. Starforever

    Starforever Well-Known Member

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    And a better oline.
  12. Starforever

    Starforever Well-Known Member

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    Zeke is the reason for the loss yesterday. He didn't block, tackle, coach, catch, or ref like he's being paid.
  13. DandyDon1722

    DandyDon1722 It's been a good 'un, ain't it?

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    I think Zeke played as much for himself as he did for the team.

    For the first time in his football life he was pushed and I think he was scared to death to miss any time. He played with an urgency this year that he hadn’t played with in a couple years.

    I respect what he did but I’m also glad Pollard lit a fire under his butt.
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  14. GORICO

    GORICO Well-Known Member

    CowboysZone ULTIMATE Fan
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    we need to dump Zeke and eat the money and keep Pollard and draft another killer RB
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  15. GORICO

    GORICO Well-Known Member

    CowboysZone ULTIMATE Fan
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    eat the money and lose Zeke..keep Pollard and draft good RB or the one that got hurt and 0n IR...he is total gamer
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  16. Gangsta Spanksta

    Gangsta Spanksta Well-Known Member

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    The eagles game was all about Stat padding, pure garbage time.
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  17. BigD5

    BigD5 Well-Known Member

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    Will go down as the worst contract in Dallas Cowboys history

    And that’s saying something
  18. RonnieT24

    RonnieT24 Well-Known Member

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    Frankly every coach and trainer who signed off on Zeke playing through that injury needs to be fired. That was just stupid and very short sighted. If he'd had it scoped when it first happened against the Panthers he would have been back in time for the playoff run healthy and spittin fire. Do they make the playoffs without him? Who knows? But with him at 50% they had no chance of going anywhere in the playoffs. I think with a healthy Zeke we steamroll the 49ers.. but of course without Zeke all season we are probably the wild card team playing at the Bucs anyway..
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  19. Brax

    Brax Well-Known Member

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    The Eagles game was stats game for the Cowboys nothing more it's sad but personal Stats are important to players and the coaches than getting ready for the playoff's, the result a train wreck wild card weekend, oh I forgot it's the ref's fault LOL. Hope Dak and Zeke enjoy their empty stats and records, it's a shame they didn't play the 9ers 3rd stringers things might have been different.
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  20. Brax

    Brax Well-Known Member

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    It was about the 1000 yards nothing more or less, how MM can still be there is just mind numbing.
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