Antonio Brown?

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by CowboysFever1973, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. CB61

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    That could be one of his issues too ? but I just can't get past his mental stability right now or mental instability he's in the news everyday bashing somebody or loving somebody he can't make up his mind
  2. kskboys

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    (Sorry, I was poking fun at you, you said Antonio Bryant!!!) Just playin' around.
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  3. cowboy_ron

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    No thanks, Jerry's enough drama
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  4. CB61

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    I totally missed that my wife just got back from in-laws even more screwed up when she gets back from there was talking to her at the time drama drama drama everywhere I turned I was hoping for a nice quiet Christmas and New Year it didn't turn out that way
  5. CB61

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    Aren't they close to the same person? Just some difference in age? Although Des probably has the edge in having more sanity
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  6. EST_1986

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    And the country club is going to help?
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  7. CowboysFever1973

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    To be fair, Antonio Brown would probably thrive in a no rules country club!
  8. mattjames2010

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    Have to wait and see what the NFL is going to do to him in form of punishment.

    NO seems to badly want another WR opposite of Thomas, I think they are awaiting word on what will be done.
  9. nate dizzle

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    His head is broken. He's a ticking time bomb.
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  10. SoBlue128

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    Jersey sales would be as insane as he is
  11. Mobinvans

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    I’m gonna say no....
  12. Doomsday101

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    I don't think Cooper is leaving and as far as Brown, no way
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  13. roughneck266

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    MIght kick him in the shin, but that would be all the interest I would have in him. Makes TO look sane for cryin out loud.
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  14. nightrain

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    Are you paying attention to the walking, talking %^$# show that guy has become?
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  15. Joe Realist

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    " I got a whole lotta money..."
  16. Sarge

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    He’ll never play another down in the NFL.
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  17. big dog cowboy

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    I keep telling my friends he should join up with Dez and play in the XFL.
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