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C'mon, folks. You're embarassing yourselves

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by erod, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    30,889 Messages
    44,533 Likes Received
    People, people, people...........

    Good gosh almighty, I should've adhered to my regular-season doctrine of staying away from the knee-jerky forums for at least 24 full hours, but I stepped in the bear trap this morning.

    Why can't folks learn preseason? Is it ever different?

    Did you see the San Francisco defense last night? Couldn't stop a flag football team from Nantucket last night. Rolled like a cannoli. Absolutely obliterated in a horrific performance. Which doesn't matter.

    Last night was full of positives, at least in regards to what preseason is supposed to be about.
    1. Weeden looked good. Really good. I'm not as concerned as before if Romo misses a few starts. Weeden is miles better than Orton.
    2. Linehan's playcalling had a different cadence, and I liked it.
    3. Not only did the offensive line look really strong, the second-team offensive line looked strong. Berny played well at center, and Uche and Leary are tremendous depth at guard if Martin ever had to be moved to tackle for an injury.
    4. Randle and Williams both looked shifty and quick. It'll come down to who is better in pass protection.
    5. Tyrone Crawford looked strong and active.
    6. Rookie keepers included Martin, Street, Hitchens, Dixon, Coleman, and maybe Bishop. Mitchell competed hard with zero safety help. Lawrence, of course, didn't play. That would be a heckuva draft right there if nobody else showed up.

    Now consider that 15 major contributors did not play. Carr, Scandrick Claiborne, Church, and Hamilton. That's five of your six top defense backs. Selvie, Spencer, and Lawrence. Those are your top pass rushers. Melton and McClain. Those are your likely starters at tackle. Rolando McClain, who the team really wants to claim the MLB spot. Romo, Murray, Witten, and Dez. Oh, those are the best skill players on the team. And then there's Josh Brent, who would make 16.

    No gameplanning. A shell of the real team. And a chicken-you-know-what move by San Diego, which actually came out in a no-huddle for a PRESEASON game. And lest you don't remember, the teams that win in the preseason are usually the worst in the league when the regular season arrives.

    And for the record, San Francisco looked far worse and got drilled. That's who Dallas plays that matters soon.

    The only major negative is our ownership, which seems to be more interested in the local call-girl and strip-club scene than paying attention to the roster right now.
  2. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    96,641 Messages
    22,924 Likes Received
    Your going to ruin the pity party. lol
    Sportsbabe likes this.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Backwoods Sexy Admin

    73,461 Messages
    28,572 Likes Received
    I think Jerry and Stephen are in charge of that party...oh wait...you said Pity with a P party...Never mind. Thought I read something else.
  4. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

    50,984 Messages
    47,321 Likes Received
    I used to believe pre-season doesn't matter but if you don't establish a rhythm at some point it will carry over into the regular season and it will matter.

    The year Wade Phillips got fired we were awful in the preseason and everyone kept saying how it didn't matter and we would just flip the switch.
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  5. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    96,641 Messages
    22,924 Likes Received
    As Ben Franklin said " They say money can't buy happiness, I say your spending your money in the wrong places" lol
  6. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    30,889 Messages
    44,533 Likes Received
    Pay attention to the first half of game 3. That's the only preseason that's gameplanned, and they only time that most of the starters play a full half.

    The rest is just practice with uniforms.
    Proximo likes this.
  7. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    96,641 Messages
    22,924 Likes Received
    True but then week 1 pre-season is just the start. Based on some scores last night such as Washington blowing away the Pats I don't think is cause for panic in NE. I do think the 2nd and 3rd preseason games especially the 3rd is a bit more important since that is normally used as a dress rehearsal for the season while game 4 is to help determine bubble players who will see a lot more time with a chance to make the team
  8. JeffInDC

    JeffInDC Well-Known Member

    2,077 Messages
    1,580 Likes Received

    Will you PLEASE stop making sense? This is NOT the place for it. (SARCASM BUTTON Now off).
  9. Sportsbabe

    Sportsbabe Well-Known Member

    9,968 Messages
    5,038 Likes Received
    I hated that fake to the RB and then throw him the screen ... the announcers called him out on that and I agree (just saying).
    Also hated they didn't run on 3&1 twice (I think).
  10. Floatyworm

    Floatyworm The Labeled One

    12,578 Messages
    10,618 Likes Received
  11. DallasEast

    DallasEast Cowboys 24/7/365 Moderator

    42,834 Messages
    25,913 Likes Received
    I think preseason should be broadcast on a pay-per-view basis only. A very expensive pay-per-view basis, at that. The cost should be so outrageous that certain present viewers would involuntarily react to the access charge, saying, "To hell with this. Someone give me a summary."

    Darn it. I forgot about Twitter. Nevermind. :(
  12. Proximo

    Proximo Well-Known Member

    4,450 Messages
    8,485 Likes Received
    Completely ridiculous. We didn't suck in 2010 because we "failed to establish a rhythm in preseason". We sucked because the roster aged, became crappy, and was devoid of talent.

    Outside of evaluating the individual performances of the rookies and other young faces, last night's game was indeed meaningless.
  13. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

    58,081 Messages
    102,279 Likes Received
    Allow me to embarrass myself further and say this team lacks a ton of talent.
    Floatyworm, Dwight, Zordon and 2 others like this.
  14. Idgit

    Idgit Fattening up Moderator

    58,163 Messages
    59,334 Likes Received
    No significant injuries, unless you count Malena. That's what I worry about most in these games.
  15. JBS

    JBS Well-Known Member

    14,651 Messages
    8,627 Likes Received
    How can you sit there and write a book on how preseason isnt important and that others are embarrassing themselves and then in the same breath tell us all the positives that came from last night?

    Maybe you're the one who is embarrassing themselves
  16. ufcrules1

    ufcrules1 Well-Known Member

    9,618 Messages
    3,774 Likes Received
    Exactly right. I will never forget that. They talked about how the play calling was all Vanilla and the preseason didn't matter and then our team crashed and burned when the season started.
  17. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    30,889 Messages
    44,533 Likes Received
    INDIVIDUAL performances matter. Game results do not.

    New England got shut out last night. San Fran scored 3 points and got rolled. Seattle looked awful.

    It just doesn't matter.
  18. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    30,889 Messages
    44,533 Likes Received
    But a bad preseason had nothing to do with it. That's just what they were. We'll find that out about this group in the first four games of this season.
    Proximo likes this.
  19. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

    50,984 Messages
    47,321 Likes Received
    That same roster that destroyed the NFC East the previous year, went steam rolling into the playoffs, and got our first playoff win in forever?

    The really did a lot of aging in a 8 month offseason if your theory is correct.
    Wolfpack, pjtoadie and Chocolate Lab like this.
  20. Idgit

    Idgit Fattening up Moderator

    58,163 Messages
    59,334 Likes Received
    We go through this every offseason. People aren't willing to accept that the outcome of preseason games isn't indicative of anything.

    You look at the performance of specific players. If guys who aren't going to be on the roster or who won't be getting regular season snaps have a lot of work to do, it doesn't matter all that much.

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