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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cattle_Rancher, Feb 5, 2019.

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    This is for @Rockport

    I meant that it will take Garrett jock sniffers like him, 6 games next season before they start making excuses for poor performance including, "first place schedule", "it is Moores first year as OC" etc etc
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  2. Pantone282C

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    If nothing else, it preps you to come out tougher the next year.
  3. Zekeats

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    Not looking good for JG
  4. Irvin88_4life

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    Not going to happen. Eagles picked up his 19 million contact but Foles paid 2 million to get out the contract. They would have to franchise him at 25 million and they are already over the cap by like 10 million I think now
  5. Irvin88_4life

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    Foles already made the moves to leave Philly
  6. Furboy

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    Question, how come we're playing the Saints in NOLA and the Rams at home? How is that set? I know how the others are set, but those two confuse me a tad.
  7. Beast_from_East

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    Clappy doesn't do back-to-back playoff seasons...………....just saying

    Clappy picked the wrong year for his contract to be up.:laugh:
  8. reddyuta

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    I dont know about that,this season it was supposed to be the Skins turn to win the Division but injuries just decimated their team.I have hope our Defense will get better and we repeat next year.
  9. Bullflop

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    The season to come for 2019 will be one with no scarcity of questions to be answered. Fredrick's recovery from his well-advertised disease will have much to do with our chances of success on the OL. The extent of Moore's ability to call plays without being overruled by Garrett's less than stellar offensive inclinations will be another factor yet to be determined. Tyron Smith's health concerns must be dealt with effectively as well. The play at LG must improve with Connor Williams being put to the test once again. Zack Martin's rehabbed knee must hold up and not compromise his play in 2019. La'el Collins' performance in pass protection will again be severely tested vs. a tougher schedule this year.

    All of these things must improve before the offense can perform at an acceptable level. I think it will take an exceptional offseason to rectify a number of deficiencies there. Let's just hope one is in the offing. Unless that happens, we'd best not set our sights too high. From my perspective, it looks to be anything but a cakewalk, my friends. This Cowboys team, especially its offense, should be highly challenged to match last years record, imho.
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  10. Valkyr

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    Hell, play them all at the same time
  11. KingintheNorth

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    One of my players just signed with LSU today, so if that Cowboys/Saints game happens the same weekend as an LSU home game, I will be there.

    Who needs money anyway.
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  12. Cattle_Rancher

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    I’m pretty sure it’s on rotation. I haven’t looked but pretty sure when we play the west in 2020 the south team will come to Dallas and we will travel to the north team
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  13. Furboy

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    I see. Fair enough.
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  14. Dallasfann

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    Meh doesn't look that difficult to me.

    We will beat the teams in the East like we usually do I say 5-1 in our division once again next season.

    Easy wins - Jets, Lions, Bills Dolphins puts us at 9 wins

    Packers, Vikings, Rams, Saints, Patriots and Bears are all toss ups. Flip a coin on who wins these games. Win won and we are 10-6. I say we easily win 2 of them and probably more but that puts us at 11 which is enough to win the Division.

    Sorry, not that scary of a schedule to me. Sorry if that offends anyone.
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  15. CPanther95

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    The NFC South same ranked game is on a AWAY/HOME - HOME/AWAY rotation. So 2020 is Home, 2021 you play the whole Division, then 2022 will be Home again.

    .. Then away twice.
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  16. KRochelli

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    AFCE cancels out the first place schedule component. I'm sure we will play one of those teams on turkey day

    But nobody wins the NFCE b2b, so that spells trouble
  17. crashintonickdm

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    If that team goes 14-2 then they’re at least as good as the 95 team

    But the difference would be they’d be one and done
  18. Techsass

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    Some things are well worth working into your budget. Regrets last a lifetime.

    I hope he kicks a...um I hope he becomes a nationally known player.
  19. blumayne38

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    Hey the super bowl is in Miami next year, and I feel like Dallas May be there
  20. ChronicCowboy

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    Garrett will finish his Cowboys tenure as he started it...8-8.

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