Attention Dak Haters: His Criticism is like Aaron Rodgers’

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Legend, Oct 11, 2018.

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    For the Dak haters and individuals who want the Cowboys to change QBs...

    Even the great Aaron Rodgers is getting called out for:

    -poor mechanics
    -not seeing the field
    -bad reads
    -missing open targets
    -sailing passes over open targets
    -holding ball way too long
    -turnovers... fumbles at the worst times

    There is no perfect QB... Instead build a complete team with minimal weaknesses.

    See below for a sample of criticism Aaron Rodgers is facing.

    Missed another wide open target for TD. The Packers missed the FG.

    Missed 3 wide open targets. Instead checked down to target with no chance to make a play.

    Throws pass too high for a 6’7” TE

    Greg Jennings calling out Aaron Rodgers

    For missing open targets

    “A big factor for this issue could be a lack of trust from Rodgers. Whether it’s from not trusting his wide receivers because of limited practice time or it is because he doesn’t trust what he is seeing in McCarthy’s play calling scheme, it is an area that needs to improve.”

    For sailing passes and not setting his feet

    “Given Rodgers’ school yard style of play at times, he doesn’t always set his feet as he throws and will throw the ball from awkward arm angles. Both of these characteristics will diminish any quarterback’s accuracy, including Aaron Rodgers.

    Against the Lions this past Sunday, Rodgers had a clean pocket to throw from and had plenty of space to step forward into the throw. Despite this, he never set his feet and proceeded to overthrow his six-foot-seven tight end Jimmy Graham, for what should have been an easy touchdown pass.”

    Rodgers going off-script

    “What makes Aaron Rodgers so special is his ability to create when a play is broken down. This often leads to Rodgers making some sort of spectacular play. While this is a key part to his game and has given the Packers a lot of success, it is Rodgers’ weakness as well.

    It is not uncommon for Rodgers to pass up an easy completion to an open receiver because he doesn’t like what he sees or because he thinks there is a bigger play potentially developing down the field.”

    A fan’s comment

    “Article is correct. Rodgers is not seeing the field at all and his reads. He's holding the ball way too long. Dump it or have a safety valve, not all receivers in one spot down the fiels; live for another play and NO FUMBLES for christ sake. Rodgers deserves as much blame as do the others on the same capers, I mean pertine defense! High drafts on defense, no pass rush again this year, and wide open, OPEN receivers. Why do our receivers struggle to get separation when no names from other teams do? Simple: MM non schemes”.
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    I love satire. Well done.
  3. Ranching

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    In his defense, he is playing with a knee injury that would keep most players out for six weeks.
  4. tyke1doe

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    You're comparing Dak Prescott, a third-year quarterback who has struggled with accuracy and loss his only playoff game, with Aaron Rodgers, a proven veteran who has won a Super Bowl, is considered one of the best quarterbacks ever but may be on the downside of an illustrious career?
    You're actually comparing Dak's inaccuracy with Rodger's inaccuracy? :huh:
  5. blueblood70

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    yet hes putting up 300-500 yards in his BAD games.. his team is scoring more than 16 points..HUGE DIFFERENCE..STOP THE MADNESS DAK IS AR..his issues are much bigger as AR is having an off year due to injury and his numbers still destroy Daks, daks been regressing the past 19 games..sorry but Dak wont even be Romo let alone AR..his issues look like theay are who he is , not going to get fixed..
  6. Legend

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    Letting you all know that if the Cowboys get an elite QB... do not expect what you are criticizing Dak for...will all of the sudden go away...

    Good luck with hoping a high #1 QB in the draft can become elite instead of a bust.

    Aaron Rodgers looked terrible at times against the Lions... and made worse throws than Dak.

    I.e., do not put all of your eggs in one basket.

    Diversify by getting Dak some help or weapons... so the blame can be shared and not just on the QB.
  7. JayFord

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    Aaron rodgers is best when the play breaks down and the pocket collapses

    When the pocket collapses with dak he runs into sacks most of the time
  8. Northern_Cowboy

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    :laugh::lmao::lmao2:need i say more
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    Stop..just stop.
  10. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Here is the thing though, Dak cant tell our fan base to "Relax", because we know what we actually have here.
  11. Legend

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    The Green Bay fans are just as angry with Aaron Rodgers like the Dak haters are with Dak.

    It takes more than an elite QB to contend.
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  12. Cowboysfan917

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    This is probably the most outrageous Dak defending thread I’ve seen yet. I get what you’re saying. Romo got called out a lot and missed things, Rodgers does too. No one is perfect ...but as others have stated, they still threw for over 200 yards and put up points where as Dak is ‘leading’ the 30th ranked passing game in the league and not putting up points or even yards. Dak is also making a lot of inaccurate throws: more than the average.
  13. GMO415

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    Bring in Sean Payton and let's see about Dak .
  14. tyke1doe

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    But Aaron Rodgers can carry a team without great weapons and has done so. Therein lies the difference.

    Let's assume we get Tua two years from now (hoping, crossing fingers, praying). Would he improve the offense? Of course, he would.
    But there's a ying and yang in football, especially with our team.
    When the offense is great, the defense isn't. That was the case with Romo.
    When the defense is great, the offense is suspect. That's the case now.

    Furthermore, it's not that we have great receivers. No one says we do. Heck, when Cowboys fans were saying during Training Camp, we'll be okay, I was saying, "Just wait."
    Nevertheless, the problem is Dak is not doing HIS part. He's not hitting open receivers. He's not pulling the trigger. And, for the most part, he is not accurate with his throws. And I was a big fan of his his rookie year. I believed we should have stayed with him vs. Romo because we were on a roll, and you don't interrupt momentum.

    But I'm being objective as possible. And Dak is not fulfilling his role as a quarterback, and it's not all on the receivers. A good quarterback can make average receivers better. When watching film, Dak misses open receivers a lot and then he doesn't anticipate openings.

    But this fits the Jason Garrett pattern. We have to overcome poor coaching, poor quarterbacking and poor defensive schemes by having BLUE TALENT EVERYWHERE; otherwise, we're not going ANYWHERE.
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  15. Legend

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    Like this play

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  16. tyke1doe

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    I was thinking posting the same thing, but I wanted to gentle with my response. :laugh:
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    its called "Daklooniness" ( Insane belief that Dak Prescott is great QB not know if treatment can cure at this time; Mental illness caused in some by watching to many Dak Prescott QB'ed games) ) , Legend has lost his mind as well as some others on this site. He is trying so hard to prove how great Dak is that most are just laughing at his pitiful posts. Have pity on him, he can not be in his right mind.
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  18. Cowboysfan917

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    Dak is not accurate enough to throw as often as Payton’s offense requires.
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  19. Brax

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    please give it up.
  20. nate dizzle

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