Anyone into autographed memorabilia?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by QuikZ06, Aug 7, 2020.

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    I just recently joined a Facebook page that raffles off sports memorabilia. In that short time I’ve been lucky enough to hit some pretty nice stuff. Granted, some of it, I’ve spent quite a bit to hit. It’s pretty addicting, but nonetheless fun. I just picked up a display case the other day, but it’s already full and I have more stuff on the way.

    Dallas related stuff, Zeke Ohio State Helmet, Dallas 24 Signature Helmet, Deion Sanders, and a mini Michael Irvin. I have a full size Irving arriving any day.

    Other stuff... Tyson glove, Pac-Man glove, Magic gold ball, Kareem ball, Rodman ball and Giannis ball. Also won a few bats, Barry Bonds and Willy Mays.

    Anyway was just curious if there is anyone else here into collecting?

  2. Xelda

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    What a nice collection you have there. Thank you for sharing it with us. I don't have a collection because I wouldn't be able to stop.
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    Even with the restraining order!
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    Knowing me? no :oops: I am beyond hard headed if I set my mind on something.
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    i am.
    most of my autographs i got back in the 80s/90s...writing to my favorite players.
    got alot of autograph pics and some letters from Coach Landry,Tex Schramm,Ernie Stautner,Roger Staubach,Drew Pearson,Danny White,Herschel Walker,Everson Walls,Gordon Banks,Kelvin Edwards.
    got autographed pictures only from Tony D,too tall,Randy White,Jim Jeffcoat,Mike Renfro,Timmy Newsome,Bill Bates,Tom Rafferty,Danny Noonan,Eugene Lockhart,Mike Hegman.

    from across the league i got many cool responses from Walter Payton,Dan Marino,Howie Long,John Elway,Lawrence Taylor,Kenny Easley,Comm Pete Rozelle...many others.

    the bulk of my Cowboys collection besides the pictures and letters include autographed Herschel Walker cards...the '84 dr pepper/pizza hut Ring of Honor prints...Roger Staubach Dr Pepper Bottle...numerous game day programs from the 60s thru passes....original press photos and team photos from 70s-00s.
    i TRY to limit my Cowboys collection to the Landry Era but sometimes i cant help it.

    recently added 4 dept of justice posters featuring various Cowboys players from the 70s...Roger,Bob Lilly,Bob Hayes and Walt Garrison.
    dont know much about them or how many others are out there...they are really cool.
    feature a big b&w image of the player with a stay away from drugs type quote on the bottom and the dept of justice logo on the bottom corner.
    really cool.

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    I used to collect knives. At one time, I had well over 500. Got broken into a few years back, took em all. Never heard a word back from Law Enforcement, complete loss. Lots of one of a kind stuff. I don't really collect anything anymore, though my Wife insists that I collect trucks and ball caps, I don't. I own 5 trucks but I don't collect them. I have a lot of ball caps but I don't collect them.

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