Anyone do any DNA testing like 23 and Me

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by ninja, Dec 20, 2018.

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    Native Americans tribes haven't contributed the dna to compare to since they only want members that are part of the Dawes Rolls.
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    I have had my background since birth, do I now want to find out that I'm really Jewish and not Italian? Would it make me feel any different about myself or would I still be Italian? People today can justify being any sex that they want to be or being no sex at all, non binary. The mind is a beautiful thing, I think we can leave it at that.
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    Like the data people give away on Facebook. Or should I say more accurately the data Facebook steals from people because they don't read the fine print and have no idea how Facebook tracks their rear ends 24/7/365 and sells every piece of data they can get their hands on.
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    What if DNA testing is just an elaborate scheme by vampires to categorize humans by flavor? o_O
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    That's not white, that's clear!!!
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    I am afraid to DNA test, what if it turns out I'm related to Garrett!!
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    That's exactly it, you give 23 and Me your data to do anything they want with it. Anything.

    I have friends that work at Illumina, the company that makes most DNA instruments. All of them refuse to use services like 23 and Me.
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    Fingers crossed for "garlic".
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    These sites are bogus

    They only tell you were people with similar DNA hail from... not specific to your family
    Similar DNA could included a gigantic range of people.... we share 95% with Chimps but that last 5% is incredibly important

    It is a geography report that gives away your ultimate privacy

    and everyone goes back to William the Conqueror or Alexander the Great..... no one goes back to Willie the barber or Alex the sheep farmer
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    My sister researched our Father because he was adopted and she found out we were Polish and Jewish . What's so funny was my Dad use to constantly do Jewish and Pollock jokes .KARMA GOT US!!! None of us practice as a Jew,but we every Christmas wish each other "Happy Hannukah"!! We all just roll our eyes.LOL!! But I do give thanks because some ancestor got us out of there probably in the 1890s before all the genocide happened.
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    The info from these DNA tests are just given to the Aliens. They found it more efficient than individually probing people.
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    Not the father!

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