Zeke trade scenario to the Raiders

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by lk8701, Jul 20, 2019.

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    Cowboys Receive: RB Joshua Jacobs and Raiders 2021 1st round pick

    Raiders Receive : Zeke and Cowboys 2020 3rd round pick.

    Jacobs is under contract for 5 years on a rookie deal. The 2021 1st round pick from the Raiders will be huge ammunition for the Cowboys to trade up for Trevor Lawrence. The Cowboys should also franchise Dak after the 2019 season and trade him for draft picks in the 2021 draft. They should also trade their 2020 1st round pick to a subpar team for their 2021 1st round pick.
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    Only in Madden 20. Hitting shelves August 2nd
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    :thumbdown:That's not enough for Zeke and the rest is just dumb.
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    Um, no. I'd want more from them and keep our 3rd rounder. With Zeke, the Raiders would be a playoff team and their 1st rnd pick wouldn't be enough, even with Jacobs thrown in.
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    That gave me a headache.
  7. aria

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    You guys who think Zeke is worth anything more than a mid to late first round pick are off your rocker and that’s even a stretch.
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  8. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    He’s the best RB in the game.

    Bell just sat out a year
    Saquon did it once I want to see it again
    Kamara is great but let’s see it full time
    Gurley is trending down
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  9. aria

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    Best is debatable but whatever. He comes with a little baggage plus he wants a lot of money plus it’s been shown time and time again that offenses with good O lines can win without the top RB’s in the league plus he’s had the most rushing yards in two seasons due to carrying the ball more times than any other RB plus next years draft is loaded with RB’s. Good luck.
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    Trust me, if the mods don't him down, OP is just getting started.......
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    I agree BUT not slight on Zeke but RBs are not going to fetch big trade value especially about to demand a huge contract.. its the reality of the NFL so if the Cowboys dont want to pay and the raiders do, the raiders wont give up much more then that given they are taking on huge salary..now Jacobs unknown commodity is the question that would make anyone nervous..

    why would the raiders or any other team take on Zekes salary and his mileage if his own team and fans are balking at it, makes no sense..i wouldn't do it// why give up on our best player all these threads are insane..

    lets get 4 more years out of zeke without the risk of the dead money dead leg scenario and pay the guy NOW new contract 4 years 14.5 per year 3 years guaranteed, thats 2 years he was already here under contract, so a2 year extension with the raise he deserves and with his durability I can see 3 string years ahead to help at least give us shot at a SB..why throw that away people Geez, hes out home grown stud.. lets not forget the FO offered Murray new deal and the years and guarantees is what lead Murray Walk and the reason we have Zeke, we over paid and extended both Jones and Barber and caved to ESMITH..

    if you think the Cowboys are going to throw away a 4th overall pick that playing great one of the tops at his postion that never injured because what hes RB? he had his best year last year because they finally utilized his catching threat and KM and Kitna can do this , take some carrys away to keep him fresh for the playoffs etc.. our issue last year was he had no true backup to take real yards away from him and forced him back in games.. lets let these young RBs play more , understudy get Zeke for 3 more solid years and then the new kids are groomed and ready and hopefully we have some new Hardware.. :))
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    Earlier than that if you have Origin Access on PC. ayee
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    He's 1 mistake from a lifetime ban
  14. Aerolithe_Lion

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    They gave out a ton of money this offseason, and one of the reasons they traded away cooper and Mack was to spread the money more evenly throughout the team. Yeah they signed Antonio, but they personally felt he was more worth the money than Amari, and they got a 1 for Amari anyway.

    They likely have zero interest in Zeke, especially now with Jacobs. They would have aggressively tried for Leveon Bell if they were willing to pay a RB what Zeke wants.
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  15. darthseinfeld

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    A trade for Elliott would only make sense of they were playing in LV in 2019. They would probably win 11 games and score a playoff win or two. Would be a good way of anchoring in the the LV market.

    But they arent, so there is no reason for them to give up picks they made a real effort to acquire for Elliott
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  16. aria

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    Jesus, we actually agree, your first paragraph is spot on, from there it’s all garbage ;)
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    Lol!! :lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao:
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    stop trolling , we obviously disagree on this and no further posts about how we differ on Zeke is needed..I am aware of your OPINION..

    Carry on closet Eagle fan:lmao::igglestrophy::popcorn:
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    That was a big rock you put in that pipe buddy.
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    Wouldn't want Jacobs

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