Twitter: Zeke: Those that want more Pollard aren't the ones signing the checks

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Sep 23, 2021.

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    I'm pretty sure @zeke21 is Ezekiel Elliott
  2. Bigdog

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    Could be but as we all know it just take one to stir the pot. Like people have mentioned, there is not much to see here but i can see both sides of the argument. I'm just saying that Zeke probably should not have put himself into a position where people can misinterpret his statement.
  3. Cowpolk

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    Weak sauce
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    How does he get off being so cocky? We’re fans of the team we don’t care how much you make zeke.
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    All I'l say is these comments will be judges much more realistically and fairly outside of this message board.

    Zeke isn't handling the criticism very well and it's showing.
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  6. RonnieT24

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    I just don't think he cares at this point.. and he is correct in not caring.. He's out there doing everything in his power to help his team win. When that stops I'll get mad at him.. Until then.. I want him in the line up.. and I want him getting the ball..
  7. RonnieT24

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    LMAO.. you apparently have managed to miss the 10 thousand posts about his contract since it was signed. YOU may not care how much he makes but there are plenty of people who seem to have nightmares about it and post about it here dozens of times a day.
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    Does not matter fits the bash Zeke agenda
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    Anyway, it is a long season. Dallas will need the one two punch of Zeke and Pollard

    . Anybody else notice that Dallas, after many years, is executing on screen passes?

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    Don't care. He played hard on Sunday. Play hard again on Monday and let the Twitter world work it out amongst themselves.
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  11. RonnieT24

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    Actually I don't think they've run any screens yet this year have they?
  12. Pantone282C

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    My brain hurts.
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    We are talking about playing time right, not being released?

    What does that have to do with signing checks?

    THATS the problem here. Jerry is the boss and he that's how he wants it. The coach has zero authority in the players minds and Jerry eats it up so much he refuses to see how that's a problem.

    Has no regard at all for how that hurts the HCs ability to command the room.

    "I'll do anything to win," except realize the obvious....and use that mouth of his to tell the organization that McCarthy is in charge.

    No shot ego boy ever considers that.
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  14. Aviano90

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    Perhaps they didn't hate Zeke, they hated the idea of drafting a RB #4 overall? I'm never going to change my opinion that drafting Zeke and Smith in rounds 1 & 2 were better than drafting Ramsey & Henry instead. That is a philosophical disagreement on draft strategy. That said, if we were going to use a top 5 pick on a RB, then the performance needs to warrant that draft spot. And Zeke's performance on the field shut people up, including myself. It was crying over spilled milk at that point. You even admitted my point by saying "they lay in wait and sit quiet". Yes, that is what happens. You perform and you shut critics up. Under-performing expectations has a tendency to draw criticism. Surely that isn't some big revelation.

    What I don't understand is when people complain when players outperform expectations, like in Dak's first 4 years. That makes no sense to me.
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  15. glimmerman

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    If Elliot gets 1000-1200 yards this year then he earned his money. Along with his catches and blocking.
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    No he didn't, did he really say that
  17. tyke1doe

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    "If the owner aint trippin', McDonald burgers I aint flippin.'" - Zeke Elliott.
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  18. bayeslife

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    Man I’ve never been bothered by the nonsense Zeke says, but this rubs me the wrong way.
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  19. Risen Star

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    You have anger issues.
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