0 of 22 first round QBs drafted between 2009-2016 still with the team that drafted them

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RonnieT24, Mar 4, 2021.

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    "jUsT dRaFt a QuArTeRbAcK"
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  2. rocyaice

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    Honestly...a lot of them aren't even in the league anymore lol. Some of them are backups.
  3. Future

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    Well that's rich.
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  4. rocyaice

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    Its hard to fathom being drafted in 2010 as a quarterback and already being out of the league.....wow.
  5. MarcusRock

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    That's not a catch-all either. Someone like Wentz for example could just be a bridge QB.

    Matthew Stafford - starter
    Mark Sanchez - Nah
    Josh Freeman - Nah

    Sam Bradford - Nah
    Tim Tebow - Nah

    Cam Newton - Probably Nah
    Jake Locker - Nah
    Blaine Gabbert - Nah
    Christian Ponder - Nah

    Andrew Luck - Retired
    Robert Griffin III - Nah
    Ryan Tannehill - starter
    Brandon Weeden - Nah

    EJ Manuel - Nah

    Blake Bortles - Nah
    Johnny Manziel - Nah
    Teddy Bridgewater -
    starter (but barely)

    Jameis Winston - maybe this year but not last year
    Marcus Mariota - Nah

    Jared Goff - starter
    Carson Wentz - starter
    Paxton Lynch - Nah

    So does 5 out of 22 feel better when you look at all these names?
  6. rocyaice

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    It gets even worse if you add the Haskin, Darnold, Tribusky years to it lol.
  7. triplets_93

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    So you're sayin' if we draft a QB in the 2nd round we're Good!!??
  8. RonnieT24

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    Nope what I am saying is that this QB thing is a hard problem to solve.. and that once you solve it the last thing you want to do is force yourself to have to go solve it again.
  9. sean10mm

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    The odds of getting a good QB in the first round are bad.

    Problem is, the odds of getting a good QB outside the first round are incredibly bad.
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  10. KB1122

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    It's not that hard to solve. You draft quarterbacks in the first round.
  11. JoeKing

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    So, Dak as a 4th round pick is a better option?
  12. hittheskids

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    Appears so.
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  13. erod

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    Due to escalating salaries, this will now be the norm.
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  14. Sydla

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    Yes but the reality is QB is no different than most other positions. Most players fail. Most first rounders don't become studs. People are focusing on QB here, I guess, as some part of their defense of the notion we should give Dak whatever he wants.
  15. rocyaice

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    Quarterback is the hardest position to play in the NFL so of course there is going to be more flops there than anyone. You have far more confidence in finding any other position other than QB in that 1st round.

    In regards to the 1st round I'd probably say tight end is another position that just flops there for some reason. Not at the rate as quarterback because there's not as many taken in the 1st round....I think Eric Ebron is probably the best 1st round tight end to come out and that's a travesty.
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  16. 65fastback2plus2

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    I dont care how it "feels" was just saying a more proper metric.

    If we lost Dak due to contract negotiations/cap to another team, why should it appear in the metric that he was somehow trash? Same if Seattle lost Wilson.

    I'm not gonna blame a team because they didnt retain a QB over money.
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  17. Motorola

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    Look back at David Carr's career. Except for his 2nd year (when he started in 11 games), he started every game the other 4 seasons. Carr was sacked 249 times while with the Texans (2002-2006). That was an average of almost 50 times each season. The actual breakdown - 76 (all-time NFL record), 15, 49, 68 (third most alltime), 41.
  18. gjkoeppen

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    So right now with QB's taken in the 1st round since 2017 there are 4 or only 1/8th of the QB's in the league. That's not enough to dispute what was posted about the 2009-2016 QB's drafted. Also if you listen to the Prescott haters good QB's make up for bad teams with their great play.
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  19. WillieBeamen

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    So then why start at 2009?

    Why not start at 2008? You know the draft where both of the QBs taken in the first round eventually took their team to the SB and got a huge second contract?

    Also, in the 2017 class, two QBs already have gotten extensions with their team.

    Lamar Jackson is from the 2018 class, and there have been rumblings already that the Ravens are discussing a new deal for him. So recent history shows, that this take is trash
  20. WillieBeamen

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    I cant care less about the result

    Its nitpicking because if you use the years immediately before AND after, those QBs taken have gotten second contracts with their teams....
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