Been a long time since apathy set in this early

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Parcells4Life

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    After coming to grips with the fact that we just aren’t very good this year, and based off fact I can’t wait for the offseason when we won’t be as handicapped, I just have no interest in tomorrows game. Been awhile since I was this numb without being eliminated from playoffs.

    Now knowing the team they’ll win tomorrow just to give us hope that they could be 4-3 headed to bye week with a win over Washington.

    I would go golfing tomorrow if it wasn’t supposed to keep raining. 6 straight weekends. It’s like Jerry conspired to force us to watch since there’s nothing else to do

    Everyone here will complain about tomorrow’s game and dissect it 86 different ways. Bottom line is the Texans game proved we just aren’t very good
  2. Zman5

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    I try to look at the bright side. I now have time to take up a new hobby.
    I didn't know basket weaving could be this fun. I might even try flower arrangement.
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  3. CCBoy

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    That was still an overtime game...for some reasons that played out.
  4. sureletsrace

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    I agree. I have never been less excited about a season this early in. I'll still watch because I'm a glutton for punishment, but if we win, "Yay." If we lose, "Meh."
  5. CCBoy

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    It's still alright for a fan to root for some excitement...that's why there is a sport, and not just video games.
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  6. Dallas_Cowboys50

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    Im actually really hype for this game, our "cocky heads held high" moments are rare these days, and this potential upset would be one of those...and if we lose, no surprise........Only way Ill be upset is if we squander a late lead......Theres not alot to lose at this point
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  7. Deep_Freeze

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    Well it really wouldn't be hard to feel like that for most of the last 20+ years.
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  8. Idgit

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    I’m not apathetic, but 2015 was much worse than this.
  9. buybuydandavis

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    The offense collapsed in the back half of last season. Dak regressed. Linehan had no answers. WRs weren't winning.

    We cut Dez, added Hurns, Austin, Thompson, spending less on the combination. We got speed, a possession guy, and our "web back".

    Maybe Linehan would make more of the new guys. Maybe he'd really revamp the offense. Maybe use Dak as a running QB, with Austin and Olawale as additional running threats. Maybe Dak would get back on track.

    We see that the maybes just didn't pan out. Austin has been phenomenally productive on offense, *per touch*, but only has 8 targets and 4 rushes. Dak ran read option one game, was very effective, so naturally we stopped doing it.

    The apathy comes quick when you only have hopeful maybes to keep it at bay, and the hopes are dashed.

    Same clowns. Not surprisingly, same clown show.

    The only plausible hope I have left for an improvement is if they dump Linehan. Play calling is the only improvement we could make quickly.

    Wake me when they dump Linehan.
  10. Typhus

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    I believe that I finally understand the true meaning of the over used term..... "process".
    We loose 1 week, and Red has a sit down with Linehan and explains to him that he really needs to apply himself for the next game, that he really needs
    to come up with some type of alignment that every defensive coordinator hasn't seen since coaching high school football.
    So coming off the Houston loss, this is the game,, the Jags are in for it now. We might even see a TE go in motion in this game.
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  11. waving monkey

    waving monkey Well-Known Member

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    They need to show something on offense.Win or lose
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  12. DasSchnitzel

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    I agree. I halfway hope they lose tomorrow, I want to keep building the case for firing the HC and OC.

    I just don't see Dallas winning. Everyone says it's bad offense and good defense on both sides but JAX has a better chance of sustaining drives in my opinion. I'm a little afraid of how just how bad JAX can make the Dallas offense look.
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  13. Sarge

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    It’s also “alright” for fans to be throughly disappointed in their team.
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  14. GroundZero1970

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    I have a sick feeling in my stomach that the jags will smoke us....hppe im wrong
  15. CowboysWillRise

    CowboysWillRise Well-Known Member

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    Good for you. Pathetically Im still excited for the game lol.
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  16. superonyx

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    I’m not excited for the game. Not at all.
    The problem is that it feels like it just doesn’t matter and we have become void of hope

    The fans have realized that our ownership has dug in to this idea that their organization structure and management team is the way to go.

    Do I hope we win and get a worse draft pick while treading the nasty waters of mediocrity?
    Will losing mean real change with JG/Linehan and company?
    How much losing would it take?
    Would we even draft a QB if we had a top 5 pick?

    Jerry and Stephen Jones has sucked the one thing fans need to feel passion for their team...Hope.
    They have done nothing to give fans hope that better times are coming.

    I’ll be going to the fall fest pumpkin patch with the wife and 2 sons today. We will probably not get back until half time. I would never had done that if I haven’t lost hope.
  17. Section446

    Section446 Well-Known Member

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    No issues here, I knew we were a below average team.
  18. MyFairLady

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    I just wish I knew what the offense was trying to do. I can't keep watching the delayed shot gun hand off to a motionless Zeke without the threat of a QB run any more.
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  19. DakPresgoat

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    This is exactly it. I’m also sick and tired of seeing these on 3rd and short.

    3rd and 1. Zeke should be set deep, Dak should be under center and Zeke should have a head of steam by the time he gets the ball.
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  20. waving monkey

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    I accept

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