Another Measuring Game For Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Bobhaze

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    I like the fact that the back end of our schedule is tough. If this team is for real as we all hope, it’s time to prove it on the field. Want to earn some respect? We will have a chance to do just that starting Sunday night about 7:20 PM.

    IMO this Sunday night game in Dallas will be the Cowboys 4th game so far this season that measures them against a very solid opponent. They have thus far faced 3 quality teams in the saints, pack and e-girls, and have come away from those games 1-2. Against lesser opponents (which the first half of our schedule was loaded with) we are 4-1.

    So Sunday night should be a very good measurement of what this team is at the midway point of the season. Other than the embarrassing loss to the hapless Jets, we’ve been good against the bad teams, not so good against the better ones. The only consistent thing this team has been is inconsistent.

    As the second half of the season officially begins, its time for the excuses to end. This team has enough talent to make some noise. This is Jason Garrett’s ninth full season as HC. He’s “bought the groceries”, so it’s time to cook or get out of the kitchen.

    How big, bad, and tough is this team? Can they overcome the adversity that all good teams will face to prove they are worthy of respect?

    This team is going to be tested in the next two months to see if it’s exactly what almost everyone on these boards said it would be back in the summer. This should be a wild, fun ride.
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  2. Runwildboys

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    Even against the better teams, turnovers and penalties killed us. If they could clean up those two things, I think they have a good chance of going deep.
  3. Tangle_Foot

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    The back end of the schedule is tough but you aren't going to meet any pushovers in the playoffs. This is the time to get mentally and physically tough, it's time to eliminate the slow starts and self-inflicted wounds. If you want to see if we measure up you will need only three measurements. Our best chance for success will require big hearts, broad shoulders, and large stones.

    :angry: No excuses!
  4. ShortRound131

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    Can this team beat a team with a winning record? Let's see what happens tomorrow. I hope the boys are ready.
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  5. AmariChill

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    The boys are ready. Jason Garrett is not, and sadly, that is the huge determining factor in many games. This team has to outplay and outwit Jason Garrett’s stubbornness and stupidity. I just hope the talent is enough to overcome him...
  6. SoupcanSam

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    Sorry but this is not a measuring game at all. The Vikings are banged up and are a one man show with theilen out.

    The excuses are already set in place for when the cowboys win.

    Not even close to a measuring game.
  7. Hardline

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    Every game is a measuring game for the Cowboys.
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  8. Zman5

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    I have a feeling it’s going to come down to which kicker makes his kicks that will determine the winner.
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  9. viman96

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    Every week someone starts a thread that is a must win or the up coming game is somehow more important for some reason. The fact is every game is important until the division is locked up and then the team's respective playoff seed.

    As for the Vikings, they have plenty of weapons on offense and expect them to be able to move the ball. Linval being out hurts their defense and their chances of winning more than Thielen being out.
  10. Diehardblues

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    Cowboys can win this game if they get off to a fast start and don’t beat themselves turning it over. I wouldn’t pick them if we were in Minnesota but this is a game we should be able to win at home. If not then our schedule just gets tougher and we probably aren’t a playoff caliber team.

    I’d much more expect us to lose at Detroit ( always tough to win up there ) and of course the following week at Foxborough. 7-5 after Thanksgiving is about where I see us for final stretch in December. 3-2 in November I’d take. And we’ll need 3-1 in December including a sweep of Egirls to win division.

    Up until Monday night we had lost 15 consecutive games after falling behind 7 points or more.

    Steve Young pointed out this stat I wasn’t aware of because we always hear how much Dak has led us from behind. But as Young said the mark of great teams and QB’s is how they finish in 4th qtr and this stat would reveal we must get off to good starts and control the game early.

    I’m afraid this team and QB isn’t as good as some want to believe. And as much better as he has played this year but not always against the better teams. A solid competitive team with talent but not great lacking in a couple key areas which are exposed against better or more talented teams in key areas.
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  11. Diehardblues

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    I wish I believed it was only coaching that was holding us back. And while I believe coaching isn’t one of our strengths I do not believe it’s the single factor holding us back.

    The NFL is talent driven league. With rare exception the most talented teams emerge. Garrett may not be great but he isn’t the worst.

    We are a talent dependent franchise. If we are depending on Elite coaching to put us over the top we are screwed with Jerry as he has no intention of bringing one in assuming he’d attract one anyway. No, any weaknesses we have in talent will be exposed. Especially against better teams and Elite coaching.
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  12. Diehardblues

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    Cowboys have amassed some talent on OL, RB, WR and a couple pieces on defense. But we haven’t always had them healthy. And it shows when they’re not.

    But we’ve bought in too heavy with the hype Jerry and the media have pimped and why we are always looking for excuses and fall guys when it doesn’t meet these expectations.

    Let see where this goes and make these evaluations when it’s over without all of these unfounded expectations. We have seen how we perform against the more Elite teams versus the lower tier teams. Don’t let your eyes be fooled by what you hear and read.

    I’ve always maintained until I see a championship caliber team I’m not going to hold it as accountable. Well, this team looks championship caliber against lesser teams but not as much against greater teams. That tells me something . We shall see.
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  13. StarBoyz83

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    Sounds like the eagles game all over again.

    Going to take 3-4 weeks to tell what this team is imo.
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  14. Hadenough

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    They will be battle tested if they can get through to the playoffs. The Cowboys could really benefit from some close wins against good teams. That would give them a chance to learn how to win with humility. They celebrate too much when winning a big game and then stink it up the following week.
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  15. GenoT

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    Pretty much every game we have left on the schedule is some sort of measuring game.
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  16. Bullflop

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    Dallas must get off to a fast start if they expect to beat Minnesota. The Vikes are not a team that's easily beaten when their opponent gets off to a slow start. Since we're the home team, we're favored by 3 points. This is indicative of a close game that could easily swing to the team that executes most effectively. Both defenses will be sorely tested to control the other. May the best team win today -- to the victor go the spoils! Go, Cowboys!
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  17. cern

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    Getting rid of linehan made the coaching better. I didn't see Garrett speak to Kellen or Richard last week. As long as he continues to stay out of the way, we'll be fine.
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  18. buybuydandavis

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    Defense looks shiny new. Lawrence, Quinn, Woods, and Crawford were all partial shows. Only Collins was fully present.

    Now the starting dline is healthy and in playing shape, and with Crawford swapped out for Bennett.

    Lee. Jaylon. Woods. Lewis. Lots of guys playing well and making plays.

    The offense may or may not sputter, but it showed it could play at a whole new level this season. Now the defense has done the same.

    Lots to be excited about.
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  19. simplycowboys210

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    I disagree with anyone saying it’s not a measuring game. EVERY GAME is a measuring game for the cowboys. If we lose to anyone it’s gonna be we’re overhyped, cut Dak, Zeke overpaid etc. We need to win tonight so I can laugh at shannon tomorrow.
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  20. CowboysWillRise

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    We've beat ourselves twice this year. I credit GB because they were gashing us. Too reminiscent of LA and Indy. Although if it wasnt for miscues maybe we keep them off the field and change the script.

    If we play good football I dont see many teams beating us.
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