4 years ago this Cowboy play change history

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Fortunately wife unit makes up for her lack of judgement in NFL teams.
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    I still don't know why we went for it all on that one play. It's not like it was 4th and very long or there was very little time left. We had a very poor defense and they could not get off the field in the 2nd half. Find someone under neath and keep the drive going. I think Cole had a route that would have gotten a 1st down. Even had we scored, I had no doubt Rodgers would lead them down for a score to win the game with that amount of time left. There were several instances in that game the defense could have gotten off the field and changed the game but they never did. Rodgers was playing on one leg, too. Hell, they gave up about three 3rd downs after that play.

    This is not the play I even key on for this game. Up 21-13, we kickoff to GB. They fumble and one of our guys has a very easy recovery. All he has to do is fall on it. Yet he bounces and misses the ball and GB retains possession. Had we gotten the ball there, the score is a minimum of 24-13 had we not even gained another yard. But how we were moving the ball, could have easily been 28-13.

    We also gave up a very long 3rd down conversion that they scored on. And let's not forget how we completely botched the end of the 1st half. We had a great opportunity to score a TD, yet we ended up settling for a long FG attempt, missed it and then allow GB to get a FG. That changed everything. The Murray fumble where he had a clear path to the endzone.

    This Dez play is the last thing I think about.
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    If Dez focused on completing the catch instead of going for the glory of a score, the refs would not have had a chance to screw it up.
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    worse than that was the call after the 2 minute warning in the first half, after the booth review they confirmed Cobb's catch.

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    Just like that guy said in the tweet.
    I’m sure it was just the culmination of things, but it changed me for good too.

    Maybe its healthier that way, but I for sure am not as emotionally invested in the NFL as I was before then.
    Still love football, just have a more grown up perspective
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    Completely irrelevent that the game didn't end there.
    It does not make that play and overturn any different

    Btw, it was rhe Cowboys only “incomplete” pass of the 2nd half
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    Why bring that stank here today?

    We're going to the NFC Championship game, then the Super Bowl to win it all and if anybody doesn't like it they can find a new team.
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    Worst Cowboys turnover in the playoffs in 20 years.
    Runner up was the redzone interception vs Green Bay in 2016....only b/c we lost both games.
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    Dez needed to secure the ball with BOTH HANDS instead of trying to break his fall with the right hand and hold the ball with just his left hand . I seem to remember another play he tried to break his fall and his pinky was out of the end zone
  11. Mountaineerfan

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    I still go back to Romo not getting the ball down for the kick. I think that kind of put the world on his shoulders.
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    This team even when a little good has been totally snakebit since 1995. Jerry has said that he made a deal with the Devil and it sure as hell seems like it. Epic and Ballsy play on 4th down by Romo for all the marbles only to see us get the Middle Finger of Fate. F...U, today we take it all...
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  13. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    And even on one leg we had not stopped him all game (see the last 2 times we played) and all they would have needed was a FG to win. Would we really have stopped him.
  14. Hardline

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    And Drew Pearson getting tackled from behind by a fingertip.
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  15. InTheZone

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    We need to remember key things like this as to not overpay for certain individuals on offense as that will surely take the support away from the defense to be able to do their job at a high level.
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  16. Blackrain

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    This play is a glaring example of why we win now with less talented but very unselfish players
    Romo wants to gamble and throw the long ball Dez wants to gamble and stretch for the TD . What we really needed was a 1st down and to keep the drive alive use more time and score .

    Guys like Dak ,Zeke and Cooper understand ball control TOP and helping your defense out . That's why we are where we are the unselfish play of our young players
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    What a throw, what a catch.
  18. InTheZone

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    I think this was the start of me seriously questioning my fandom of the NFL.
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    We got robbed on that play, but why did everyone act like even with that play being converted the game was over in our favor?

    Rodgers was going to get the ball back with FOUR minutes left and we would have had at best a 3 point lead if we converted the 2 point conversion. I'd say at best it goes to overtime, at worst we still lose.
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    It’s Romo’s fault apparently.

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