Am I the only one excited about a rebuild and high draft picks?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Oct 28, 2020.


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    I see so many Cowboys fans upset about this season. But with all the injuries, it’s a lost season. And with COVID, it’s the perfect time to rebuild. We’ve got a lot of good young talent still. Identify the young ones we want to keep, try to trade older vets for draft picks, and get a stud with a top 5 pick.

    If all the guys we want to keep come back healthy next year, we still have a good squad. And we’ve cut the fat and added lots of good draft picks.

    This could be a blessing in disguise. Cowboys needed a true makeover.
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  2. JoeyBoy718

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    I'd be excited if I knew things would actually change. But until Jerry fires himself as GM, I don't really consider it a rebuild.
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  3. Jipper

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    Im excited too...AS LONG AS we jettison the quitters....that would be a lot of fun to see a young hungry team with some swagger (kinda like Arizona)....miss when we are not expected to win and the players are hungry, not like these bloated fat cats that have massive contracts and never live up to expectations.
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  4. bewp7

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    i just cannot get exited about it because it is just trying to fix a house builded on a rotten foundation and the one in charge of construction is a bufoon.

    if jerry said “i am going to step back and hire a real gm” and let them take care of the coaching staff the way they wanted and did a total rebuild with a gm and coach who are on the same page with a vision i would be very exited though.
  5. Cowboys22

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    Why should anyone be excited by that? Does it come with a complete change in the culture? If not, those new players will just suck once they are corrupted by it. It is not the individual players that are in Dallas that is at fault. It is what happens to them when they get there. As long at all that remains the same, so will the results. I have no doubt that if the same exact players went through New England or Pittsburg or Seattle, the results would have been totally different.
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  6. rocyaice

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    Not at all. Factor in his covid hurt the college game.....factor in there are 12 to 14 teams with bad records like us....factor in who’s going to make these picks? Nothing to be happy about. Maybe when the draft comes and I know I have a top 5 pick.
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  7. HotDog37

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    Get rid of the foul players with an agenda or lack any real football spirit.
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  8. Mr_C

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    Yes I am. You make good points @EMMITTnROY but I it’s a time when optimism will be embraced.

    I’m with you.
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  9. Mr_C

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    Yes. They have to be bold, not worry about the cap ramifications and move on from some—many
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  10. glimmerman

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    Well we need about everything. Lol. Whom ever is the best player available when we pick will be the right pick. Lol. Other than WR. Maybe RB.
  11. Boyzmamacita

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    They still have to make the right decisions in order to rebuild. Will they?
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  12. dsturgeon

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    I am excited
  13. tyke1doe

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    My only hope is that we can luck up on a Super Bowl season INSPITE of Jerry Jones.
  14. Hawkeye0202

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    This is what concerns's not like we're hearing about the 2021 draft having 3-5 defensive can't miss blue-chippers.
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  15. rocyaice

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    Exactly. This is the worst year to suck. Not happy or excited at all. Can you imagine all of the players who had great junior years and then gel off their senior year? Those guys would benefit highly this year.
  16. SSoup

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    I'd have to disagree.

    I would agree it's a good time to tank or lose since the ticket and concession money is down anyway, so it's not much skin off your nose to throw a bad product on the field this year. But the draft is a whole other kettle of fish.

    Given how much the college football season has been thrown out of whack, the scouting process and the draft this year might be way more dicey than in a normal year.

    Scouts can't travel as freely. Fewer games are being played, so way more guys than normal will get drafted or snubbed based on nothing better than, like, 16-month old out-of-date film.

    And the film they do have from 2020 will be influenced by the bizarre offseason, which saw tons of college athletes left to figure out their dietary situation and their workout situation for themselves. Or, if they had coaches trying to keep in touch and instruct them how to proceed, you're still relying on a bunch of dummies in the 18-22 male demographic to make good food choices and to work just as hard without an authority figure over their shoulder. So there are guys whose 2020 film will look artificially worse because the guy's bad offseason seeped into the regular season and made him play worse. And there will be guys whose highlight reel from 2020 will include chunks of footage where they were just feasting on some out-of-shape, poorly prepared kid whose body and game was shot to hell in the offseason.

    The 2021 draft class is gonna be bizarre, I think.

    And that's all just looking purely at the football and workout and scouting logistics. Who knows how many of the kids got the virus and lingering damage to their lungs/heart causes issues the teams just aren't used to seeing from world-class athletes in their twenties. NFL teams' medical staffs are full of people who are making a career of looking at relatively healthy twenty-somethings in world-class shape. Ankles and knees and shoulders and concussions and the normal football injuries are easy for them. But does the team have a great pulmonologist and cardiologist on staff? There will be guys in the draft class who are ticking time bombs and they'll be retiring early with heart issues. There will be guys whose lung capacity just isn't where it should be anymore thanks to this, and they'll wash out quick with people thinking they just look a bit slow or tired or lazy, not realizing it's because of their lungs keeping them from being able to be the athlete they used to be just a couple years ago.
  17. RS12

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    Yeah because the Jones are the ones doing the rebuilding. Speaking of which year 26 of the rebuild on deck.
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  18. Hagman

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    Heck, yea, I’m excited. All we need now is a new general manager, coaches and players.
  19. CowboysFaninHouston

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    we don't have good talent on defense. I hope this is a defensive draft.
  20. kskboys

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    As long as Jerry doesn't get stupid and start trading away picks again.

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