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Another Measuring Game For Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

    18,990 Messages
    17,999 Likes Received
    not for 4 straight weeks against the best teams (in the playoffs). That is why we have literally no shot at winning a SB while Garrett is HC
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  2. Blackrain

    Blackrain Well-Known Member

    2,754 Messages
    3,687 Likes Received
    We cant have 100+ yrds of penalties and expect to win . We must protect the ball Keep penalty yrds below 50 and dont turn the ball over and we got this . The defense need to continue getting TOs Dak would look like Tom Brady if this defense gave him 15 more opportunities like the Pats have .

    Trench warfare and opportunities are what will give us a chance we should be able to win at least one of those battles

    Special teams flat out scary !!! This could derail our best efforts and is my biggest fear at this point
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  3. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

    5,931 Messages
    6,229 Likes Received
    After we win media and pseudo fans will say crap like but theilen wasn't there, Vikings are soft, or whatever crap they come up with.
  4. Bobhaze

    Bobhaze Well-Known Member

    6,124 Messages
    18,985 Likes Received
    If we win, who cares what anyone says? Winning does all the talking necessary. Something Jerry has never understood.
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  5. charron

    charron Well-Known Member

    5,931 Messages
    6,229 Likes Received

    Agreed haters will always hate win or lose I'll enjoy the game and the win
  6. Jake

    Jake Curmudgeon

    19,465 Messages
    36,340 Likes Received
    Didn't get any further with the 4 coaches who came before Garrett. I sense there's a bigger problem in Dallas.
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  7. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    46,978 Messages
    47,349 Likes Received
    Playoffs Bye Week
    • Not getting a bye in the playoffs will drastically lower the Cowboys probability of making it to the Super Bowl.
    • This is with regards to probabilities based on historical stats of teams that had or didn't have a bye week.
    • The winners of the bye week games are the road team in the divisional round.
    Garrett does not really "buy the groceries".
    - His biggest influence is probably getting Witten to return.
  8. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

    17,966 Messages
    20,653 Likes Received
    it is until we win.
    then tomorrow....all the excuses to try and explain it away.
    if we get the hell outta the way....we beat minnesota....because despite that 1 loss to the nyj.....we are a good team with good players capable of doin' some good things.
  9. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

    29,068 Messages
    17,099 Likes Received
    While Garrett isn’t responsible for buying the groceries I credit him for influencing Jerry and Stephens grocery list and priorities with a vision of power football running the ball and why we went from relying on a QB to carry us to a dominate OL and RB to be the strength. I also credit Jason for getting Will more involved in FO. Who has turned into a very valuable asset and head talent scout.

    And then Jerry announced Garrett getting more involved with rebuilding defense. Despite Garretts weaknesses in Game Day coaching he should be credited with influencing our ownership and front office with sounder drafts, personnel moves and consistent culture.

    Since Garrett took over we’ve become a more normal football operation. Without Jerry blabbing publicly spewing like no other owner or GM to keep his brand out in front we’ve actually become a much better ran franchise since 2011. This is why I’m such a vivid supporter of Jason despite our frustrations on Game Day which I think are probably over blown because of a few obvious miscues.
  10. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

    29,068 Messages
    17,099 Likes Received
    Despite not having as much success as we’d like we all have witnessed how much better football operations have become since Garrett took over in 2011. We just aren’t crediting the one who has probably influenced our dysfunctional ownership the most.
  11. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

    29,068 Messages
    17,099 Likes Received
    I think he understands but he’s not willing to wait around for it and why he continues to keep his brand out in public view. He’s proven bad press is better than no press.

    Too many believe Jerry doesn’t get it. I think he does but doesn’t care enough insisting to do it his way attempting to prove everyone wrong. That winning isn’t necessary. Something Tex didn’t believe was possible. And so far he’s winning as we haven’t made him financial accountable.
  12. willia451

    willia451 Well-Known Member

    2,577 Messages
    2,890 Likes Received
    This game will determine the season. Win. They probably win the division. Lose. 8-8.
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  13. SoupcanSam

    SoupcanSam Well-Known Member

    4,902 Messages
    6,889 Likes Received
    Last week against the cheifs, when theilen went out Diggs had 4 yards receiving afterwards. Seems he is useless without adam. And then cook was bottled up the rest of the game and the cheifs put 8 in the box. Pretty easy to take them away as usual when theilen goes out.

    Mattison does nothing beside taking advantage of a terrible skins defense. Treadwell shouldnt even be in the NFL and Johnson does zero to help Diggs when his name is called.

    When the Vikings are in this situation they go into a two TE set most of the game which I believe Dallas can handle quite easily.

    Just look at Irv mith jr and Kyle Rudolph stats vs the cheifs. They started dumping off to both TE's. The viking got desperate because that offense is bad without theilen.

    As far as the defense goes, their CBs have been getting beat all season including Rhodes. Last time I chimed in on a Vikings forum they wanted the backup starting because Rhodes is bad.

    Even at full health the viking pass defense is bad.

    The Vikings are strong stopping the run but their run stuffer is injured and will not play. Their defense is hella overrated and anyone who knows football outside of the cowboys knows that.

    If Dallas loses to the Vikings it will be an embarrassment considering the situation.

    If they win, it wouldnt surprise me because the Vikings are just not good right now.

    Nice try!?....I think not. As a guy that plays fantasy football every week I do my homework on these teams. I will debate you on whatever you want to discuss considering this vary game.

    In fact, the game plan for the Vikings will be to use Diggs as a decoy while trying to feed Rudolph and Smith jr. The cowboys will put 8 in the box for cook.

    Treadwell and Johnson will not be factors. Mattison will not be a factor as the Vikings play from behind. Cousins will struggle with a limited offense.

    Dallas will run and pass on the vikings.

    Dallas will beat the vikings.

    The talking heads will be in full excuse mode Monday morning and Dallas will then have to wait yet another week to get a taste of credit.

    Anything else you want to know? I am all ears.
  14. Old'Boyfan

    Old'Boyfan Well-Known Member

    838 Messages
    1,017 Likes Received
    We know what this team is. It has enough talent to look competitive, but the coaching will always hold it back.
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  15. Bobhaze

    Bobhaze Well-Known Member

    6,124 Messages
    18,985 Likes Received
    Been Measured: This team is currently not a team that can win against the league’s better teams. We are now 1-3 against teams with winning records.

    Too early to write this team off. But so far, it has not measured up as a contender. The tough schedule ahead still gives this team opportunities to prove it can compete.

    But not with that defense. And worse...not with that HC.
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  16. Jake

    Jake Curmudgeon

    19,465 Messages
    36,340 Likes Received
    Vikings 28, Cowboys 24

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  17. Old'Boyfan

    Old'Boyfan Well-Known Member

    838 Messages
    1,017 Likes Received
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  18. Jake

    Jake Curmudgeon

    19,465 Messages
    36,340 Likes Received
    If I have an opening in my fantasy league next year, you're first on the list of invitations.

    Anything else you want to know? I'm all ears. :muttley:
  19. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

    60,505 Messages
    63,528 Likes Received
    This game proved, without a doubt, that it does not matter about the talent on the field.

    Dallas had it in every way imaginable with the injuries.

    And they failed.

    No sugar coating. No blaming the refs.

    They failed.

    Good teams win with situational football. We honestly could not realize the situation all along.
    acer941 likes this.
  20. Jake

    Jake Curmudgeon

    19,465 Messages
    36,340 Likes Received
    No blaming the coach either. How many coaches does it take?

    The Dallas Cowboys aren't winning anything with Jerry's kids running the show. I'll die before they ever see another Super Bowl. I'm certain of it.

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