CBS: Dak and projected 2020 franchise tag of $32.5M

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Creeper

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    I am okay with slapping the franchise tag on him for 2020. If he performs better, shows up in the big games, and maintains his mechanics for the entire season, then sign him long term. If not, then they may have to look elsewhere.
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  2. Furboy

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    A championship defence is long overdue for us
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  3. KingRah

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    Id franchise him nd draft a qb. If he improves, so be it. If he doesnt, you already have you qb of the future.
  4. Adreme

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    If you tag him in 2020 the potential contract will not be signed for under 40m per so it will be either 2 years of franchise tag and then walk or 40m+ and then walk.
  5. irishline

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    When was the last time this franchise drafted a QB in the first round? I will give you a hint, both were drafted the same year as the QB you mentioned (Aikman and Walsh in 1989). You kind of have to try to draft a blue chip QB to have a chance at actually getting one.

    30 years without drafting a QB in the first round. Longest streak in thr NFL.
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  6. starcity214

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    You could literally say that about any other position..

    Should we just stop drafting Safeties and give Jeff Heath 15 million a year? I mean, when's the last time this team drafted a good Safety, Darren Woodson? Do you see how dumb that line of thinking is?
  7. Adreme

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    Let us assume you have a S who is statistically better than one you would be able to draft but is not great (this happens a lot with pass rushers); if you let him walk you can probably 80-20 rule him and draft someone fresh who is not quite as good and the team will not lose that many more games. A QB is not a S though; if you have an above-average QB and you try to draft a replacement even in the middle of the first round, you are statistically going to get someone worse and likely far worse than what you had previously. A hole at QB, unlike say S, is crippling to a team. Go look at the Bears or the Chargers or the Jags just recently to see what happens when you do not have a NFL caliber QB and that is why they are worth so much after the rookie deal expires.
  8. Aviano90

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    Sign him long term or get rid of him. There should be no in between. Just make up your mind and quit being a vertical smile. He either is or isn’t the future. Decide already.

    PAPPYDOG "It was a catchable pass" Zone Supporter

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    Cause we have to sacrifice the # 1 Sports franchise in the world to mediocrity for years to come for a guy called Dak Prescott?
    Who the heck made this QB so essential and the end of the line for us at QB? not to cry with this clown of a QB some of you are selling here daily!
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  10. KingRah

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    The best time to try to draft. qb high is now when you have a serviceable starter. Franchise Dak for 2 years while you search for the future. Treat him like kitna when they drafted Carson Palmer.
  11. StarBoyz83

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    Kind of hard to see Dallas being able to afford to tag dak. Unless dallas they can get quite a bit more money from restructuring contracts.
  12. DFWJC

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    Not objecting to your post, but when is the last time New England used a 1st rounder on a QB?
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  13. Adreme

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    I mean that is not a fair point. Hypothetically you can find the guy in any round; statistically you are FAR less likely to find him after the first round and far less likely to find a guy better than Dak after the first round. Once you find that guy though you probably are not drafting a QB for about 15-20 years.
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  14. mahoneybill

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    Agree. We fixed the kicker with Forbath. Now fix Special Teams for better starting field position and eject Marinelli and his bend don't break Defense....

    Throw out the Garrett keep it close till the 4th quarter game plan that leads to .500 ball.....
  15. mahoneybill

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    Also , get a real seasoned QB to play behind him as we really don't know what Cooper Rush brings in actual games ....

    Philly is a prime example of waiting too long for a couple of pass completions to salvage a W that from all accounts of game video reviewing was there for the taking in
    the passing game , let alone abandoning the run...

    PAPPYDOG "It was a catchable pass" Zone Supporter

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    Yep, this will solve our offensive inadequacies so boot away I say!

  17. OldJarhead

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    Trust me, I'm no fan of #4. I just don't see how the Cowboys can get better at the position this draft. If there is a young QB (a real QB) out there, I am all for drafting him and seeing what he's got. I don't want the circus the Broncos have been at QB the last several years though.
  18. plymkr

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    Because those teams have real GMs and owners who want to win. We have a narcissist for an owner who's failing at General Manager.
  19. Hadenough

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    Thats the thing is he has a ton of talent around him now and isnt winning anything and its going to be less if he gets a monster contract. The biggest problem I see is that Dak isnt worth the 30+ mil a year but thats how much he wants. If you look at Cousins he isnt worth the money either, and that team hasnt gotten any better since they let Case Keenum walk. NFL QBs are not as hard to find as they used to be. More college teams are running a pro style offense and these college QBs are getting better training and coaching that helps them transition to the NFL. I would much rather have a stacked team on both sides of the ball and a rookie QB than let 3 impact pro bowl players walk and pay Dak.
  20. Beast_from_East

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    Forget the tag, either decide if Dak is or is not your franchise QB.

    If he is, then sign him long term right now. If he is not, then let him walk in free agency.

    Its like with Garrett, decide right now if he is or is not going to be your head coach and get on with it.
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