3rd Round Pick - OSA ODIGHIZUWA

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cnuball21, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. cnuball21

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    Unfortunately I don’t have a crystal ball...so I’m not sure...but if you can’t stop the run and get to 3rd and long you can’t do the fun packages where you get a bunch of stud pass rushers all on the field at once.

    Again...I really like OSA, I just really hope the team isn’t thinking DT only. That’d be setting him up for failure IMO.
  2. Malhavoc

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    I think he’s a better prospect because he’s more well rounded. He’s a better run defender and would not be surprised if he is the eventual starter. I like Gallimore, but The lack of confidence in Hill is not the only reason we targeted that position. And I don’t think he would have been there in round 4. JMO.
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  3. J-man

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    I said all along I wanted to focus on the 1T spot vs the 3T but I liked Odigi as a potential mid rd pick. Thought it was a little shocking he went at 75 but not that much. Good wrestlers usually make very good lineman as they are typically very strong dudes with great work ethic. Like I said I would've rather gone for a true 1T like Shelvin but I don't hate this pick.
  4. darthseinfeld

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    Id say maybe they are equal. Gillimore has alot of power and burst, but he is all linier and has a small tackle radius. Both of them are type of DT's you take in the 3rd round
  5. darthseinfeld

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    10 times huh? Lol
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  6. Doomsday101

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    I like him and had an outstanding season this past year despite the fact UCLA only played 7 games instead of a full schedule. Guys has a quick move off the ball and penetrates into the back field. I think he will be a guy who can disrupt plays before they get going.
  7. cowboyec

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    i like this dude.
    wicked wing span and strong as an ox.
    can play the run and can generate pressure.
    can play up and down the line.
    my lindy's draft guide had him ranked 87th in their top 100 and put a 3rd/4th Rd grade on him.
    bruglar had him in the 4th and rated the 9th best dt ahead of marvin wilson,bobby brown and tyler shelvin.
    good player.
    cant wait for the pre-season.
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  8. cnuball21

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    Gallimore is linear?

    His strength as a prospect was quickness and agility. Weakness was strength and ability to anchor. He was your typical, 3T prospect that needed to add strength and power to be a more
    Complete player but at least he wasn’t a tweener.
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  9. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    Agree. He's the one pick that is growing on me with time.
  10. brooksey1

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    Daviyon Nixon is another media scout star that fell to the fifth. Nixon may never start in the NFL, he may get some rotation but doubtful. Turn on his tape all you will see is #57 Chauncey Golston making plays
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  11. morasp

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    He's Strong, keeps his eyes on the ball even while being blocked, doesn't get moved back even when double teamed, was highly productive, and my favorite trait he has a non stop motor. Remember our defense last year and the whistle hadn't blown and guys look like they're standing or maybe trotting around? Golston, Parsons, and Odighizuwa won't be those guys and it will be infectious.
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  12. cnuball21

    cnuball21 Well-Known Member

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    Ive heard off the field issues...that one was pretty surprising.
  13. brooksey1

    brooksey1 Well-Known Member

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    Good athlete with off the field trouble and a learning disability. Maybe he proves them wrong
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  14. Fredbeard

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    Well I'm confused. I only saw him listed at 306 during his time with the cowboys. Do you know if he add weight during that time ? Also , wasn't Ratliff a rotational player at the start of his career?
  15. CATCH17

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    Same goes for Golston. I think both buys can play up and down the line.

    Osa should be a Maliek Collins type at worst with his run stopping ability.
  16. speedkilz88

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    He probably put on weight through the years. NFL.com shows 303, Wiki shows 287 & 303, Auburn shows going into his senior year he was 278.
  17. JoeKing

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    I'm thinking Osa can be a sleeper pick that no one expects much from but turns out to be really good.
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  18. AsthmaField

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    I expect him do do pretty well in the role that Quinn said he will play.

    Odighizuwa has a lot going for him really.

    • The position that he’s going to play (Quinn said 3-Tech) is pretty much geared towards being one of the primary playmakers in this defense because he will be facing a one-on-one with the guard a vast majority of the time. The center should be part of a double team on the 1-Tech, while the OT will be occupied by the DE/LEO running the arc, pulling him away from the 3T.
    • He already has shown that he is plenty stout against the run. His wrestling background helped provide him with a good understanding of leverage which he can use to his advantage because he’s so unusually strong.
    • His arms are freakishly long for a guy that is 6’2” tall. At 34 1/8”, his arms allow him to play with the length of a much taller player. I like his combination of height/arm length because at his height, he will play with natural leverage while his long arms allow him to better get off blocks.
    • Finally, he has the athleticism and movement skills necessary to take advantage of going one-on-one with the guard.

    so, if he does indeed play the 3T like Quinn said, he should have ample opportunity to make some plays. If he gets the snaps then I think he’ll make enough plays to be looked at as a very good pick in the 3rd.
  19. DanA

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    Going off Quinn’s recent history it will be:

    70% Nickle
    25% Base
    Less than 5% Dime

    That obviously has the potential to change, we saw Seattle play base 70% of the time in 2019, but that was an outlier with no other team above 40%. Quinn’s history puts him fairly close to averages in terms of personnel, with a little less Dime then others.
  20. Dalmations202

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    I hope your assessment is spot on.
    I hope Dallas utilizes the 3-Tech exactly this way and Bohanna can be the 1T that has to be doubled by the Center and opposite guard.

    I did not watch tape on Osa, but I hope he is what you are discussing here.
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