Aikman on Dak: He's going to be the Cowboys quarterback for a long time

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by ShortRound131, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Hes made the playoffs 2 out of 3 years and would have been all 3 had it not been for Zeke suspension. Played great in his first playoff game, but Garrett blew it. Already has won a playoff game this year. In only 3 years in the league.

    Quite frankly we dont have the team to go deep in the playoffs. Its incredible we made it this far. But he does have 7-10 years left so we shall see.

    As I stated they are similar in their leadership and command and respect of teammates. Something Romo didnt grasp to this degree. At this time Dak is more of a bus driver and thats pretty much what Aikman did in a run first offense. The similarities pretty much end there.

    Aikman was an immobile, highly accurate pocket passer. Dak is a dual threat QB, accuracy is not his calling card, but appears to be clutch and can carry the team when he needs to late. Aikman rarely did that.
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    I checked and, you are correct. Dak had both in 2016, has leading rusher and *6th* ranked scoring defense this year. Huge difference. :laugh:

    And you are the one saying Romo had all these great teams. I'm merely noting the difference between your statements, and reality.

    Rodgers, Brady, Brees, are in a league of their own. I'm not saying Romo is in their league, nor should anyone else. They are a cut above pretty much everyone.

    Russell had the #2 rushing offense and the #1 scoring defense in 2013. In that Super Bowl, Seattles defense outscored Denver's offense by themselves.
    I'm kind of puzzled why you mentioned that one.
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    According to sniffers like you, the only number that matters is "wins".
    Therefore, Rivers outplayed Lamar.
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    Thread Recap

    Post #1: "First postseason win of many. I really believe that. He's [Prescott] going to be the Cowboys quarterback for a long time and he's going to find himself winning a lot of football games in January going forward" -Troy Aikman.

    Post #5: Glad we finally got a real qb. Haven't had one since aikman retired.

    The entire thread has been skewed towards overly zealous Romo and similar commentary nonsense ever since. Over 175 posts.

    What else can be said besides THAT'S COWBOYSZONE! :laugh:
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    Lol that guy us a str8 up troll man
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    Aikman had some amazing numbers in the playoffs, and Aikman wasn't a bus driver, he and Irving would make you bleed if you sell out on the run. As for the leadership, you are giving me a lot of Dak's accomplishments, which a lot of it are situational. An Unknown Quarterback that defensive coordinators don't have any film on, paired with the best offensive line, best running back for that year, plenty of receiving weapons, security blankets with Jason and Beasley. This year could've been very ugly if not for the coop trade. Then you go on to say thing about leadership that Romo didn't grasp when you haven't been in any of those locker rooms each years and know how people felt. I haven't seen much of Dak yet, and that is because he is still young, but I've seen enough of romo to see him talking to his wide receivers when they did something wrong, that is leadership right there. Heck Dez is a perfect example of a wideout that romo had to work with and we seeing some of his leadership communication skills on TV.

    I got nothing against Dak, It's just i find this leadership talk silly saying how quarterback A has it when B didn't when this all based on hearsay on something woodson said, without any more details.
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    Its more than woodson. IT has been said several times by teamates and other reporters. You can also see it plainly how they love and rally around Dak. How he goes around to the players, pumps people up. They believe in him. Romo was the leader of the team, but he didnt have what Dak had with the leadership.

    This has also been reported. Romo was more of a clicky leader and hung out with Witten, and just a few others. Dak is a full team guy. And then we have the clutch abilities of Dak. Its very obvious to see.

    I know you guys like to flaunt your doubts on Dak, but if you would just lift the blinders some you would see it. I think many cant get passed the fact that hes not a fully developed pocket passer yet.

    And I agree this season could have been a complete disaster. With the state of the Oline its amazing we are even here right now. Had it not been for the firing of the line coach and the cooper trade we would have been lucky to win 8 games.

    Dak showed the first 24 games of his career that he could play amazing with a great Oline. Then the line fell apart and it has taken his a full 16 games to adjust and develop more. Now he is showing that he can win games with a marginal line in front of him. No doubt the defense is helping.

    But you can tell this offense actually holds Dak back. This conservative, run first, offense is not what he does best. When they open things up and go to the hurry up offense, Dak flourishes. Its a great sign.

    And I dont agree with you about Aikman. Aikman was great and in a more wide open passing offense he probably could have been even better. But all Aikman was asked to do most of the time was drive the bus. Which he did to perfection. Aikman and Irvin were first down, possession machines. They were rarely a deep thread. Irvin barely broke 1000 yards most years and had between 6-8 TD's each year. IT just wasnt that type of offense.

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